So, I don't know about you, but my New Year came rushing in with a WHOOSH and smacked me back into reality.

I have been crazy swamped at work, am trying to get ready for my brother's wedding this weekend, prepare for an upcoming trial, coaching a high school mock trial team (competition is looming!), AND get ready for my fabulous vaca in Steamboat Springs at the end of the month.

What genius scheduled a trial for the DAY I get back from vaca? This genius. Hello Stress, please come right in...I know, I know...you will be staying awhile. Please make yourself at home.

Anywho, posts will be short and probably sporadic. All apologies on my behalf, but until the blog pays my bills (which will never happen), my work is a priority.


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Kelley B said...

Deep breath...take care of the hottest fire first...life will march on...live in the moment...you know all that stuff. Hugs! See you soon

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