Football Fashion Friday - UT v. South Carolina

Happy Early Halloween! My morning started off quite eerily - the sky was gray, but the leaves and all the colors of fall were so bright and saturated with color. As I was driving to work, I saw a beautiful rainbow in sky. Funny thing was that from my perspective, the rainbow appeared to be coming out of the top of a strip club. (So many jokes that I am not even going to make here!)

Anyway, I have a crazy busy day, so I didn't have time to prepare costume for Football Fashion Friday. Don't worry though! I googled UT and South Carolina costumes and came up with two great pics.

For the Tennessee costume, I present to you Donna Crockett, Davy's trampy little sister:

For the South Carolina costume, I present to you the "Miss Teen South Carolina" costume...you remember, right? The one who said:

"U.S. Americans
who aren’t able to do so because uh….Osama people out there, who don’t have maps and our education in every county like Iraq and Africa and such as and should help the Iraq and Asian countries and everywhere and with such as maps so we can secure our future for U.S. Americans everywhere!!!"

Let me know who wins! GO VOLS!
Tiaras and coonskins,

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Homemade His & Hers Shower Invites

o, in a couple of weeks, the Knight and I are throwing my baby brother a "His & Hers" shower. Have I even mentioned that he is engaged? I can't remember...hereare a few pics from his proposal - SO ROMANTIC!

I still can't believe the my ratty, pesky little brother is all grown up and getting MARRIED. Cuh-razy. I am so happy for him...he is a wonderful brother, a compassionate friend, and I know he will make a fantastic husband.

Anywho, he and his future bride wanted to have a co-ed shower, but didn't want to leave out their non-couple friends, so His + Hers is the perfect theme.

Since I don't live in Tulsa, we are going to have it at my parents' house. It is a little improper to have a shower at the parents of the groom's house, but sometimes I have to learn to just roll with the punches. It is very hard, though. Ugh - I am such a rule follower.

Because my little bro was born in TN, he and his fiance now live in OK, and they met while working at a ranch, I thought it would be fun to do a Western theme. I still want it to be a little shee-shee, so I'm trying to channel western a la Ewing (you know - the wealthy oil family in Dallas). They made country "fancy", so I'm trying to use them as my inspiration. Well, that and a lot of Hobby Lobby. :)

After much searching, I still couldn't find the right invitation for my party. So, I decided to get all Artsy Fartsy and make my own.

Here are my supplies:

1. 10 sheets of polka dotted vellum paper (8.5 x 11 works best if you are planning on running them through the printer)
2. 40 bronze cards and matching envelopes
3. scissors
4. 4 spools of thin ribbon
5. boot stamp
6. bronze stamp pad
7. paper cutter
8. hole punch

I googled wording for couples' and His + Hers showers to find cute wording. I wanted the card to make reference to the western theme, but to also give a nod to the reason for the party. I finally put together a little poem and this is what it read:


Y’all, saddle up and come join in the fun,

The wedding celebrations have already begun!

So, put on yer boots or yer gingham dress

For a ‘His & Hers’ shower that’s sure to impress!

I printed 4 to a page on the vellum, and used the paper cutter to cut the sheets. Having vellum paper with a pattern was very helpful because I could use the repeating dots as a guide to ensure a straight line and a square edge.

Next, the Knight punched holes in the card and the vellum and used the paper template below as a guide. While he punched, I measure ribbon lengths and cut ribbons for the invites.

Once the holes were punched, I threaded the ribbon through the holes so that the vellum and the card were attached to one another.

Then, I used my boot stamp and stamped the image on the underside of the vellum. I did this for two reasons. 1) the vellum was acting like wax paper and the stamp wasn't drying and 2) the wording would be over the stamp, rather than under it.

This is what the final stamp looked like:

After that, the invite was done and ready to be stuffed in the envelope!

Having templates and a handsome helper really made fast work of 40 invites!

Of course, once I discovered how fun the stamping was, I couldn't resist embellishing the equally luxe bronze envelopes:

So what do you think? Is this a helpful tutorial for you guys?

I'll be posting more as I plan for the party, but, for now, I'll tempt you with this inspirational fall party!

Bandannas and buckaroos,
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Mancandy Monday

Per Aidan's request, today's Mancandy Monday is dedicated to Gerard Butler.

Gerard has most recently starred in Law Abiding Citizen, Gamer, and The Ugly Truth. His complete filmography is here.

I didn't know who Gerard was until I looked him up, but his rugged Scottish good looks certainly qualify him for a Mancandy nibble, um, I mean mention!

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Football Fashion Friday - UT v. Alabama

This week is a BIG GAME for UT. I mean BIG. The UT/Alabama rivalry is pretty thick, so to get all the fans to relax and just enjoy the game, I thought a slumber party/ girls night in theme would do the trick.

Our UT girls are having Tennessee whiskey and Cheetos for munchies, and pampering themselves with hair treatments, facials, and festive manicures.
Our Alabama ladies are enjoying wine and popcorn, and settling in for a long, relaxing sleep. Don't those booties look so comfy?
Let me know which one takes the cake this week! Start voting!

bras in the freezer and preteen prank calls,
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What did I wear to the black tie optional wedding?

A lot of people have been led to this blog based upon their searching for what to wear to a black tie optional wedding.

A few weeks ago, I asked you, my lovely and classy readers, to help me figure out what to wear. Almost all of you replied with a resounding "Cocktail Dress!" response, and I took it to heart.

So, what did I come up with? After much searching, huffing and puffing, zipping and tripping (trying on clothes is hard work sometimes!), I chose THIS DRESS.

Purple is obviously very in right now, as demonstrated by the fact that I saw and tried on at least 15 dresses in various shades of royalty's favorite color. I don't remember seeing a single purple dress last fall!

I love this dress - it is an unusual color, but not so loud that it screams trampy. The fabric is a thick, stretchy satin, so I didn't have to wear any Spanx or pantyhose. The neckline was pretty, but different. The best part? My Macy's only had two left - one in a size 12 and one in my size (8) . I found the 12 first, and when I put it on, it slipped right off. I loved the color and feel of the dress, so I seriously contemplated buying the 12 and taking in the sides.

I decided to make one more go around, and lo and behold, I found one more in MY SIZE hiding behind some other purple dresses. The best part? It was on sale for $75! That's $50 less than what the website quotes.

Isn't my family cute? The Knight and his cousin look so dashing in their "penguin suits" and the Knight's other cousin, Aqua Sha'naqua, really stole the show in her fiery red dress. The Knight's cousin's wife is also ONE HOT MAMA!

So, what do you think? Is my dress a fave for future flings or a fashion faux pas? Chime in!

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Mancandy Monday

Okay - so I'm struggling over at AFS with Mancandy Monday. Do you still like this feature? Are there guys out there that you want featured? Talk to me, people!

I watched the Hangover last night, and was reminded of just how adorable yet hot Bradley Cooper is.
You probably remember him best as the philandering husband in He's Just Not That Into You. He was also in Failure to Launch, the Wedding Crashers, and several episodes of Nip/Tuck and Alias.

He's not your conventional Mancandy (a little more boy next door than hunky hottie), but I think he deserves a mention.

Happy Monday!

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Just one more New Moon post - sorry!

Just saw that the New Moon soundtrack is for sale on Amazon for only $4.99! You can buy the album for $14.99 on iTunes with a couple more songs, but I think I'll just forgo 2 songs and save $10 bucks.

In my humble opinion, it is a very good soundtrack!
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(p.s. - UT doesn't have a game this week, so if your team is having a big game this weekend, let me know in the comments and I'll put together an outfit for ya!)


New Moon Soundtrack!

If this fleshy trailer isn't enough to satisfy your vampire lust, you can now check out the New Moon soundtrack. http://www.myspace.com/twilight
I have to admit...this soundtrack is pretty good, regardless of whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Proud to have O.C.D. (obsessive cullen disorder, of course!),
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Serious questions for the pondering soul...

So, really...why do MEN have nipples?

Nine West Sale - 30% off!

Hello and guten morgen (there's my one semester of German for ya!). :)

Went to my boot camp cardio class this morning and am feeling great. I hate getting up in the morning to work out, but once I'm up, I'm so glad that I did it.

Strolled into work this morning, and to what to my wondering eyes do appear, but an email from
Nine West spreading their footwear cheer!

This Thursday through Sunday, enter the code NWFRND6 and you will get 30% all their shoes + free shipping!

Here are my top 5 picks (I'm sure I'll give in and get at least a couple!).

Best Cocktail Shoe ($79 with 30% off equals $55.30)
Best Work Shoe ($79 with 30% off equals $55.30)
Best Boot ($285 with 30% off equals $199.50 - still a lot, but can't you just imagine these with dark denim skinnies and a hot trench? I die!)
Best Flat (I couldn't pick between these two - the Clora ($79) and the Darilyn ($79).
Both with 30% off equals $55.30 a piece.
Best Splurge! ($159 with 30% off equals $111.30)

Peep toes and platforms,

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Ready to pee your pants from laughing so hard?

You know how I rave about all the cute things i find and buy on Etsy? Well, my friend just emailed me this link and it is hi-larious. Probably a little on the border of NSFW, but still so so funny.

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Mancandy Monday

New Moon is just a little over a month away, and RPattz is still as yummy as ever!

Go ahead...you can thank me! ;)
(picture from here)

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P.S. Might I add that today is YET AGAIN A RAINY MONDAY!?!? Sheesh - I am so over Memphis fall if it is going to be like this.


Football Fashion Friday: UT v. Georgia!

Good morning! I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to open the polls for this week's Football Fashion Friday!

This Saturday's game pits the UT Vols against the ferocious Georgia Dawgs. I've had roller derby on the brain lately, so I thought it would be fun to do an homage to two of my favorite things with wheels: roller skates and scooters!

I have to say that while Roller Girl Gigi is very cute in all her grungy girly glory, Va-voom Vixen Valerie just might win it for me this week! Hey - I can be objective from time to time, right? :)

(clearly a Vol fanatic)

(takes her love for the Dawgs to the X-treme!)

Can't wait to see what you think!

Fishnets and football,

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Fall Favorites on Etsy

Hello there! I hope you are enjoying this lovely Wednesday morning. I awoke quite grumbly and DID NOT want to come to work, but then I stepped outside and my mood totally changed. Isn't it amazing how sunshine can affect your entire outlook on life?

In case you are needing some new fall pretties to brighten your day (and your home), I have put together a little smorgasboard of my favorite fall picks from Etsy. I hope you enjoy them, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find a thing or two that you just HAVE to have!

Fall Faves in order:

#1 - Cute as a pumpkin baby hat ($15) by Magpie Knit's
#2 - Precious polka dot onesie ($12) by Krispy Banana
#3 - Thanksgiving dish towels ($15.50) by Krispy Banana
#4 - Fairytale Pumpkin soap ($8.75) by Enchanting Soap Favors
#5 - Orange Poppy tea bag holder ($10.00) by Marci G
#6 - Happy Harvest bunting ($18.00) by Knitty Bittie's
#7 - Little Lady Pumpkin costume ($30.00) by 2QT4Words

Aren't they all great? I am just so inspired by all the creativity in Etsy land. Keep up the good work, Etsians!

Crunchy leaves and crisp air,
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Mancandy Monday

What is it with Mondays in Memphis? I've lost count, but I'm pretty sure the past three Mondays have been dreary, drizzly messes, and this Monday is no different.

C'mon Memphis - let's get some happy sunshine up in here!

Oh well, I'll just cheer myself with memories from the gorgeous loveliness of the wedding that the Knight and I attended on Saturday night. It may have been the most opulent, lovely wedding I have ever been to. A modern day fairytale wedding, with a lovely princess bride and a handsome princely groom.

Since I have royalty and fairytales on the brain, today's Mancandy Monday is in honor of all the prince's out there. You take your pick...I fancy Prince Harry, myself. :)

Prince William and Harry

(photo courtesy of here)

The artist formerly known as Prince

(photo courtesy of here)

Prince Charming
(photo courtesy of here)

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