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AFS has been working way too hard to have had a chance to do any *real* shopping. But, that doesn't mean she hasn't taken a few minutes to "window" shop. Below are a few things that have caught her eye lately. She's been in a very vintage, very romantic mood...

Now, don't you feel more relaxed and luxe just looking at these beautiful images? Feel like splurging on yourself a bit? If I had my way, I would soak in a gorgeously huge marble tub surrounded by candlelight, wearing pearls, sipping champagne, and listening to sultry jazz. Tossed across my vanity stool would be a silk kimono robe, and perched beneath would be two high heeled (faux) marabou slippers. Can you tell that I am craving some relaxation? If you have the chance to have some "me" time today, I say go for it!

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I am so sorry for not writing this week. I am absolutely exhausted. I have been working 14 hour days, and am about to just collapse.

But, I just had to say that I went to see Wicked last night.

It was the best play I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of plays, but it takes the cake. The sets, the singing, everything was just wonderful. I read the book and thought that it was just okay, but the play just blew me out of the water. I can't wait to see it again!

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The Knight and I are staring down our 5th wedding anniversary. It is in July, and we wanted to go on a little trip to celebrate. We have decided to go to Chicago for 4 days, and are needing good hotel recommendations.

If you have a suggestion for that, or for restaurants, tips, etc, please tell me in the comments!


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Happy Day

I can't pinpoint why, but I am in an exceptionally good mood today.

Lately, I have been struggling with the blues, but when I woke up this morning, I was happy to be alive. The weather is beautiful, all of my flowers are in bloom,

and I am so thankful to have a husband who loves me,

good friends and family,

my own little home,

and a job which I enjoy and pays the bills.

Plus, Betty Rascal.

(She takes the cake.)

Have you counted your blessings today?
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Counterproductive is...

Me. Last night. Eating a rice cake after slathering on vanilla icing. Sometimes, dieting is so hard!

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All Flower, No Power

Hellooo! Are you having a nice Tuesday? I certainly hope so. I know it is a little late, but I just had to tell you about my wonderful and crazy weekend.

On Friday, I drove to Nashville to meet Daisy. She recently has lost a most precious person in her life, and I wanted to do my best to love on her and give her a chance to de-stress. Of course, destressing for us always includes wine, so what better place to visit than Arrington Vineyards?

Etta James performed, and Daisy and I sipped wine, listened to the music, laughed and even cried.

Afterwards, we grabbed some wonderful late-night bites and girly cocktails at Urban Flats.

We finally crawled into bed around 1, exhausted, but happy. It was a wonderful night spent with a wonderful friend.

Saturday morning, our puppies (hers is handsome Lab/Retriever mix named Murphy) woke us up at 6:30 a.m.

Needless to say, we were not thrilled by the prospect of having our beauty sleep interrupted. Once awake, we decided to peruse her adorable Green Hills neighborhood for some good yard sales. Boy, were we successful! Daisy got a planter, a Thomas O'Brien for Target vase (with tags still attached), and an adorable over sized stoneware mug (perfect for soup or posies!). I got a silver hammered candle sconce (from the Z Gallerie - tags still on it and in packaging), two really cool framed pictures of the Graf Zeppelin (late 1920's) and two adorable retro wicker picnic baskets.

After all that serious bartering, we had worked up quite an appetite. Daisy took me to the Pfunky Griddle.

It was great! Each table has a little griddle in the middle, and they bring you pitchers of natural and organic white and wheat pancake batter. You can cook your eggs, hash browns, and pancakes right at your table. Talk about getting it while it's hot! The best part? No cleanup. Yum...just thinking about those blueberry pancakes is making me hungry!

After stuffing ourselves, we headed to Home Depot for some pots and flowers. Daisy had been wanting to jazz up a "few" pots. Of course, by the time we were through shopping, she had a cart full of plants, plus an extra new planter. She got so inspired, later in the day, she returned with two more urns for her front porch.

Not wanting to feel left out, I, too, got this adorable green planter and a beautiful hibiscus plant.

We spent the morning (it was only 10 by the time we got home - crazy dogs), planting and digging. Since Daisy and I have been friends, we have spent countless hours shopping and decorating our homes and apartments, but digging in the garden was a first for both of us!

Once we finished, we got all gussied up and went shopping in Green Hills. Now, I went to college in Green Hills, and it had good shopping then. NOW? It has GREAT shopping. There is an Anthropologie, Jigsaw, West Elm, and all kinds of cute little stores. The Green Hills mall is full of designers. Plus, right down the road an Urban Outfitters has recently opened. I was in heaven. I didn't buy much, but I did plunk down some change for a beautiful silk maxi dress from Anthro. The Knight is probably so thankful we don't live in Nashville anymore. I would never save any money. :)

After our shopping expedition, I headed back to Memphis. The Knight's parents had come to town, and I wanted to squeeze in a quick visit!

The only snafu with their visit is that, on Friday, while I was sipping and humming along to dear Etta, a major storm was whipping up on Memphis and surrounding areas. The storm was so bad, we lost power. By Saturday, the power was still out, and our house was HOT. Not exactly the environment a hostess dreams of when her in-laws are visiting. :(

To beat the heat, we dined at Folks Folly where I had a most excellent petite Filet a la Duxelle. I rarely eat steak, but when I do, Folks Folly reigns supreme. We returned home to Casa de Sauna, lit some candles, and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, one of our buddies brought over three battery operated fans.

They saved the day, and we all managed to sleep in somewhat cooler peace.

The next day, after church, running errands, and doing anything we could do to avoid our un-air conditioned home, the electrical crew came to our neighborhood. We were overjoyed. The Knight and I were working in the backyard, and all of the sudden, the power kicked on! After doing a happy dance (and turning off all of the lights in the house), I heard what sounded like a bomb. I really thought that something had exploded right in our backyard.

Well, it wasn't a bomb, but it was a transformer. Which means no power. Again. Boo.

The Knight hopped in his Jeep to grab the crew before they left our neighborhood, and returned with three strapping men, wearing yellow hard hats, sleeveless flannel shirts, and tight blue jeans.

I thought that it was so sweet of the Knight to bring me three hot male strippers, but thought it was a tad unusual for a Sunday afternoon. Then, I realized that they hadn't brought their boom box, and were there just to fix the transformer. Oh well, it was still fun eye candy while it lasted!

All in all, it was a fun and interesting weekend. As you can probably tell, I still haven't gotten my camera fixed, which is why all of my pictures where taken with my Blackberry.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer. I am enjoying mine as much as working allows, and am definitely enjoying have a yard to putter around in. Once I get my camera fixed, I will have to show you what I have been up to!

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Kooky weekend

4 lb. Kooky Canuck hamburger (split by 5 family and friends) - $21.99

1950's buffet purchased at an estate sale in our neighborhood - $75

Spending the weekend with the Knight, my precious mom, and my little bro? Priceless

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Our one year home-versary

Can you imagine?  The Knight and I have been in our first home for almost a year!  We closed on our house a year ago, on June 21st.  Now, I know that we still have 19 days to go before it has officially been a year, but I was already dreaming about decorating our new house by this time.  :)

Since that time, we have covered a LOT of ground inside and outside.  We painted and repainted the interior.  We hung blinds, built a swanky new master closet, and painted our brick exterior.  We haggled over other people's trash and hung family treasures.  We curbed, curbed again,  and coveted several times.  We planned and planned some more, purchased, partied, and patio-ed.  

Wow!  Although we haven't made huge permanent changes (with the exception of painting the brick), we have done a ton.  

So, what's in the works this summer?  First, we are going to put gutters on the house.  Not a particularly sexy expense, but very necessary for our lot.  For some reason, most houses in Memphis don't have gutters.  I don't really understand why - considering how much rain we get in the spring.  Anywho - right now, our gutters are mismatched and only cover portions of the house.  Hopefully, next week we'll have lovely cream gutters to match our lovely cream house!

Second, the Knight and I are gearing up for landscaping the front and back yard.  When we bought the house, we were fortunate enough to inherit 50 year old overgrown holly bushes in the front and NO landscaping whatsoever in the back.  Although we know we can't plant 'til the fall, we can get our beds tilled and ready! 

Finally, we have been contemplating overhauling the bathroom.  Right now, the bathroom's main feature is a mirror with two fluorescent bulbs on each side.  One doesn't work anymore, and the other flickers like a crackhouse.  Since day one, my eyeshadow has been horridly uneven due to this light fixture.  Complimenting the lovely lighting is a mauve toilet and vanity that are appropriately sized for Snow White's dwarfs.  We are not dwarfs.  To that end, we are considering gutting the entire bathroom, and starting fresh with a luxurious stand up shower, double vanity, and a porcelain throne that does not appeal only to little people.  

Of course, there are a gazillion other projects that we have to get to.  I would love to redo the kitchen, I still need to hand window treatments on most of the windows, and we really need to jazz up our bedroom.  Unless we win the lottery, those things will have to wait a while.  

Home is definitely where my heart is!

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