A much needed break...

I know things have been pretty quiet around here.  But for good reason.  I've been working my little tail off so that I can go to the beach for the next few days.  Sure, I have to go to some CLEs (continuing legal education classes) while I'm there, but I'll also have plenty of time for shopping, soaking up some sun, and reading celebrity and design magazines(!).  

While I'm gone, you can entertain yourself with some pictures of our NEWLY PAINTED HOUSE!

Doesn't it look great?  We still have to stain the shutters...they are looking a bit too orange for our tastes, but all in all we are really pleased.  Even our spinstery (but sweet) neighbors love the change.  Even though the house has been painted for over a week, I still do a double take when I drive up.

Okay - well, gotta run.  But I'll be back bright (and early) Monday with some tales to tell, I'm sure!

Sunscreen and pina colada kisses,

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Diggin' this:

I buy the same stuff every week, er two weeks, er month (can you tell I loathe grocery shopping?).  So why do I insist on hand-writing a list every time?  We buy and eat the same stuff over and over - a form list of all of the things we buy would be such a time-saver in the long run.

I am gearing up for a trip to Aldi's tonight (my absolute favorite grocery store in the world).  If there is one in your neighborhood, you need to give it a try.

I googled "grocery list" and found this:  The Ultimatest Grocery List.  It lists just about everything that I can think of, plus has space on the bottom for those "unusuals" that aren't on your regular list.  

I'm just going to highlight what I need and check off each item once it's in the basket.  Thank you, www.grocerylists.org!

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actual thought I had after dropping oatmeal down the edge of my jacket lapel:

"hmm...maybe I can let it dry and call it an "embellishment."

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So embarrassed...

That it has been 10 days since my last blog post!  Billable hour requirements are the devil...wouldn't you agree?

Anywho, enough about me.  What about you?  Busy, too?  Gearing up for Easter?  Have your dress picked out already?

Oh, I changed my mind.  How about some more about me?  

We are busy here too.  Going to paint the house next week!  (We're thinking Grecian Ivory from Sherwin Williams...let me know what you think).

I HAD my Easter dress all picked out, but I'm not so sure that the weather will cooperate.  It is a shame though...navy blue halter with lovely swing skirt and while polka dots.  Sigh...I hope I'll find something else to wear it to.

I am insanely tired today, and yet I have a caffiene buzz.  How does that happen?  

This morning, I went to the dentist, and am happy to report that generally I am cavity free!  I say generally because I have an "etch" which is like a fetus of a cavity.  Not quite a full-born baby cavity, but it will become one if I don't start flossing.  Boo.  I hate flossing.  The best part of the morning was that the dental assistant offered me laughing gas while I had my teeth clean.  My response?  ABSOLUTELY!  I love that stuff.  It completely relaxes me, and sometimes brings out my mushy side.  When I used to go to the Knight's dad for my teeth cleaning (when we lived closer to McMinnville), I would get all emotional and tell him how much I loved his son, how thankful I was to have such great in-laws, and how I was so glad to be a part of their family.  I'm pretty sure tears were shed on at least one occasion, and it was not from pain.  I think after that teeth cleaning, he wrote in my records that I wasn't to have quite at much nitrous on my next visit. :)  I guess my mushiness was a little much for him.

Anyway, no mushiness today!  Just happy laughing gas, clean teeth, and hopefully NO cavities!

Question - Have you been bitten by the shopping bug lately?  I know that Spring is apparently a season of love, birds and bees, and mating, but for me, it also arouses my need to S-H-O-P.  Something about the sunny weather and the great temperatures makes me crave farmer's markets, outdoor shopping centers, and yard sales.  Basically, any place that will sell me things and take my money in return.

Here are a few things that I have been eyeing online:

Coral, Chocolate, and Pearls 

..*..Fairy Garden Party..*..

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(p.s. like any of these beauties?  you can find them either on my wists or my etsy faves.)

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