Where art thou, Cecily?

I still haven't heard from our winner of the OperationNICE giveaway. :(

Cecily Techuan, if you're out there email me at curtsies [at] gmail [dot] com.  I want to send you your print.

If I don't hear from Ms. Cecily by Tuesday, I'll draw another winner.  Happy Friday, y'all!

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Happy Happy Joy Joy

Are you just DYING to know who won?  First, I just have to go all Southern pageant queen on you and say that this has been a wonderful way to share such great stories.  A couple even made me tear up.  Aren't friendships wonderful?  What would we do without our friends bounding in, picking us up, dusting us off, and helping us face another day?

Also, this is certainly the most traffic my little blog has had.  Over 70 comments, and well over 1,500 visitors just for this one giveaway.  You guys are awesome!

Okay, okay, enough with the mushy stuff.  If you want to know who won, follow along with my little picture story:

....Congrats, Cecily Techuan!  You are the big winner!  

This was Cecily's comment:

cecily_techuan said...

I love the niceness print. My friends were there for me when I had my first baby; bringing food and helping out around the house.

Congrats again, and everyone else...stay tuned, because this giveaway thing is addictive (almost as addictive as Girl Scout cookies).  I'm pretty sure we'll have another one in a couple of weeks!

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p.s. Though I know you want to, please don't just the ugly mug picture of me.  I had just taken a shower, had no makeup on, and was wearing my painting clothes.  The Knight snapped my picture before I could go "put my face on."  My mother would die if she saw that I had put this picture on the Internet!


Girl Scouts are EVIL!

I would like to thank the kind and anonymous person who put Girl Scout cookies on my desk.  Samoas to be exact.


How did you know that they are my favorite?  Also, how did you NOT know that I am always and forever on a diet?  

Are you the paralegal who always tells me that you like my clothes and want to know when I'm having a yard sale?  Is this your sneaky way of getting me fat so I'll HAVE to sell my clothes at said yard sale for your consumption?

If so, well-played, paralegal girl, well-played.  I'm pretty sure that by this afternoon I will have outgrown all of my clothes.   All of them.  And then they will be for sale.  But only if you pay me in more Girl Scout cookies.  

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Don't Forget!

Today is THE LAST DAY to enter the OperationNICE giveaway!  Just go here, leave a comment about a time that your friends were there for you (I know...its hard to pick just one!) and VOILA, consider yourself entered.  

The giveaway ends at 5 p.m. CST, and then the Knight and I will draw one winner.  A little antiquated, I know, but so much more fun!  

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Psssh!  Did you see?  Over to the left.  See?  Some of my dear readers!  I have the best ones, you know.  If you want to be included, just "follow this blog" and your purty face will show up too!


Well, how about that?

I know, I know - 2 posts in the same day.  What's gotten into me?

Well, I'll tell you.  In the last two days, my teeny tiny little blog has been mentioned on This Young House (an entire post) and Making It Lovely (in her "well said" section).  They are BIG TIME.  Can you believe it?  Cuh-razy.  I had sent them each a little email about Melissa's awesome giveaway, and all of a sudden, people from all over started checking in.  

Welcome TYH and MIL readers!  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll visit again, and again, and again!

Mel, if 38+ comments (and still counting) aren't enough to tell you how great your prints are, I don't know what will.  In the words of one commenter, CM Photography, "P.S. These prints are a better alternative to all of the "Like For Ever" & "Keep Calm & Carry On."  How sweet is that?

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P.S.  Don't tell, but I think Betty Rascal is a little jealous of all the attention that OperationNICE is getting.  She's used to being the center of attention, you know!

Do you like my blog design?  You do?  You wish your blog design looked as good as mine?  Well, unfortunately, I can't take any credit for my blog's design.  The incredibly lovely and kind (and now pregnant!) Marina over at the Penny Lane Blog designed it for me!  

We did a little swap (an apron & tea towel for a blog design) and I was blown away by her talent.  Everytime I look at my blog, the happy lawyer girl shopping in the shoe store warms my heart and makes me smile!

Anywho, she's doing a giveaway for a free blog design.  If your blog needs a little bit of lipstick and rouge, then Marina is the girl for you!  Run over there now and enter.  Git!  Git! RUN, I say!

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Camping Crazies.

So. Wanna hear about our camping experience?

First, it was definitely a fun weekend. I got to watch the Knight go all testosteroney on me and chop firewood,

build fires,

and carry around fierce woodland creatures.

We got to see beautiful waterfalls,

mysterious grottos,

natural bridges,

babbling brooks,

homes built over 150 years ago (can you believe this tiny cabin housed 2 parents and 9 kids?!?),

and trails made just for lovers.

We even sported our VOL pride in Razorback country, much to the chagrin of our fellow campers. :)

There were certainly some interesting events, as well.

First, remember how scared I was about camping on Friday the 13th? Well, in the middle of the night, I had to give in to Nature's Call. I figured Betty needed to go too, so we stumbled out of the tent with tennis shoes untied and bleary eyes. We half walked/ half slept to the the campground's (surprisingly clean) restroom. As we approached, I saw a rope hanging from the door handle. I couldn't figure out what it was until I got right up to the door and saw that it was a NOOSE! I about died. What in the world is a noose doing around the ladies' bathroom door handle??

Well, I didn't wait around to figure out the answer. Betty and I hightailed back to the tent, and decided that going to the bathroom was WAY overrated. I spent the rest of the night wide awake. I kept waiting for some crazed Arkansas Deliverance man to slash through our tent and string me up! So creepy.

Oh, and did I mention that at night it was FREEZING? Yep. 30 degrees at night. Guess who was a genius and only brought her 10 year old Target cheapie sleeping bag? Poor little Betty wore two sweaters and slept inside my sleeping bag with me. During the day, the Knight and I took turns carrying her in our coats until it warmed up outside.

I wore 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, a long sleeved tee, a fleece, my hoodie sweatshirt, a coat, mittens and a scarf, and I was STILL cold!

We hiked about 7 miles on Saturday and another mile or two on Sunday. Betty was a trooper and hiked almost every step with us.

When we got back from our hikes on Saturday, we wrapped her up in a blanket and placed her on the camping chair ottoman.

She didn't move for about 6 hours. I'm pretty sure we wore her out! I was a little concerned that she might be sore the next day, but she was fine and ready for more hiking!

On Valentine's Day night, the Knight and I cooked sausages and made mashed potatoes. We drank wine, stared at the fire for hours and talked about our future, our dreams, and how far we have come. He even remembered to pack the card he bought for me!

All in all, it was a perfect weekend. Perfect for puppy love. Perfect for people love.

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Niceness IS priceless.

Guess what?

I'm doing another giveaway! This time, it is all due to the awesome (in so many ways) Melissa from Operation Nice.

Remember Melissa? She designed our adorable "we've moved" announcements this past summer. THEN, she came up with this great idea and launched Operation NICE. She's all kinds of fancy pants now and has all kinds of great press about her NICE website - Decor8, Daily Candy, Good Morning America, the list goes on and on.

Melissa has so kindly offered to donate one print from her OperationNICE etsy shop to one of my readers!
The winner can choose from this vibrant "Put the "KIND" in Mankind":

Or this adorable "Niceness is Priceless" one!

I loved both of them so much I ordered one of each for myself this afternoon! I'm going to put the orange and red one in my office and the blue and gray one in my craft room. I have to admit that the Niceness is Priceless one is my favorite. All those little girls holding hands reminds me of all my wonderful girlfriends and our support for one another has gotten all of us through some really tough times.

If you want to enter to win one of these great prints, just post a comment about a time where your friends were there for you!

The contest will end Monday, February 23rd, at 5 p.m., Memphis time. I hope lots of you enter! And even if you don't win, check out OperationNICE's shop...the prints are super reasonable, and I can personally vouch for its owner's warmth, kindness, and awesomeness!

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Perfect Fit!

Well, we're back from camping.  And we are all alive. I know you are relieved!  I have all kinds of stories to tell, but I want to upload pictures to go along with the post.  Soo, hopefully I can do that tonight or tomorrow!

Remember Ashley the Apron winner?  Well, she has so kindly posted about her win complete with great pictures!  I knew Ashley was living in East Tennessee, and I had the perfect orange and white apron for Volunteer football tailgaiting.  (I have to admit it was hard to part with it - it was my FAVORITE).  Turns out, she also happens to actually be a VOLS fan, so it truly was a perfect fit!  Also, did I mention that Ashley is a fantastic photographer and cook?  Really, she is.  You should definitely check out her blog - so fancy and fun!

I love seeing my aprons on actual people.  So often I only get to see them on my own body or on the mannequin.  The Knight has occasionally modeled one for me, but he just doesn't do them justice!  Ashley, on the other hand, looks great! 

So glad you like it, Ash, and thanks for posting!  Here's to tons of happy cooking!
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What was I thinking???

>When we planned our camping trip, I did NOT realize that we would have to spend the night, in a tent, in the woods, on Friday the 13th!  Yikes!  Plus, have you seen the new Jason movie previews?


Pretty sure they're camping in part of the trailer.  *GULP*

Hopefully, the boogeyman won't get us.  But if he does, I just want you guys to know that I love you all.  Really.  I do. (sniff sniff).

Here's to surviving!

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Dear Valentine: You Tent Me!

Do picture me as a camper?  Sometimes I wonder what people who read this blog (who don't already know me in "real life") think about me.  What I'm like.  Do you think of me as being a shee-shee-poo-poo, silly, happy, girly-girl?  Well, you would be right.  Of course, if you also thought of me as a "likes to get my hands dirty and sweat a little" girl, then you'd be right, too.

Although I don't have as many opportunities to flex the second description of me as much as I would like, this weekend the Knight and I will have to chance!

We are going to Petit Jean State Park in Morrilton, Arkansas, for a little R&R.  

We are going to camp.  In a tent.  And roast hot dogs and marshmallows.  And we are going to hike this gorgeous 12 mile trail on Saturday.  

We might even canoe.  

And fish.  I cannot wait!

Plus, since we are "roughing it," we can bring the Betty Rascal.  She's another girl who looks so prissy on the outside, but really loves nothing more than chewing sticks and chasing animals that are smaller than her (there's not many!).  She won't be able to hike the whole trail on Saturday, but we'll bring a little backpack so that she can ride around with us. 

Although it is going to be a little chilly, I think the weather will be perfect.  

Plus, it is still early enough in the year that hopefully all the scary bugs and snakes are still sleeping, or at least too groggy to try to snack on me!

I'm hoping to get some good pictures of us and the waterfalls.
From what everyone has told us, Petit Jean is absolutely gorgeous!  I think this will be the perfect Valentine's weekend.  No stress, beautiful scenery, and my favorite people (yes, Betty Rascal is included in that statement)!  I'll make sure to post pics when we get back.  Pray I don't fall and break my neck! 
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