New Landscape Plan For Our Yard!

Qh hello, dear ones! Hope you are having a great day!

I just wanted to share with you a little bit of our sparkly new landscaping. It is a work in progress, and there are NO guarantees that the bushes planted will stay where they are, but it is so fun to have some green in are front yard! This past weekend, the Knight's family was in town, and we moseyed on over to the fabulous Dabney's Nursery. 150 acres of pure unadulterated plant love. I was in heaven.

At Dabney's, I showed them a picture of the front of our house, showed them where we had shade and no shade, and drew a diagram of the sun's pattern. I gave them my budget and told them that I was interested in evergreens, especially flowering evergreens. Also, my color scheme is various shades of green, white, purples, and touches of red. Armed with that info, we hopped in a golf cart with a knowledgeable pro and proceeded to drive to greenhouse after greenhouse.

The cool thing about Dabney's is that they grow most of their plants at the nursery...this is great for ensuring your plants can survive in Memphis soil. Also, their prices are VERY reasonable. I recommend them to anyone who is staring out or needing to add a few pieces. They are great!

I don't know if you recall, but when we bought our house, we inherited several lovely (cough, cough) 50 year prickly holly bushes. Here's a pic taken when we were wee apartment renters and soon-to-be home-owners.

Here's our home now.
What a different a year makes! New paint, new gutters, 50 year old plants gone, and practically virginal flower beds (also lovingly referred to as "Our Blank Canvas!")

(beds were tilled, treated with soil conditioner, and mulched)

Our neighborhood inspiration - other homes that have been recently painted and landscaped:

Now the work can begin!

Placement is key...we moved everything around, took pictures, and moved plants around again. There is a good chance I will dig up some stuff and move it around even more...we'll just have to see. :)

How did we line up our plants symmetrically? A little bit of twine, a tape measure, a stake at one end, and the hand railing leading up to your steps is all you need.

Hello symmetry!

Here's the (semi) final plan (complete with plant names!):

(Left side of front)

(Right side of front)

The final product (for now!)
mulch and my own personal mancandy,
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Jess(ica) said...

Awww, I love your little baby plants! Can't wait to see what it looks like when they are all grown up.

p.s. Is now a good time to plant? I'd like to put some flowering bushes of some kind along the side of the shed in our backyard. I think they would be prettier to stare at then the cement slab and blocks holding up the foundation. :)

Artsy Fartsy said...

Tee hee - they are very teeny. But teeny = affordable, even during budget-crunching Christmas shopping season!

And yes! Fall is the perfect time for planting. I kept asking people at Dabney's because I was a little concerned, and they (and my mother-in-law) reassured me numerous times. Glad you like it!

Luke & Amanda said...

Love the new look! Dabney's is one of our favorite places ever...Luke visits there about once every 10 days to browse.
You will love the encore azaleas and the flowering tree on the right. Our azaleas are on their third bloom since we planted them in March!


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