Homemade His & Hers Shower Invites

o, in a couple of weeks, the Knight and I are throwing my baby brother a "His & Hers" shower. Have I even mentioned that he is engaged? I can't remember...hereare a few pics from his proposal - SO ROMANTIC!

I still can't believe the my ratty, pesky little brother is all grown up and getting MARRIED. Cuh-razy. I am so happy for him...he is a wonderful brother, a compassionate friend, and I know he will make a fantastic husband.

Anywho, he and his future bride wanted to have a co-ed shower, but didn't want to leave out their non-couple friends, so His + Hers is the perfect theme.

Since I don't live in Tulsa, we are going to have it at my parents' house. It is a little improper to have a shower at the parents of the groom's house, but sometimes I have to learn to just roll with the punches. It is very hard, though. Ugh - I am such a rule follower.

Because my little bro was born in TN, he and his fiance now live in OK, and they met while working at a ranch, I thought it would be fun to do a Western theme. I still want it to be a little shee-shee, so I'm trying to channel western a la Ewing (you know - the wealthy oil family in Dallas). They made country "fancy", so I'm trying to use them as my inspiration. Well, that and a lot of Hobby Lobby. :)

After much searching, I still couldn't find the right invitation for my party. So, I decided to get all Artsy Fartsy and make my own.

Here are my supplies:

1. 10 sheets of polka dotted vellum paper (8.5 x 11 works best if you are planning on running them through the printer)
2. 40 bronze cards and matching envelopes
3. scissors
4. 4 spools of thin ribbon
5. boot stamp
6. bronze stamp pad
7. paper cutter
8. hole punch

I googled wording for couples' and His + Hers showers to find cute wording. I wanted the card to make reference to the western theme, but to also give a nod to the reason for the party. I finally put together a little poem and this is what it read:


Y’all, saddle up and come join in the fun,

The wedding celebrations have already begun!

So, put on yer boots or yer gingham dress

For a ‘His & Hers’ shower that’s sure to impress!

I printed 4 to a page on the vellum, and used the paper cutter to cut the sheets. Having vellum paper with a pattern was very helpful because I could use the repeating dots as a guide to ensure a straight line and a square edge.

Next, the Knight punched holes in the card and the vellum and used the paper template below as a guide. While he punched, I measure ribbon lengths and cut ribbons for the invites.

Once the holes were punched, I threaded the ribbon through the holes so that the vellum and the card were attached to one another.

Then, I used my boot stamp and stamped the image on the underside of the vellum. I did this for two reasons. 1) the vellum was acting like wax paper and the stamp wasn't drying and 2) the wording would be over the stamp, rather than under it.

This is what the final stamp looked like:

After that, the invite was done and ready to be stuffed in the envelope!

Having templates and a handsome helper really made fast work of 40 invites!

Of course, once I discovered how fun the stamping was, I couldn't resist embellishing the equally luxe bronze envelopes:

So what do you think? Is this a helpful tutorial for you guys?

I'll be posting more as I plan for the party, but, for now, I'll tempt you with this inspirational fall party!

Bandannas and buckaroos,
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Heavens to Betsy said...

this might be one of my favorite blogs ever! i think becuase it features the fabulous brother of the fabulous AFS. have fun this weekend - those invitations make the party planner in me (who i sometimes think is taking over my body) PROUD!

Hodge Podge said...

I love making handmade invite for things! And so smart on putting the stamp under the vellum. I know when I made my sister's shower invites I had to be uber careful while the ink dried. Also, I'm going to try my hand at a diaper cake for a shower I'm helping host in a couple weeks. I'll be following your instructions step-by-step.

Amanda @ Bits and Pieces said...

Those invites look SO fab! Great job!

Elizabeth & Travis Harville said...

i love em! good job!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Aw, I love you guys! Thanks for the compliments - it really means so much!

Sara said...

fantastic job with the invites!

Anonymous said...

Thos invitations are adorable. I swear you are not human! How in the world does a lawyer have the time and energy for that? You go girl!

Luke & Amanda said...

Adorable! Love them!! You are so cute. And nice. And funny.
Ok, ok, enough of the compliments! Do yall need any Western decor? We used some for our rehearsal dinner and I can see if it is still in my Mama's attic.


P.S. I want a cutesy nickname like AFS or HTB! Get right on that!

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