Football Fashion Friday - UT v. Alabama

This week is a BIG GAME for UT. I mean BIG. The UT/Alabama rivalry is pretty thick, so to get all the fans to relax and just enjoy the game, I thought a slumber party/ girls night in theme would do the trick.

Our UT girls are having Tennessee whiskey and Cheetos for munchies, and pampering themselves with hair treatments, facials, and festive manicures.
Our Alabama ladies are enjoying wine and popcorn, and settling in for a long, relaxing sleep. Don't those booties look so comfy?
Let me know which one takes the cake this week! Start voting!

bras in the freezer and preteen prank calls,
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Meg said...

I love the UT one this week, hands down!

And if y'all could actually BEAT Alabama, that would help the other UT (you know, more southern of you?), so I'll be cheering you on all the way!

Blasé said...


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