Fall Favorites on Etsy

Hello there! I hope you are enjoying this lovely Wednesday morning. I awoke quite grumbly and DID NOT want to come to work, but then I stepped outside and my mood totally changed. Isn't it amazing how sunshine can affect your entire outlook on life?

In case you are needing some new fall pretties to brighten your day (and your home), I have put together a little smorgasboard of my favorite fall picks from Etsy. I hope you enjoy them, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find a thing or two that you just HAVE to have!

Fall Faves in order:

#1 - Cute as a pumpkin baby hat ($15) by Magpie Knit's
#2 - Precious polka dot onesie ($12) by Krispy Banana
#3 - Thanksgiving dish towels ($15.50) by Krispy Banana
#4 - Fairytale Pumpkin soap ($8.75) by Enchanting Soap Favors
#5 - Orange Poppy tea bag holder ($10.00) by Marci G
#6 - Happy Harvest bunting ($18.00) by Knitty Bittie's
#7 - Little Lady Pumpkin costume ($30.00) by 2QT4Words

Aren't they all great? I am just so inspired by all the creativity in Etsy land. Keep up the good work, Etsians!

Crunchy leaves and crisp air,
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Kim said...

OMG you made my MORNING TOO and I didnt even need sunshine!! Thank you for adding me to your fave list! LUVE IT!!


magpieknits said...

I am so honered that you included my Pumpkin hat. Thank you so much. Look for some new Halloween fabric candy pockets in my shop next week.
Maggie from Magpieknits

Love your site!

MarciG said...

Thank you so much for having my orange tea bag holder/ trinket tray.

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