What to expect when you're expecting

Many of you have heard of the preggers' women's Bible,

but did you know that there is a similar version for new dog owners?

When the Knight surprised me with Betty Rascal, I had absolutely NO IDEA that she was coming. I mean, no clue. So, although I had begged for a yorkie-poo or some other hypoallergenic mix, when she actually arrived, I completely panicked. Growing up with a house full of dogs does not necessarily translate into immediately knowing how to handle potty training, feeding, chewing on the furniture, and vet visits.

I did what any good little lawyer-to-be would do (I was still in law school then), and headed to the local bookstore. I proceeded straight past the mystery novels, chick-lit, and decorating books (my personal weakness) and immersed myself in the pet section. Some of the books were overwhelming, while others had little more to share than simple common sense. Finally, my eyes rested on this beloved tome:

I bought it, and it was the perfect book for us. It gave us a great history on the breed, its personality, and what the breed's strengths and weaknesses were, answered all of our inane questions (How many times a day is a doggie supposed to be fed? It is normal for puppies' breath to smell?), gave us some good advice on things like crate training and teaching tricks, and provided a wonderful list of health issues which require or do no require heading to the pet emergency clinic (that was extremely useful for worrywart me).

Over the past couple of years, I'm pretty sure I have read this book cover to cover at least twice, and have returned to key chapters on numerous occasions when I needed to check something. It has been an invaluable resource, and, unless you are some fancy shmancy dog breeder/trainer, I highly recommend buying the book for dummies for your breed.

Of course now, the funny thing is, I'm pretty sure Betty Rascal IS NOT a yorkie-poo. Compare Yorkie-Poo puppy image search v. Shih-Poo puppy image search. Here is Betty Rascal as a wee pup.

See what I mean? Total Shih-Tzu + Poodle. Oh well, Betty Rascal sure acts like a little feisty yorkie. :)

She is such a diva.
Wonder how she'll take to Henry? My guess is that she'll be the total little Napoleon that she is and whip him into shape on Day 1. Oh, and he will luff her. That is fo' sho'.
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Lovely Little Nest said...

haha, too cute! And I love that the comments say "# of shoes on sale" :)

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

that baby is the CUTEST THING EVER!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Eek! Thanks! We are very excited about our new puppy, Henry, but BR is our first love. :)

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