June in review...

Whew! We have had a busy month! I was just looking at my calendar, and I realized that we have had company every weekend (or been company at someone else's home) for the past 5 weekends. No wonder I'm pooped!

The first weekend in June, my mother and my youngest brother came to visit. We had a wonderful (and all too short) weekend yard-saling, estate sale-ing, and eating 4 lb burgers at the Kooky Kanuck.

That weekend is the weekend the Knight and I got our bargain buffet.

Here it is now... decorated with a tea set given to me by my beloved paternal grandmother.

The second weekend in June, I headed up to Nashville for a weekend to see Daisy. We sipped wine, listened to Etta James,

and did our fair share of gardening and shopping on Saturday.

That afternoon, I learned that the Knight's parents had decided to come visit, so I zipped home only to find that we had no power. Although we had muggy weather and stifling heat, it was fun to sit around the living room amidst a host of candles and battery operated fans.

The next weekend, Daisy and her boyfriend Leroy came to town for the Tennessee Bar Association convention.

We certainly attended several bar functions, but they didn't have anything to do with the law. :) That weekend, we stuffed our faces at Molly Fontaines, Orleans on Front, and partied at Itta Bena, Silky's, and topped off the night at Raiford's.

That was also the weekend that I surprised the Knight with a plush night at the Peabody and a couple's massage at Gould's.

All in all - a perfect weekend!

Then, my dad and sister came from Tulsa for a fun weekend.

We grilled out, played with Betty Rascal, and sister and I headed out for our very own Wicked girls' night at the Orpheum Theater. Toss, toss!

This past weekend (happy 4th!), my best friend since the 8th grade (we'll call her Bianca, b/c she's such a world traveler) and her husband came for a visit.

Actually, to be honest, her husband (we'll call him Bernard) lives with us off and on. He is a reserve pilot for a major airline, and his reserve (like being on call) is based out of Memphis. They love their life in Nashville/Nolensville, so rather than moving here for a somewhat tenuous position, he stays with us when he is on reserve and heads home to see her after his reserve block is over.

Anywho, we had a great weekend with Bianca and Bernard. The Knight had to work a night shift (boo), so the rest of us headed to see the fireworks in Collierville on Friday night.

Saturday, Bianca and I did a little shoe shopping, got a pedicure, and met the boys for lunch at Central BBQ. That night, we moved back and forth between the patio and the couch. We watched New In Town, the Nascar race, and several shows on the Food Network. Aren't we a motley bunch? :)

This coming weekend, the Knight have no plans until Sunday night. We are going to have a "Backyard Blockbuster" night and project "Viva Las Vegas" on projection screen in our backyard.

We're having a nacho and sundae bar, complete with plenty of citronella and bug spray. We've never done anything like this before, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share!

Hope you all have a great week!

Firecrackers and fireflies,
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five dot design said...

Your blockbuster nite will be SO MUCH FUN! we did something similar in college- just make sure the sound is loud enough and if people need to go inside, they don't have to walk in front of the projector. post pictures-- i have a feeling you'll either start a trend with your friends or a tradition at your house.

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