Henry Bear...

Is absolutely wonderful. I luff him so much!

Tuesday night, I buzzed around the house like a hornet. XL Crate here, XL food bowls there, XL leash on hook, XL brush in pet cabinet, XL treats on table, XL toys on floor. Check, check and check. Everything is so XL huge compared to all of Betty Rascal's things. Big Bear meet Bitty Betty. I got so excited about all the puppy planning, I even left my phone in the pet department at Target and had to drive back to store to retriever. All the thoughts of puppy kisses had turned my brain to mush.

Around 8:45, two of my very good friends came over, helped me put the crate together, and then we were off to get Henry Bear.

Honey...the contractions are coming. I think it is time to go to the hospital. This baby is on the way!

I was so giddy with excitement, I assure you that I annoyed everyone. But all I could think about was that beautiful face. And the gut-wrenching paw tuck. Could he be any more beautiful?

Finally, the transport arrived. All of the sudden, I had a wave of panic. I froze. Were we ready for this? Could we handle another dog? Especially a dog that will likely weigh over 100 lbs when full grown? I turned to look at the truck, and all of a sudden (most likely in slow motion), this beautiful white huge puppy tumbles and bounds out the truck. Instantly, I fell in love.

The white fur. The black speckles on his nose. The intelligent eyes. The never-tiring tail. He was ours. He was perfect.

Our baby is coming home!

(my future's so bright, I gotta wear shades)

On the ride home, Henry was hilarious. I sat in the backseat so that I could play with him, and he was everywhere. Behind my back, on my shoulders, on my head, nose pressed to the window. Not annoyingly excited, but just endearingly so.

Betty Rascal...meet your new brother, Henry Bear!

When we got home, I was very curious to see how Betty reacted to Henry. She is a very playful puppy and adores big dogs, so I thought she would be just fine. Boy, was I wrong. To say the least, Betty was not impressed. She bared her teeth at him the moment he stepped into the house, and pretty much never stopped baring and growling until we went to bed. Everything was hers. His crate? Hers. His food? Hers. The floors? Hers. The air he breathes? Hers.

Oh, but, Sister, I love you so.

Henry, on the other hand, simply adores Betty. He follows her around, tries to kiss her, and makes wholehearted attempts to play with her. His tail wags as soon as he sees her, and his ears only droop a little bit when she menacingly growls at him. It is really quite pitiful. He hunkers down with his front legs smooshed to the floor and his rear and tail just a waggin'. He barks, hops, and does a clumsy paw press to her head like "Hey sister! Wake up! Play with me!" Betty simply looks at him, sniffs, and saunters over to her favorite spot on the couch. "I would prefer to have nothing to do with you. You are dead to me."

I know Betty Rascal will come around. It just breaks my heart for Henry because he wants her to like him so much. I just know that at some point, he will become the yin to her yang. Just not today. :)

(what you can't see in this picture is that while Henry is sniffing, Betty is snarling. The beginning stages of true love, for sure!)

As for the Knight and I? We were in love DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, and SECOND 1. He is so smart and cuddly. So sweet. He just follows us around, and craves attention. So far, the chewing and accidents in the house have been at a minimum. I am sure we will have some battles, but so far, so good.

We are taking him to McMinnville to meet his paternal grand-parents this weekend. I know they can't wait to meet their new granddog!

potty training and shoe-hiding...here we come!
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Anastasia said...

Good thing the knight made that awesome closet where you can hide all of your shoes!!!

Elizabeth & Travis Harville said...

he is so cute!! we can't wait to meet him!

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