Excitedly Expecting...

That's right! The home of AFS and the Knight is going to be a little bit more crowded very soon!

A few weeks ago, I gave the Knight some very exciting news...

I have found the next perfect puppy for us!

Hee hee. I know you thought I was going to tell you that I am preggers. :) Nope, not pregnant (as far as I know), but definitely getting a new baby in the house. This time, its a boy!

Meet Henry - a rescued yellow Lab/ Great Pyrenees mix.

Right now, he's about 10-11 weeks old and between 23 - 28 lbs.

He is a BIG bouncing baby boy! He is scheduled to be fixed this Thursday, and then we'll get him next week.*

We are SO EXCITED! More details to come when Mr. Henry comes to live at Mr. and Mrs. Knight's house...

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*I'm not thrilled with the idea of getting him neutered so young, but these rescue place won't release him until he's fixed.


Luke & Amanda said...

He is a doll! And he will prob do better with the surgery being younger! Cant wait for Bandit to meet him!


Anastasia said...

Congrats on your new arrival!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Thanks! We are very excited...he will be a big change from little miss Betty though!

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