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After all my doom and gloom in the morning, my birthday turned out to be a lovely day.  First, i received a lovely bouquet of flowers from my parents and siblings at work. 

(pretty, no?)

Then, the Knight met me for lunch at McEwen's (their roasted potato salad is to die for).  At lunch, we discussed what I wanted for my birthday.  I have been raising all kinds of racket about how I want new patio furniture.  The old furniture we had was never meant to be outdoors, and after a few good rains, the planks of the seat separated.  You could gingerly sit down, but one slight move, and you are on the ground! With our house newly painted, I was ready for a fresh look!  Last week, we hauled our old stuff to the side of the road and were very happy to see someone else stop by, throw the "junk" into their pickup and speed off.  Hopefully, they were on their way to turn our trash into their treasure!  

As part of my birthday, the Knight and I agreed that we could afford a new patio set and I could pick out whatever I wanted.  Of course, it had to be within reason, so after looking at Lowe's, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Target, I decided on the Wellington set from good ol' Tar-jay.  

Nothing flashy, but classic and durable.  Light enough to move around the patio, but heavy enough to withstand (most) Memphis winds.  

I thought about buying the entire set online (hello front door delivery!), but with shipping, the entire set was over $1000!  Too much for this recessionista!

After work, I returned home to find a clean house (also thanks to the Knight), and my good friend Cliffy came over to help me stalk all the Targets in town for the different pieces for the set.

I am happy to say that East Memphis's newest Target had ALL of the items I wanted and the employees helped us load everything in the car.  The only thing that could have been better is if they drove us home. :)

All of the boxes are waiting for the Knight and I to put together tonight.  Is is weird that I'm excited about putting together furniture?

After the amazing luckily Target run, I went to grab sushi with some dear friends.  Once the Knight got off work (air traffic controllers have to work late shifts sometimes. boo.), he joined us!

All in all, it was a great birthday.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends.  All day long, I kept getting messages from family and friends wishing me a Happy Birthday and reminding me how much they loved me.  Aw shucks!

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Lavender Lily said...

Happy late birthday and congrats on the new patio furniture...how fun!

Luke & Amanda said...

AHH!! I pride myself on being the Birthday Fairy, and I missed yours!
I hope it was as fabulous as you are, and we would love to have yall over ASAP! Find a day next week that we can make this happen!


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