Birthday Bonus!

Okay - that previous post was cathartic.  I'm feeling better already!

Apparently, even Nordstrom is excited about my birthday, and, in my honor, they are having an amazing sale!  Almost all e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face) products are only $1, plus if you enter CAROLINA, you get an additional 50% off (up to $7.50 off).

(actually, Nordstrom just bought e.l.f. and is closing out all their products and using the Nordstrom's name from now on.)

Anywho, no need to focus on the details!  Just enjoy the sale.  I know I sure did...soon I'll have 30 items (lipsticks, mascara, powders, the whole shebang) coming for Miss Artsy Fartsy, and I spent less than $30!

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Hodge Podge said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And thanks for the tip I just got 12 for 12.95!! And I'm sharing it with people at work too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but check this out:


I fell for it, too, but don't worry, you will get your cosmetics, but the quality is just so-so. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!!

Happy Birthday!

Artsy Fartsy said...

Augh! I feel so foolish! Oh well - I guess if it is too good to be true, it probably is!

Readers, sorry for leading you astray! I fell for it, too.

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