A much needed break...

I know things have been pretty quiet around here.  But for good reason.  I've been working my little tail off so that I can go to the beach for the next few days.  Sure, I have to go to some CLEs (continuing legal education classes) while I'm there, but I'll also have plenty of time for shopping, soaking up some sun, and reading celebrity and design magazines(!).  

While I'm gone, you can entertain yourself with some pictures of our NEWLY PAINTED HOUSE!

Doesn't it look great?  We still have to stain the shutters...they are looking a bit too orange for our tastes, but all in all we are really pleased.  Even our spinstery (but sweet) neighbors love the change.  Even though the house has been painted for over a week, I still do a double take when I drive up.

Okay - well, gotta run.  But I'll be back bright (and early) Monday with some tales to tell, I'm sure!

Sunscreen and pina colada kisses,

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Lavender Lily said...

your house looks amazing! i think the first post i ever read was about painting your house, and you weren't sure if you should or not...well you made the right choice! i think the stained shutters will really pop, too.

i love it!

Frugal Jen said...

That looks great! I love painted brick homes.

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