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I buy the same stuff every week, er two weeks, er month (can you tell I loathe grocery shopping?).  So why do I insist on hand-writing a list every time?  We buy and eat the same stuff over and over - a form list of all of the things we buy would be such a time-saver in the long run.

I am gearing up for a trip to Aldi's tonight (my absolute favorite grocery store in the world).  If there is one in your neighborhood, you need to give it a try.

I googled "grocery list" and found this:  The Ultimatest Grocery List.  It lists just about everything that I can think of, plus has space on the bottom for those "unusuals" that aren't on your regular list.  

I'm just going to highlight what I need and check off each item once it's in the basket.  Thank you, www.grocerylists.org!

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Amanda said...

Nice! I too make a list of the same darn things over and over.

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