From Frumpy to Fantastic.

Do you ever have those days where you just feel frumpy?  Fat?  You don't like your hair?  Or your face?  You wonder why on the day you begin your "new diet," you are hungrier than ever? 

Well, I am having one of those days.  I can't really figure out why.  Perhaps because it is a Monday?

Really, I have no reason to complain.  I just had the most amazing weekend with two of my best friends from law school.  

We shopped, sipped wine, ate all kinds of fabulous foods, and pampered ourselves.  It was a wonderful weekend of sharing sisterhood, memories, and lots of laughs.  And I also found out that I get to be a bridesmaid!  Woo-hoo!  Such an exciting time.

Maybe I'm sad because they had to go home.  Back to their own lovely homes and lovely lives.  I have made several good friends here in Memphis, but when my long-time friends visit, I realize just how much I miss the kind of "bosom buddy" relationship I share with a cherished few. 

I really treasure the friendships where we really know each other...our fears, our insecurities, our families, where we grew up, our core beliefs, our long strings of boyfriends.  That kind of knowledge really helps each friend be a better friend to the other, but that kind of knowledge only comes with time.

I have a couple absolutely precious friendships with people in Memphis.  I hope that they grow and flourish over time, but as of right now, those friendships are still comparatively new.  I am so blessed to have such good friends in our new home:


Anywho, I truly love it when my out-of-town friends come.  It may sound weird, but one thing I really love is the music we girls make when getting ready to go out - hairdryers blowing, the clatter of makeup brushes and compatcs, girly chatter, laughter, switching into countless outfits, swapping shoes, spritzing perfume and hair spray.  It is one of the sounds I miss most as a married girl.  It is a happy symphony of sounds and scents, and it signals a night of memories in the making. 

Man!  Just thinking about my blessed friendships is already making me smile!  I'm feeling better already.

I know it is a Monday, but I encourage you to reach out to your far-away girl friends.  A planned weekend visit would be perfect, but even a long phone call can hit the spot.  Don't let those bosom buddies slip away because of life's crazies.  They are too important to lose, and by losing them, you lose yourself.  But by keeping them, you find yourself.  

Here's to soul sisters, bosom buddies, and fantastic friends!

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Kristina with a K said...

I second this! I miss my friends and family back in Tennessee now that I live in Texas.

Kristin said...

Very sweet. Makes me long for my outta town girls. Sigh.

Amanda said...

That post made me tear up..yes, i am still a little emotional, but it made me miss my OOT friends...and what a perfect way to describe getting ready to go out. i was right back in the KD house with the music up and our doors open ready for a night out. :(

some of mine are hopefully coming soon to meet Baby Kate. now, i will call and beg them daily to leave their lovely little lives until they pull up in my driveway!

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