Country Music Monday

So, it is Monday.  Whoo.

Usually, at the beginning of the week, I buy a couple of songs on iTunes to get me through my least favorite day of the week.  This morning, I drove to work while getting in touch with my Nashville roots.  I heard this song, "Looking For a Good Time" and I knew I had to have it.  At first, I thought the song was a duet with Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, but no, I was wrong.  The song is actually by Lady Antebellum.  I don't know who they are, but I really like their song.  

Of course, I couldn't resist a few tunes by Ms. Lambert herself, so I ended up buying the whole"Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" album.  
Who doesn't feel like a little "Gunpowder and Lead" on Monday morning?  

There's just something so likeable about Miranda.  She seems spunky, fun, with sass and grit.  I think she seems like someone I'd like party with.

Speaking of Nashville...have I mentioned that I am training for another half marathon?  Yes, it is true.  Come April 26, the Knight and I are heading to Nashville for the Country Music Full and Half Marathon.  
He is running the full, and I am running the half.  Apparently, we truly are gluttons for punishment.  The Knight seems to be enjoying himself.  Me, on other hand?  Not so much.  My knee is kind of bailing on me, and I'm just not having fun this time around.  I don't know why I insist on doing this to myself...I don't particularly enjoy the pain or the time involved in running such long distances.  I do, however, enjoy the way I feel when I'm done running AND the ability to lose weight.  So, I am a reluctant marathoner.  Maybe I should write a book - The Reluctant Marathoner:  How to run 13.1 miles...Grudgingly.

Doesn't that title just jump off the shelves?

I'll tell you what is jumping off the shelves...The Twilight DVD.  I was in Tarjay on Saturday, and the woman in front of me AND the woman behind me were getting their fair share of Edward that evening, that's fo' sho.  From the looks of the Twilight end cap, Memphians love them some Edward and Bella.
Seeing Edward and Bella's face all over Memphis got me in quite a frenzy, so last night the Knight and I watched Twilight via On Demand.  I have to say, I liked the movie the first time (when I saw it at the theater - Robert Pattison's face + movie screen = AFS drool).  I LOVED the movie the second time.

Every time Edward's smoking hot scowl/brood came across the screen, I clapped with glee.  Really.  I clapped.  
That is what his hotness has reduced me to.  A drooling, clap-happy, giddy crazy-pants person.  I should be admitted.  

I don't think the Knight minded my clapping/drooling/hot flashes so much, but a couple times he did say that in his opinion, he didn't really think that Edward was good-looking.  Puh-lease.  I think someone's a little jealous here.  Did I deny J. Simp's hotness in "Dukes of Hazzard?"  No.  Did I mind when the Knight paused the screen so he could check out her bikini bod?  Well, yes, but I didn't deny that she looked ah-mazing.  So, Knight?  Back off my Cullen.  Or I Keel U.

Anywho, after watching Twilight last night, I have decided to pay Amazon a little Twilight visit.  I will willingly forgo food money for these items, due to the requisite nature of the following:

Edward Anytime, Anywhere (aka, Twilight the DVD) (2 disc special - Can't. Wait.)

And when it is finally released, this book:
 Add Image

I know I am playing into the marketing/commercialism of this whole thing, but let me be clear.  I do not care.  If I can't have an incredibly hot, educated, wise, and strong vegetarian vampire of my own, at least I can placate myself by reading about him.

Oh no.  I'm clapping again.  Someone stop me.
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ashleystravel said...

I was thinking about running the Nashville Country Music Half too. I am running my first half this weekend (Knox's Covenant Health Half) and if that goes well, I might still register for the Nashville one.
Maybe we will run into each other? Not literally, of course.

Hodge Podge said...

I think I'm going to just cut and paste this post and put it on my blog. I too am running the Nashville 1/2 and am dealing with my own knee ailments. And I watched Twilight this weekend, cough three cough, times. Lame I know but I loved it! And I've since added it to my Amazon wish list and am now seriously considering reading the books.

Kelli said...

Cal has repeatedly said "I cannot believe you bought that movie." Like ten times since Saturday. The scene where they're walking away from his car and he puts his arm around her. OMG the glasses! and the hair! And the strut! Yes, drool.

Artsy Fartsy said...

I am such a dork - I spent 2 hours yesterday googling Twilight and New Moon movie websites just so I could see pictures of Rob. Also, I actually did break down and buy the director's handbook. It's pretty good, and perfect for satisfying the Twilight cravings I've been having!

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