Perfect Fit!

Well, we're back from camping.  And we are all alive. I know you are relieved!  I have all kinds of stories to tell, but I want to upload pictures to go along with the post.  Soo, hopefully I can do that tonight or tomorrow!

Remember Ashley the Apron winner?  Well, she has so kindly posted about her win complete with great pictures!  I knew Ashley was living in East Tennessee, and I had the perfect orange and white apron for Volunteer football tailgaiting.  (I have to admit it was hard to part with it - it was my FAVORITE).  Turns out, she also happens to actually be a VOLS fan, so it truly was a perfect fit!  Also, did I mention that Ashley is a fantastic photographer and cook?  Really, she is.  You should definitely check out her blog - so fancy and fun!

I love seeing my aprons on actual people.  So often I only get to see them on my own body or on the mannequin.  The Knight has occasionally modeled one for me, but he just doesn't do them justice!  Ashley, on the other hand, looks great! 

So glad you like it, Ash, and thanks for posting!  Here's to tons of happy cooking!
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ashleystravel said...

Thanks so much for the kind words. I don't think I will leave the law for a model career. I love the apron and it has already been put to good use!

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