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Are you just DYING to know who won?  First, I just have to go all Southern pageant queen on you and say that this has been a wonderful way to share such great stories.  A couple even made me tear up.  Aren't friendships wonderful?  What would we do without our friends bounding in, picking us up, dusting us off, and helping us face another day?

Also, this is certainly the most traffic my little blog has had.  Over 70 comments, and well over 1,500 visitors just for this one giveaway.  You guys are awesome!

Okay, okay, enough with the mushy stuff.  If you want to know who won, follow along with my little picture story:

....Congrats, Cecily Techuan!  You are the big winner!  

This was Cecily's comment:

cecily_techuan said...

I love the niceness print. My friends were there for me when I had my first baby; bringing food and helping out around the house.

Congrats again, and everyone else...stay tuned, because this giveaway thing is addictive (almost as addictive as Girl Scout cookies).  I'm pretty sure we'll have another one in a couple of weeks!

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p.s. Though I know you want to, please don't just the ugly mug picture of me.  I had just taken a shower, had no makeup on, and was wearing my painting clothes.  The Knight snapped my picture before I could go "put my face on."  My mother would die if she saw that I had put this picture on the Internet!

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Marina (Penny Lane Designs) said...

I found them at my Hobby Lobby in the section with all of the metal stuff (crosses, scroll wall hanging, etc.) I think it is also an aisle near the candles and pillows. Don't know if they are all set up the same or not, but maybe someone in the store could point you in the right direction. I agree- that store is overwhelming sometimes!

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