Girl Scouts are EVIL!

I would like to thank the kind and anonymous person who put Girl Scout cookies on my desk.  Samoas to be exact.


How did you know that they are my favorite?  Also, how did you NOT know that I am always and forever on a diet?  

Are you the paralegal who always tells me that you like my clothes and want to know when I'm having a yard sale?  Is this your sneaky way of getting me fat so I'll HAVE to sell my clothes at said yard sale for your consumption?

If so, well-played, paralegal girl, well-played.  I'm pretty sure that by this afternoon I will have outgrown all of my clothes.   All of them.  And then they will be for sale.  But only if you pay me in more Girl Scout cookies.  

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Kristina said...

Girl Scout cookies are the devil. Exercise some self control! (I write as I am munching on my own Samoa as I type this)

Love your blog :)

Artsy Fartsy said...

He he. I'm trying, Kristen, I'm trying. So far, I've had 8 cookies in 3 days. That's approximately 200 calories per day. Hopefully, my running at night is fixing my G.S. Cookie addiction!

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