Oh dear...(plus, giveaway!)

Sweet girl that she is, Ashley over at Introducing Ashley has asked me to do a meme.  Not to be confused with a Memo, for all you lawyers out there.  This is one memo that partners most definitely should NOT be reading!

Before I get to the meme, let me share with you what I have been up to lately.

The Knight and I have been busily working on finishing our master closet.  We took a brief hiatus from anything "home improvement" during the holidays, but now we are back at it.  

In the last couple of months, we have painted, painted, and repainted. We installed 2 inch blinds in most of the rooms of the house.  We (as of Sunday night) finished all the construction on the master closet.  We had Thanksgiving with my family at OUR house (pics here).  And we decorated and undecorated for Christmas (go here to see pictures).

Want to see pictures of all of our handy work?  Here's a few to wet your taste buds.  

Wanna see the rest?  Well, in that case just hop over to my little flickr set to see all the changes. 

After Christmas, I got pretty sick.  I had the "funk" that most people had, but it was considerably worse than most colds.  Bad enough that at first, I thought I might even have pneumonia (thanks for all THOSE worries, WebMD!).  Although I hated being sick, I do think it was my body's way of telling me to slow down.  I have been going, going, and going at work, at home, socially, and physically.  Trials, training for the half-marathon, other work stuff, and the holidays really took their toll on me.

Sooo, once I surrendered to being incapacitated, I turned to my forgotten bookshelf and grabbed the first book I saw.  

Wow.  What a mistake.

The book was Twilight.  
For those of you who having been living in a cave (like me, before I read the book), this book and the 3 that follow are a pretty big deal in our pop culture.  It is a teenage vampire love story between a human, Bella Swan, and a hottie teenage vampire, Edward Cullen. These books have become quite a phenomenon and many have dubbed the series' writer, Stephenie Meyer, the next J.K. Rowling.   

Anywho, I had ordered the books from Amazon awhile ago because some girls at my church were going on and on about them.  I thought they sounded like a fun, Saturday afternoon-type read, so I bought the first two.

All I have to say, is that it is a good thing I had the foresight to buy the first two.  I could not put Twilight down, once I started it.  500 pages and 4 hours later, I rushed to get the second one, New Moon. I inhaled it.

After I finished the second one, I was in quite a conundrum.  I was out of books.  I had to know what happened next!  How in the world could I wait 3-5 days for the next two to arrive if I ordered them from Amazon?  Plus, I was sick as a dog...I did NOT feel like leaving the house.  So, of course, I started googling Twilight, and guess what?  The author released the first several chapters (264 pages) from the fifth book, which is essentially the first book, but from the vampire's perspective.

Thank the Baby Jesus for that one.  At least I was able to finish out the day on the couch, happily reading chapter by chapter on the dang Internet.  The next day, I felt well enough to quickly venture to our nearby Tar-jay and pick up the final two.  After I finished those, a wave of sadness washed over me.  No more Twilight.  AFS was sad, indeed.

But then I realized that I was SO behind the times in reading the books that an film adaptation of the first one had already come out.  
Thank the Baby Jesus again!  

After seeing the movie and googling the heck out of Edward Cullen/Robert Pattison (hotness, hello), 
I think that my temporary insanity and obsessiveness has passed.  Thank goodness the next movie doesn't come out until November.  I'm not really sure the Knight could handle my craziness much longer.  He might punch somebody's Twi-lights out.  Groan.  He he.

So, now I have turned my attention to my sweet cousin, JB.  She is moving to two other cities to complete her physical therapy rotations, and we are throwing her a little party tonight for all of her friends to come and say goodbye.  We are going to try to do a country theme, since both cities are famous for their country and bluegrass music.  If you have any suggestions for decor that are quick but provide quite a punch, do tell.  I'm throwing this together at the last minute, so I can use all the help I can get.  

Okay, phew!  So, that's what's been going on 'round heah.

Onto the meme:

7 Random Things about AFS 
(otherwise known as, my life is boring, and this is the best I can do on such short notice!)

1.  High School Horrors: In high school, I was voted Most Talented.  I'm still not sure what exactly I am talented at, so if you went to high school with me, will you please let me know? Thanks.

Even more embarrassing than being given a superlative for possibly one of the most unclear superlatives is the picture of me for said superlative in the yearbook.  

I thought that yearbook pictures have their own special hell where they go to die shortly after graduation.  Apparently, I was wrong.  

Lucky for me, my class is having its 10 year (yikes!) reunion this year and are organizing it through Facebook.  And wouldn't you guess?  They actually scanned and posted pictures from our senior class's yearbook.  Whoever had this bright idea needs to be given electric shock therapy.  

Yours truly is the first picture in the album.  

Go ahead.  It's okay.  I laughed a while, too.  A very long while.  Then it turned into sobbing.  You get the idea.

You have to admit my virginal white dress with shiny dance hose and white headband is very, um, ... well, quite frankly, I don't know what I was thinking.  Look at me standing in front of the open bedroom with Mr. Most Talented.  We seem to be saying "We are the most talented at one thing!  It usually happens in there.  Without clothes.  And lots of moaning.  Come!  Let us show you!  I, the one in the white dress, will be your tour guide.  Mr. Dark Suit will be the enforcer."

I am mortified.

2. Desk Jockey: I spend a lot of time at work.  And I am often running somewhere after work which precludes me from stopping off at home in between.  A little drawer in my desk has quickly become my medicine cabinet/pantry/makeup bag.  It has almost everything I need to get through most of life's minor emergencies.  Peanut butter (for those hunger pains), toothpaste and toothbrush, manicure kit, cold and headache medicine, lotion, tampons, mouth wash, hair brush, hairbands, clear fingernail polish (for the fingers and those darned pantyhose), blank envelopes, bobby pins, and packages of oatmeal.  Whew!  I am apparently high maintenance!

See below:

 3. Copy Cat, er, I mean, Bird:  I have been dying to create something fun and whimsical to go over the bed in the green guest bedroom.  I found this collage by Lisa Krauss, and was very inspired.  I'm not going to copy it, but I definitely plan on integrating the cute birdies and the birdcage in my painting.  I will keep you posted!

4: Practically James Dean:  This is a picture of my beloved grandfather as a young'un.  He passed away earlier this year, and I dearly miss him.  In my very religious, uptight family, he was the rebel who broke all the rules.  He liked women, whiskey, and Camel Lights.  As a child, I adored his "devil may care" attitude.  As an adult, I was able to appreciate what an incredibly talented carpenter and do-it-yourself-er that he was.  He single-handedly renovated my parents' basement - including all the plumbing and electrical work.  We lived in that house for years, and never had a hiccup.  He loved going to auctions, and, as weird as it may sound, when I go thrifting/garage sale-ing, I feel like I can commune with him.  

I miss him very much.

5.  Sports Fanatic...well, kind of:  I love sports.  You wouldn't think it, but I do.  Now, I must explain something.  I don't care what sport it is, who's playing, or what the score is.  What I love about sports is how it brings people together.  How, when your team does something great, your turn and hug a perfect stranger.  I love the pageantry (especially my VOLS!), the tailgating, the cheering, the passion.  One of my favorite times of the year is football season because it is one of the best sports for socializing.  It moves slow enough most of the time to allow for good conversation, and then every once in a while, it's all "So, I was telling my mom - YEAH! GO! GO! GO!  WAHOOOOOO!"  Classic.  Here's a picture of the Knight and I at a recent Grizzlies game (who knew Memphis had an NBA basketball team?).  

We most went because the Cavaliers (hello, LeBron James) was the opponent.  All I can say is that he used and abused that hoop.  I have never seen someone dunk so well and aggressively.  It was great.

6.  In my shoes:  I come by my blog name honestly.  Shoes are one of my biggest shopping weaknesses.  This pair is one of my most recent acquisitions, and looking at them just make me happy.  I have to say, this pair really sasses up a boring brown suit.  


7.  Narcissism at a new level:  I have been dying to know a few things lately...Who reads this blog?  Does anyone still read it?  I know I am bad poster, but I hope that when I do post, it is interesting or fun to laugh at/with me.  I wanna know what you think about my blog, what you like and don't like, and maybe some of your favorite post(s) (maybe there's more than one...or one at all?).  

To get those fingers typing, I have decided to do a little giveaway.  That's right...AFS's FIRST Freebie!  I have a selected a lovely AFS a la Curtsies apron for the lucky winner.  

(It WON'T be this one, but it will be a fun half apron with a flounce!  I don't have a picture of it, so this one will have to suffice.  At least now you'll be surprised!)

Really, my little prize is hardly fair.  You guys have been reading this blog forever, and I'm JUST NOW doing a giveaway?  Sorry, I've been so stingy. :)  But, don't forget that it is national De-Lurker month!

That's right...it is time to come out of the closet (unlike this unlucky fellow shopaholic), and tell me who you are.

To enter the giveaway, please leave in a comment the following:

1. A little fact about your purty self.

2. How long you've been reading.

3. Your favorite thing/ what you like to see more of.

4. Things that you would like to change.

Okay, that was easy enough, right?  Please, please, pretty please, start commenting!  I'll close the contest at midnight, Memphis time, next Thursday.  

Kisses!  Can't wait to meet all of you!

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The Lavender Lily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Lavender Lily said...

Sorry, I deleted my first post because there was a spelling error, and it bothered me.

I still read! And I LOVE that apron so much...is that the one you did for Marina at Penny Lane? Sooo cute. Ok, here are my answers -

1) I have really bad eyesight - my contact prescription is -6.5. There is no way I can drive, shower or function without my contacts.

2) I've been reading ever since I found you through Penny Lane Designs...about 6 or 8 months? (Marina is my real-life friend, I'm not just a crazy blog stalker!)

3) I love the "Currently Coveting" and all the pics you post of your house.

4) I wouldn't change anything accept that you should post more often! JK, I know it is hard to find the time these days. I look forward to your new entries!

Thanks for hosting such a fun give-away! Also, I just discovered the Twilight series, and I am also hooked! I'm still on the second book, but I can't wait to rent the movie.

Melissa M said...

Your house looks AMAZING!!! And those shoes are UNBELIEVABLE! Please tell me where they are from!!!

1.) Going off of Lavender Lily's comment, I have a weird eye phobia. I refuse to touch my eye, which is why I still wear glasses. I will never get contacts. I can't even do eye drops. And my biggest fear is something going wrong with my eyes (or being impaled in the eye). Shudder.

2.) I can't remember, can you?? I guess since before I moved. It was right around the time you were moving. What's that, like 8 months ago?

3.) Love the house pictures! Oh my gosh, and when you find amazing pieces of furniture on the side of the road. More of that!

4.) Yes yes, post more often. And tell me more about YOU. And maybe some more Betty Rascal photos. ;-)

I hope you're doing super!!!

ashleystravel said...

So glad you posted :) I love what you are doing with the house. The living room is especially amazing. So here are my answers:

1. I have awful handwriting. Everyone use to say that I should be a doctor because it is so bad. That is why I type everything out (though my typing isn't stellar either).

2. A while. We were both still in law school then. So maybe around 2 years?

3. Love, love, love to see what you do around the house. I am very stunted in the design department (and we are STILL house hunting), so keep that coming.

4. I think we all agree that you need to post more. Even if it is short and sweet, we just want more!

Erika said...

Hi! I'm a long-time reader/lurker, but I've just been dying to drop you a line and that adorable apron is a good excuse, no?

1. My name is Erika too! When I was little I could never find any of those keychains or bicycle license plates with my name on them - it was always Erica. I'll bet you had a similar problem!

2. I've been reading for about a year...? Maybe more...?

3. Your posts are always so cheerful! I also like your decorating pictures. You've got style, lady!

4. Nothing! Except maybe posting more often.

Anonymous said...

I love that apron as I am obsessed with anything cupcakes lately, especially my new cupcakes nailfile from the Target dollar spot.

1) I love to craft and scrapbook and the color pink, and I just got an embroidering machine that I am so excited about. It sews too, but I don't have a clue how, so I hope to take some lessons.

2) At least 2 years. I found your blog off a friend of mine on Facebook who had your blog as her favorite website.

3) I love your favorite things list, gift ideas, and pictures of all your new handmade things.

4) Like everyone else, please post more!!! I don't even have a blog, so I have a no room to talk, but I love it when I click on your blog and you have a new post!

I have the Twilight series on my shelf too, just waiting for time to read, and after reading your post, I am inspired to start on this very cold weekend. Thanks!


Artsy Fartsy said...

Aw, thanks girls! It is so great to hear from all of you. Erika and Megan - it is so great to finally meet you both! It is more like a conversation and less like a one-sided blogging when you comment!

Mel - I got those shoes from Nine West. I would recommend ordering a 1/2 size too big. They are so fun on a dreary day!

Lily - yes, that is the apron I made for Marina. I haven't decided yet which apron I'll give away. I have a couple picked out, but once we have a winner, I want to try to take into account that person's tastes!

Kate A. said...

YAY! Can't believe I might be the one to get one of those oh so cute aprons!!! Hope all is well!

1. I am mom to a six month old "little" baby boy who is already wearing size 18 months clothes!

2. I'd say about a year?

3. My favorite thing is all the cute stuff you find and post on the internet!

4. Not a thing, my dear!

five dot design said...

1. A little fact about your purty self...if you insist. I have the worst stage fright ever possible. I took voice lessons in college and didn't really sing like I could because I was terrified my voice coach was judging me.

2. How long you've been reading... that's a very good question. i'm not really sure

3. Your favorite thing/ what you like to see more of... whatever you like writing about! it's true. you can tell when someone enjoys what they're talking about because their writing just gets a little "skip" in it's "step"

4. Things that you would like to change... not really change, but i love seeing your purchases/wishlists/inspirations

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's "Ana", but I'm posting as anon since I'm not currently logged in.

I've been reading since about July 2006, and I get notified every time you post, so it's easy. (Don't always come to the site though because I am sent a copy.)

Fun fact? Hrm, despite being short, I have exceptionally wide feet and can't wear a lot of cute shoes because of it...ergo, vicarious living.

I like everything on this blog. I used to be super crafty, but law school kinda ruined that, so you remind me to get back into it. Also, desperate to get my own house, and therefore enjoy the remodel posts. Posts about being law-yah since I'm one, too. Yeah, pretty much all of it. The photos are fun, too.

No changes.

And thanks for the holiday card!

La Traductora said...

Fortunately for me, my picture did not appear on my high school yearbook--and my name is mispelled. That means no pictures of dorky high school me on the internet. Woohoo.

Mrs. Qball said...

1. A little fact about your purty self. I am a transplanted Yankee that likes everything about living in the south except that EVERYONE thinks I talk funny now. My yankee family thinks I talk too southern, and my southern family thinks I talk too yankee. I have an accent without a place to belong!
(it that the same as a man without a country?? Makes me think of Tom Hanks in Terminal)

2. How long you've been reading. I have been reading since you graduated law school. I adore the law, and wish I had gone to law school, so I searched through blog her, and found your blog.

3. Your favorite thing/ what you like to see more of. I adore all of your posts. You could write about the weather and I would enjoy reading about it.

4. Things that you would like to change Just more posts.

sallaboutme said...

1. A fun fact? I speak several languages, but despite having a music degree, I can't sing at all!

2. I've been reading a little over a year or so.

3. I like the fun things you find online, the progress of decorating your house, and all the great craft/sewing/etsy ideas!

4. Maybe a few more posts, but I totally understand that law firm life sucks your life out of you! (that's why I left my firm)

P.S. I saw this post on Yahoo the other day with a cute apron and I swear it was just like yours. http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/home/home-finds-on-etsy-354312/#photoViewer=2

Carolyn G said...

I am delurking for this wonderful apron.

1. I live in NC and love it. I am 44 years old and in a long term realtionship with a great guy.

2. I've been reading since I was 4 yeras old. Okay I am trying to be funny and am not. Actually a few weeks now. I just started my own blog a few days ago.

3. I like reading about your shopping scores and seeing pictures.

4. not much

Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Hodge Podge said...

AFS-I still read your blog religiously but I already have one of your beautiful aprons and don't want to cheat anyone out of the same enjoyment! But I will answer #s 3 and 4.

I love when you post pictures of your recent entertaining, I think that's my favorite. It gives me great ideas that I can steal. And the thing I would like to see change is for you to update more. Easier said than done, I know.

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