And the winner is...

Thank you for all of your suggestions, kind remarks, and willingness to help me figure out what this blog is all about and who it appeals to.  I really needed those verbal “pat on the back” comments, and I appreciate so many of you “de-lurking” and introducing yourself to me.

This may sound weird, but, sometimes, when I write, I think about what a particular reader would like or think about what I have to say.

For example, Lavender Lily has always commented on how much she enjoys my “Currently Coveting” posts.  When I feel like it has been too long since one of those posts, I think to myself, “Hmm…I need to do one of those soon, Lily likes those.”

Or, when I post about law school or legal life, I always think of my fellow lawyers who read and I think can completely empathize, Ana, Ashley, and all of my "in person" friends who never comment on here, but email me almost immediately after a post. 

Based on your comments, I made a little list of things you liked and things you wanted to change. 

  • at least 4 of you said that you liked the "Currently Coveting" posts, or a variation of them.
  • at least 4 of you said that you like pictures of the house and all my decorating ideas (bless you for your kind words!)
  • a couple of you mentioned that you liked the furniture finds/redos that I have done and a couple more mentioned the crafty things that I come up with.
  • at least 1 person requested some more gift ideas, and I will do my best to come up with some of those.
  • finally, at least 2 of you mentioned that you liked my lawyer stories.
Aw shucks, you guys are too sweet!

Now, for the changes:
  • Whether you actually said it or not, I think we all agree that I need to post more.  I really do, you are right.  I guess sometimes, I have little things to say, and I should just blog them, rather than waiting for a ginormous blog that is so long, it has to have multiple pages numbers assigned to it.   I WANT TO DO BETTER.  I really do, but you guys have to help.  If you have an idea or need some help, send me an email or leave me a comment.  I'd love to have suggestions about what to blog about... often my brain is tired and I can barely type intelligible sentences by the time I get home from work.
  • You also said that you wanted to hear more about me.  You flatter me, making me think you find me interesting, when in actuality, I am just so boring.  But thank you!  And I will try to do better.
  • You also want to see more pictures of Betty Rascal.  Well, who doesn't? :)  Seriously, I'll have to check with her first, but we all know that she is a diva and loves all the attention you guys give her!
  • Finally, you asked for me to tell you about things that inspire me, purchases I've recently made, and things that I wish for.  I never have really thought about things that inspire me, but I'm sure there are things.  I will work on this.
Based on your comments, I am making a big COMMITTMENT.  I'm sticking my neck out there, and I'm going to make THREE promises.
  1. I promise to blog at least once a week.  
  2. I promise to do a "Currently Coveting" post at least once a month.
  3. I promise to do something crafty once every two months - whether it is a crafty decorating idea, a new painting, or a furniture redo.  With this promise, I promise that, camera willing, I will take pictures and show you the before, during, and after of each project.
Gulp.  Those are big committments, but this blog is important to me.  I have been keeping this up for several years (it is crazy to see that "years" is plural"), and it is a wonderful creative outlet for me.

Anywho, thanks a lot for all the comments.  You guys are the best.


He he.  This was super fun!  I wrote everyone’s name down and made a little pile of paper.

I drew one, and …..

The winner is…

Her comment was:

So glad you posted :) I love what you are doing with the house. The living room is especially amazing. So here are my answers:

1. I have awful handwriting. Everyone use to say that I should be a doctor because it is so bad. That is why I type everything out (though my typing isn't stellar either).

2. A while. We were both still in law school then. So maybe around 2 years?

3. Love, love, love to see what you do around the house. I am very stunted in the design department (and we are STILL house hunting), so keep that coming.

4. I think we all agree that you need to post more. Even if it is short and sweet, we just want more!

Congratulations, Ashley!

Now here’s what I need you to do.  First, email me at curtsies [at] gmail [dot] com.

In your email, send me your address, the color of your kitchen and/or favorite color.  I have at least four aprons that I have to pick from, and I want to send you the one that seems to “fit” you the best!

As for the rest of you, I’m sorry you didn’t win this round, but this one was so fun, I’m sure there will be more!

Betty Rascal seems to think so too!

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ashleystravel said...

Yeah! I won. I will get an email over to you shortly.

The Lavender Lily said...

Yay for Ashley, but sad for me...haha! Thanks for hosting this giveaway, it was fun...glad you are going to try and post more often, yay!

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