Across the Universe...at least a good part of the state anyway.

Daisy just called, and she and Mr. Brown are on their way! He flew in from New York this a.m., and at 9:47 a.m., they left Nashville. I am dying to see them...it has been months since we last hung out and even then I don't think it was for a very long visit.

As soon as they get close, I am leaving work and heading to the store to grab some last minute items (flowers, champagne, maybe candy corn? and will giddily hop around the house until they arrive. There are few things more joyous than awaiting the arrival of a long-time friend, don't you think?

Last night, I went shopping for something to wear to tonight's New Year's Eve party. The invitation said "Cocktail Attire," but I have to say that I don't really know what that means anymore. I've been to some events which were dubbed "Cocktail" and people showed up wearing dark expensive jeans and a glittery top. Now, I liked what they wore, but that doesn't really seem to be true cocktail attire to me. After taking a hard look at my wardrobe, I decided that I didn't fit into any of the cocktail dresses in my closet, and, so, I headed to the mall.

For some reason, I had it in my head that I would be able to find the perfect dress - sexy, festive, but still classy, at Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe for less than $40 AND be able to find the perfect accessories for said dress.

Boy, was I wrong.

First, let me just point something out. I am not a teeny girl. I'm pretty sure that the last time I weighed 100 lbs was in the 4th grade. I used to fancy myself a size 6, but lately I've had to come to terms with the fact that I'm definitely more of an 8, even occasionally a size 10 (gasp!). I'm not hung up on my dress size, but I do acknowledge that being thin is not natural for me.

Second, after the 1/2 marathon was over, I went on a running hiatus. I needed a break, and greedily took two weeks off. Unfortunately, my eating kept on...just as if I was still running 20 - 25 miles per week. With all the holiday treats and feasts, old girl has packed on some flab and pounds. Ugh to the F.

Okay, so now, let's go back to the mall. Here I am, skipping around those teeny bopper stores, grabbing sparkly tops, pencil skirts, and ruffly dresses left and right. I am ushered into an Alice in Wonderland-esque dressing room, and begin trying on all my selections.

Noth. Ing. Fits.

Can't. Get. The. Skirt. Over. My. Hips.

"Um, excuse me? Do you think you would mind getting me a larger size in this? (hands out a lovely, but extraordinarily tiny pencil skirt)

(teeny sales girl snottily sniffs) "Mmmm, that is the largest size we have."

"Oh, I see." (whimper sniffle).

After two more unsuccessful attempts at Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe, I admitted defeat. It was time I act my age (you know, the ripe old age of 27) and shop in stores made for girls like me. Dillards was close by, and I shuffled in, head hanging low. But then? I started noticing things. Cute dresses. Pretty dresses. Exceptionally lovely dresses. Designer names that I recognized. All made in high quality fabrics - raw silk, silk voile, velvet, satin...with all kinds of darling details - flirty, filmy ruffles, tiny and discreet bows, edgy rosettes, shirring, sequins, pockets, and all kinds of glorious pintucking. The kind of gorgeous party dresses girls my age dream of.

The best part? Everything fit. Some things were even too big. I was redeemed.

It was getting late, I was exhausted, but I finally found one dress that suited my needs, was (barely) within my budget, and could be worn to other events.

(kensie silk voile dress in teal - pictures from here)

What do you think? My dress isn't blue like the one pictured, it is a bronze/olivey green version. It's lightweight, shimmery, and for once in my life - not a boring black dress.

I didn't have time to get any accessories, but if you have any suggestions, do tell!

Hope each of you has a happy, fun, and safe New Year's. Be careful, and don't be afraid to call a cab!

Confetti and carats,

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Happy New Year! (well, almost)

Hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  The Knight and I kicked off Christmas early last Tuesday and kept the holiday spirit going until last night.  

On Tuesday, my firm had its office Christmas party, and it was so fun.  They catered a late lunch, and then my firm played several rounds of "Family Feud." To say the least, it was hilarious.  Following the party, the Knight and I went with his aunt, uncle, and cousin to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  

All I can say about that is W.O.W.  It was the most visually incredible and overwhelming spectacle of a show that I have ever seen.  If you ever have a chance to attend a show, I highly
 recommend it.  
(photo from TSO website)

Wednesday night, the Knight, Betty Rascal, and I made the long haul to McMinnville (about 4.75 hours from Memphis).  It was the third weekend in a row that we had traveled, and I was originally NOT looking forward to making the trip.  Of course, I adore the Knight's parents, but I was just SO SICK of being in the car.

Surprisingly, we had the most pleasant trip by taking a more scenic route with lots of pretty houses and Christmas lights.  It didn't make the trip any longer and was oh so much more enjoyable.  

Anywho, our Christmas was great.  We got to spend time with family we hadn't seen in months, the Knight got to fly with his daddy on Christmas Day, and I enjoyed cooking, sleeping in, having lots of time to work out(but not actually doing much working out :)), and do a little after-Christmas shopping.  Everyone liked our gifts (at least they said they did) and we loved ours.  

I gave the Knight lots of warm running clothes, a few other random articles of clothing, and $ome Ca$h Money so that he could buy this fancy schmancy bike that he has been saving for.  Did I mention that my husband has gone crazy and decided to start doing triathlons?  Yes, he is.  And apparently, as he begins his training, I am helping by eating more.  I'm guessing that my impending fatness will motivate him to train harder.  I am helpful like that.

As for me, that sweet Knight got me this gorgeous diamond necklace:

(nothing puts a spring in your step quite like a sparkle round your neck!)

a new digital camera (it's lime green!):
(this is it!  picture from pricescan.com)

 also got several items of clothing from J. Crew and a lovely winter white coat with 3/4 length sleeves.  

(pictured in red - Victoria's Secret website)

Can't wait to wear that on New Year's Eve!

Speaking of New Year's, Daisy(remember Daisy?  My best friend from law school?) and her fabulous boyfriend are coming to Memphis tomorrow!  I cannot wait to ring in the New Year with them!  I'm not sure all of what our plans will involve, but so far I know that it will involve lots of bubbly, fun sparkly party dresses, and possibly Graceland!  

Happy New Year to you all!

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Christmas Spirits

Hello everyone! I hope you are all feeling very warm, happy, and Christmasey. I have to say that I finally am...in the Christmas spirit. I'm not exactly sure why we categorize our mood as either being in or not being in the Christmas spirit, but I've noticed a lot of people saying that they just aren't in the Christmas spirit this year.

Maybe its our economy, maybe its family troubles, or maybe its the fact that Thanksgiving came so late, but it definitely took me a while to get in the Christmas spirit. And that is saying a lot coming from me...because I LOVE Christmas. I love the generosity, the snow, the Bible stories, and, especially the decorations. There's just something so magical about Christmas decorations. The glitter, the sparkles, the beautiful interplay of green, red, gold, silver...it is enough to make this girl want to burst with giddiness!

I find it fascinating that this one holiday has inspired so many great musical masterpieces, so many wonderful stories, and so many fabulously decorated homes/businesses/towns. So much time and money goes into "Christmas" and while I recognize the downfalls of such excesses, I really do appreciate the joy such beautiful things bring. And isn't that what Christmas is all about? Joy? Hope for the new year?

May your days be happy, and your nights be restful. May you be well-fed, warm, and safe. May your loved ones know that they are loved. May you learn to love yourself, but also be willing to graciously acknowledge others' gifts. I hope you all have things to be joyous about and thankful for. I wish for you all to have reason to hope in the new year.

With love,
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Trials and Tribulations

Hi there! It has been a crazy but incredible week. I can't go into details, but I have been "2nd chairing" my first trial this week! 2nd chairing basically means that you know the file inside and out (our file is 14 boxes of documents - yikes!), do lots of research, figure out what exhibits we want in, write motions in limine, propose jury instructions, and anything else the partner wants me to do. Lucky for me, the partner I'm working with is really cool, and she let me argue pretrial motions AND I conducted direct examination on not one, but two witnesses!

Now, that may sound completely nerdy, but I have to say - it is so fun being in trial. There's no telling what the jury is thinking, but so far, it has just been satisfying arguing a point of law to the judge and winning!

Okay, so enough about trial...suffice it to say, I would have NEVER guessed that I would be getting big trial experience 3 months after starting at my firm.

In addition to trial, I am proud to announce that the Knight and I finished the St. Jude Half Marathon this past weekend. It was very exciting and very hard. I finished in 2 hours and 28 minutes. The Knight finished in under an hour. I am so proud of him!

Every time that I got discouraged I would think about all those wonderful kids that the race would help. It was a pretty emotional race for me - first, I was slightly overwhelmed that I was actually running a half marathon. If you had asked me a year ago if I ever thought I could do such a thing, I would have just giggled. I really never thought I would be able to do such a physically tasking thing, and I did! I mean, I know other people achieve way more than that, but any of you who know me know that I am the farthest thing from a natural athlete. The women in my family are built for two things: childbirth and eating...NOT running.

Second, it was so incredibly inspiring to be running with St. Jude heroes. So many people had "Running in memory of so and so" or "So and so is running with us in spirit." In particular, I remember passing the three 11-12 year old girls. The back of their shirts said the following:

St. Jude Entry Fee: $70
Comfy running shoes: $90
Running in memory of our best friend: Priceless

Okay, GULP! I really had to hold back the tears on that one! Anyway, it was a great experience.

Well, I would love to write more, but I am just spent. I have been working nonstop 12-13 hour days. I'm having so much fun with this trial, but it is taking its toll on me!


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