Blog? What blog?

Oh hello, there! Um, hello?  Hi!

Where ever have you been? Sigh.  Oh, you know. Around. 

Around, huh? Well, you certainly haven't been around in the blogosphere. Do you even remember having a blog? Um, well, I vaguely remember something resembling the thing you speak of. 

Remember Artsy Fartsy Shopaholic?  Artsy Fartsy Shopa-Who?

You.  You are Artsy Farty Shopaholic.  Me?!  I had no idea.  Who told you that?

Um.  The Internet.  Also, your dog, Betty Rascal.  Gasp! I have a dog, too?

Yes, and a husband...the Knight.  Oh, so that's who's laundry I've been doing.  I was wondering when I started wearing so many Polo shirts.  

Sheesh, Artsy!  You are out of it.  I know.  I'm sorry.  I have just been insanely, boringly busy.  With nothingness and pitter patter.  I seem to just walk around in a daze wondering what I can get done next, and I completely forget to remember that there is a world outside of my office building.

So, yeah, I get a big F for Failing to blog.  I'm so sorry, even though I know that apologies are no excuse and don't make up for no new content in (gulp) 3 weeks.  Seriously, what is my problem?

Well, I'm sure you can guess what my problem is without me even telling you.  It's finding Mr. Time, and let me tell you he has been playing hard to get lately.  He's so sneaky - ducking into crevices, creeping around, and then zooming by when I'm not looking.  Just when I think I've caught him - Whoosh! - and he's gone.  

But, enough of that.  Fall is here! And Thanksgiving is, like, seriously right around the corner.  For the first time in my life, my dear family is coming to me for Thanksgiving.  That's right - we are having a full Turkey Day dinner for 7 at my casa tomorrow.  The Knight has to work on Friday, and so I kind of hinted(i.e. smacked them over the head) that if they wanted to see us, it would have to be in Memphis.  I never expected them to be able to come, but they are, and I cannot WAIT for them to get here.  It is just so cool that our first Thanksgiving as homeowners is in our very own house.

I have repurposed the table decorations from this post for a more Thanksgiving-ey look (no cobweb runners this time!), and have purchased all the fixins'.  The only thing I'm not cooking is the turkey.  No. 1 - I'm not really a fan of dry meat.  No. 2 - I've never cooked one before.  Thus, my sources tell me chances are my turkey will be dry.  So, I ordered one from the Germantown Commissary - it comes smoked, and has extra dressing and gravy!  Yum.  Of course, I'm making my own dressing and gravy, but I've never really felt you can have enough of either of those.

As you can imagine, preparing for my family to invade my home for the next 4 days has taken weeks of preparation.  For the past week, my fridge has been covered with pages of "to-do" lists, shopping lists, recipes, and various and sundry other Thanksgiving related bits of paper.  Although everything didn't get done, I have to admit my list was a tad ambitious.  (Did I mention that it was two pages single spaced?).  But!  But.  We got the big stuff done, and I am confident that once my fam arrives, my home will be a cozy and inviting haven for my road-weary guests.  

I know pictures make the blog, and I am sorry I don't have more to show.  First, I lost my camera.  Then, I found my camera, put the pictures on my computer, and then my wireless router proceeded to poop out on me.  So, it is FINALLY up and running again - and maybe, this weekend, I can actually put some stuff up.  I know, you've heard this song and dance from me before, but we just have to have this mutual understanding about my picture posting ability - in my mind, I have all these big dreams and plans, but in reality, I often fail to execute.  So there.

BUT!  Just to tease you - here are two I took with my phone.  You can see that we are hard at work changing the look of the den, 
and yes, I painted my breakfast room AGAIN.  I am officially on painting probation.  No more changing my mind for at least a year. (Well, at least 6 months!).

Well - that's all for now...I'm working on a "Very ETSY Christmas" Post, so keep checking back.  Maybe it will be up this weekend!

Gobble, gobble!

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Celebrate with your vote!

I'm so giddy today. It is beautiful outside, and today is a very historical election day. Either way, at the close of the polls, America will be making new and very big history - we'll either have the first black president or the first female vice president.

So, if you haven't already, vote today and be a part of history!

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Picture from http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/05/books/review/Kinsley.t.html

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