On the hunt...

for "We've Moved" announcements. Want something modern/hip that isn't terribly expensive (preferably under 75 cents per announcement - we have a big list!). I like this card from Tiny Prints, but at $1.25 per card, plus 42 cents per stamp, that would cost us almost $100!

Any suggestions?

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Thou shalt not covet...

But sometimes, I just can't help it!

Here are several luscious finds that are, well, frankly, for the birds.

This pillow ($28)
and print ($13) from Joom would go perfectly in my guest bedroom.

(bedding I have right now)

This Gocco print ($12) from bridbird is so pretty. Apparently, I am still on the green thing. It is a little small, but I can see it on an inspiration wall with several other pieces or tucked in a sneaky corner of the room over a little reading desk or vanity.

Just for fun, check out these birdie hooks ($14) and this Birds of Paris scarf ($24) from urban outfitters.

Okay, enough with the birds. This village print ($20) from Ubiki perfectly matches the color scheme I have planned for my office (cornflower blue, celadon green, and true pink).

On to lighting. The Knight and I have several mismatched bargain lamps that I have picked up along the way. Now that we have moved into the house, everything we previously owned suddenly looks . . . shabby. So, in addition to a gazillion other things costing a gazillion dollars, I am on the hunt for fabulous, functional, and beautiful lighting.

One thing our house doesn't need is overhead lighting. Thankfully, the previous owners picked out gorgeous rubbed bronze/wrought iron metal fixtures for the entire house (one of the only good things they did). We like them, are keeping them, and don't need any overhead fixtures. Of course, that means that I am finding all kinds of tasty overhead lighting that I absolutely do not need, but wish I did.

For instance, I have been eyeing this pendant lamp ($249) for several months now. Call me crazy, but I can just see matching ones hanging over bedside tables on either side of the bed. Love.

Speaking of lighting that I have been drooling over, this gawgeous chandelier ($1750) goes with absolutely nothing in my house, but I need it. If only I was a rich, rich woman...I could put this in my master bathroom/boudoir and just live there. Forever.

Okay, that's all for now. I know I need to do a clothing coveting post, but lately I have had the hardest time shopping on the internet. Although I did find this breezy little number when perusing urban outfitters, and I'm wondering if it would be the perfect housewarming gift for my new closet. :)

In other news, our furniture arrived last night! Yippee! I was like a kid in a candy shop - opening all the boxes and oohing and aahing over everything. Unfortunately, after I spent 45 minutes putting the legs on the table, I flipped it over to find that there was a big nick out of the side of the table. It looked like it had been dropped! So, I called West Elm, and they are going to send us a new table and come pick the other one up.

Then I started putting together the chairs...also an incredibly long task. After putting all 4 side chairs together, I started working on the first armchair. As I was putting on the last leg, I noticed a big crack in the wood where screws go it. So, had to call West Elm ah-gehn, and they are going to send a new one asap.

I feel that they should award me with a new rug or vase to compensate for all my time and the pain and suffering I endured when I discovered that my new and expensive furniture was damaged. Maybe I'll try that angle. Sound lawyerly, enough?

The other stuff looks awesome though, and assuming we can get pieces that aren't cracked or dinged, I am really going to love them. I took some pictures to share, but I really want to wait and show you the final product...so, you might have to wait a few days. I know, I am so mean!

I'll tell you this - owning a house is exhausting work. I have fallen into bed each night completely pooped, and my legs are so tired by the end of the day, they actually ache. But in a satisfying "I got a lot done" way, so its okay!


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Who knew?

That living in Memphis meant lightning speed West Elm furniture delivery? I ordered the furniture on Tuesday, got a shipping notification yesterday, and when I tracked the package this morning, I saw this:


In Transit

Scheduled Delivery:

Shipped To:

Shipped/Billed On:


8.20 Lbs
To view additional tracking information, please log in to My UPS.

Package Progress

7:53 A.M.

12:35 A.M.

12:23 A.M.

1:36 P.M.

12:02 P.M.

12:02 P.M.

12:01 P.M.

I guess I should have remembered that I have been to the PB/WS warehouse sales here in Memphis, but it didn't even cross my mind that having the warehouse for that conglomerate located in Memphis would translate in super fast shipping. This is very bad news for my checkbook. Very bad news, indeed.

I can't wait for the set to arrive!

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So, after all my worrying, stressing, and cuticle picking, the sellers finally came through with the money around 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

From that point on, it was a whirlwind. The Knight picked his parents up at the airport, and as soon as I got home from work, we zoomed over to the new house so they could have a tour. We broke out the champagne, and the Knight's dad said a prayer for us, our future, and the house. His prayer was so sweet that, by the time he was finished, all four of us had tears in our eyes.

Later that night, the Knight's sister (Maggie) and her family arrived, and the 8 of us, plus two more cousins and a spouse all had a wonderful feast at Central BBQ. It was a wonderful evening...the Knight and I were still on a high from finally knowing that the house was ours, and it was so great to have all the family in our neck of the woods for a change. Perfect BBQ afterglow.

Saturday morning, and the Knight and I sleep through the alarm (perhaps too much champagne?), and run around completely disoriented for a few minutes. He was supposed to go pick up the truck and the fridge, and I was supposed to take Betty to Midtown so Jess(ica) could watch her. Everyone was set to arrive soon, and parts of the apartment still were a little unpacked. Finally, we got our bearings and headed off in separate directions. All of the people who had offered to help started showing up and things just started falling into place. The rest of the day is a hazy whirlwind, but suffice it to say, we got everything moved from our apartment to the house in two trips, the apartment is now completely empty (and clean - thanks to the Knight's mom and Maggie), and all of the appliances we bought from people on Craigslist arrived as promised and in working order.

Ended the day with a family meal at a local Mexican restaurant. We were all pretty grubby, but no one seemed to mind. I guess we were all so tickled that we were done moving, and could enjoy the rest of the day just being together. Fell asleep that night in our new, spacious bedroom. I was completely exhausted and thrilled with the day. So much love and fun in one day...and to think, some people hate moving. :)

Sunday morning, everyone congregated at our house (isn't that fun to say?), and we headed to church. The Knight and I think that we may have finally found a church we are interested in committing to...it took us too long, but so glad we may have finally found a place. This church is a former Church of Christ church that is now truly nondenominational. The preacher is a guy who is just a few years older than me and actually went to my college. At first, I had a hard time listening to someone preach on a regular basis who is just a smidge older than me, but once I got past his age, I felt that his message each week was so relevant and inspiring. Plus, this church has an incredible "young marrieds/singles" group, and they have just included us in such a kind, easy, no weirdness way. Finding a church and making good friends at that church is something that I have been praying for for a while, and this place just kind of fell into our lap.

Anywho, we ate out for lunch (hello! need to unpack the kitchen) and then the Knight's mom suggested that she and I go look at breakfast room furniture. Needless to say, I was easily persuaded, and found even more tantalizing options for our breakfast room. How will I ever make a decision?

At the end of the day, everyone left, and for the first time the Knight and I were all alone in our new home. We tidied up the yard, unpacked the kitchen, and soaked in what we hope to be the first of many lazy Sunday evenings at our new house.

It is amazing how fast we went from here (making the offer), to here (closing),

to here (home ownership)! We did it!

In other news, I have finally made a decision on the breakfast room furniture. The total package is pricier than what I was initially considering, but after seeing some of the options I blogged about in person, I decided they weren't for me. Some were too small. Others were cheap looking. My final decision? The west elm expandable table with 6 circle cutout chairs - 2 in the armchair style and 4 in the side chair style. I also ordered the cushions in the flax/linen color.

I think the set will fit nicely in the breakfast room, and still allow "flow" to the other rooms in the house. Delivery is supposed to be in 5 business days....it can't come fast enough!

Well, back to unpacking!

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Memememememe...(you know...ME!)

So, closing went fairly well. I can only say fairly well, because we still don't officially own the house yet. The sellers bought the house for cheap, but borrowed a lot more on the house than the contract price. I think I told you that they bought it to flip it and stopped midway. They actually borrowed more money on the house than we are paying. I don't think they spent all the money they borrowed on the house, but they also had to pay our closing costs and both realtor fees (which totals about $20,000).

They were scheduled to close at 10 a.m. and then wire the amount to our closing attorney, but they closed later than they were scheduled, didn't get the $$ wired in time, so today they are supposed to bring a cashier's check for their amount. Although the closing attorney said that this stuff is normal and happens all the time, I am justifiably stressed and mad. Way to F one more thing up for us, right? Anywho, after our closing attorney (who, by the way, was the cutest old man I have ever seen. Think the cute dad on Frasier) gets their check, we officially OWN it!

Despite our lack of complete ownership, the Knight, his sweet cousin, JB, and I went ahead and cleaned the house and mowed last night. I just wanted to get as much done so that when the fam (we have a ton of people coming from Nashville to help move tomorrow) gets here, it is all pretty and clean! I'm so excited!

One thing though - this house is big. It took FOR-EVAH to vacuum the house. I am so going to have to hire a cleaning lady.

In other news, Sweet Melissa over at Melissa's Yabberings tagged me for this meme that has been going 'round the blogosphere. I was so tickled to be asked, I started answering the questions right away. Thanks, Mel!

Okay, here goes:

1) What was I doing 10 years ago? June 19, 1998? I was 17. 10 years ago was the summer before my senior year of high school - I was probably either hanging out with friends, working out like a banshee (I was a little obsessed back then), sneaking out of my house to go see my (then) boyfriend, or working at Stein-Mart in the boutique department. Wow, it is amazing how much has changed in the last 10 years. Since then, I've graduated high school, college, and law school. Got married. Got a dog. Passed the bar. Almost bought a house. Made countless mistakes and several dear friends. Life has been good, and I am blessed.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today? Finish the opinion draft I'm working on. Make arrangements for the delivery of the washer and dryer we bought off of Craigslist. Finish packing. Pick up the Knight's parents at the airport. Make sure that the hotel room we booked for Maggie and Mr. Biz and kids (the Knight's sister and her husband) is acceptable.

3) Snacks I enjoy: Cheetos. Fruit salad. And wine. I don't know if that last one counts as a true "snack" but it should. I mean, isn't that what those little 4 pack bottles are for?

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Of course, I would pay off our and all of our immediate families' debt. (snore - such an obvious and boring one). Go on a wild, ridiculous shopping spree with my girlfriends. Thinking champagne, diamonds, and designer duds. Buy us a little airplane. Travel the world. Do research on charities, and make hefty donations to ones that are working to find cures for COPD (what my grandpa has), all kinds of cancer, and charities that are helping persecuted Christians in other countries. I also think that we would keep our house, but make all kinds of fabulous renovations. The Knight has always said that he would keep his job. I'm not so sure about mine. I don't think I would stop working, but maybe I would open a cute florist/garden center/gift shop in Arlington or Lakeland and call it Curtsies. Okay, I could go on and on. But those are the first things I would do!

5) Places I have lived:
Jackson, Mississippi
Columbus, Ohio
Goodlettsville, Tennessee
White House, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Knoxville, Tennessee
McMinnville, Tennessee
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Memphis, Tennessee

Whew! That is a lot of moving! Also, please note that all the places from White House to Memphis are moves I made in the last 9 years. I am a PRO at packing.

6) Jobs I have had:
Cashier - McDonald's
Boutique - Steinmart
Cashier - two different Christian bookstores
Receptionist - Psychiatrist's office, law firm
Nanny - for a single mom, and at a big daycare
Waitress - for one month at a country club...I was the worst waitress EVER.
Product Consultant - Franklin Covey (planner or Palm Pilot, anyone?)
Sample girl - Kroger and Wal-mart
Secretary - for a solo practitioner - entertainment law (my favorite job so far)
Research assistant - for two law school professors, one was a former TN Supreme Court judge and one is a huge law blogger.
Law clerk - at 3 law firms
Appellate Court law clerk/staff attorney - currently

I have had a job almost always since I was 15. I need a vaca.

7) Bloggers I am tagging who you will enjoy getting to know better:
Hmm, I tag Jess(ica), Becky, Marina, and Lily, but if you have already been tagged for this one before, please don't feel like you have to post again!

Cardboard boxes and sweaty moving kisses!
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Truckin' on...

Financing underwriting approval and completion? Check.

Home inspection? Check.

FHA inspection? Check.

Structural Engineer approval? Check.

Repairs made pursuant to FHA inspector's letter? Check.

Homeowner's insurance? Check.

Purchase of used fridge, washer, dryer, and lawnmower? Check, checkity-check, and check. (Thanks to craigslist and our beloved brother-in-law!)

Pack up belongings? 75% check.

Rent U-haul? Check.

Make arrangements with family and friends for moving help and Betty babysitting? Check and bless you, Jess(ica), check.

Final walk-through to make sure all repairs were done to our satisfaction? Check.

It makes me feel good to look at this list and see it completed. At the beginning of the process, the looming list of things to do seemed daunting and impossible. But, now, all we have to do is show up at the closing tomorrow with a picture ID and a fat cashier's check for our down payment.

Being the "worst case scenario" person that I am (I think it comes with the territory of being a lawyer), I am just certain something is going to go wrong. And maybe it will. But, I think about other amazing feats of orchestration and organization that the Knight and I managed to pull off (i.e. getting engaged and planning a wedding for 450 people in 3 1/2 months; moving across the country for the summer while dealing with law school graduation, exams, air traffic control training, and studying for the bar), and I hope, God willing, this too will come together.

I am so excited about moving in. We have been amazed by the outpouring of love and offers to help move, clean, bring lunch, etc. for the big moving day. The Knight and I did the final walk-through inspection this morning, and I just really love this house. It is just so us. Sure, there are a ton of little things to do to meet our standard of living, but its basically move-in ready and so spacious!

Really, the only truly bad part of the home buying process for us has been dealing with the sellers. You would think that having buyers who are (a) willing to pay a fair price for a home; (b) have been approved for financing, and (c) quickly met all our contractual obligations would be met with eagerness to cooperate and an ounce or two of accommodation. Unfortunately, in our situation, no such luck. These sellers bought the home as a renovation investment, and 1/2 way through the renovation, the market changed, so they put a stop on the flip. We came in, appreciated the renovations made so far, saw the potential, and made a very nice offer on the home. Although they quickly accepted our offer, they have been slow, uncommunicative, and sloppy. While they finally did make the required repairs, the repairs are only passable, at best. The house, which has been vacant for quite some time, is filthy, and the Yard? Well, I capitalize that word because The Yard has become its own entity. I'm not even sure the house knows we are there, because The Yard has made visibility quite impossible. It's been easily a month/ month and a half since the lawn has been mowed, and its a-lookin' rough.

One thing I am going to try to remember if we ever sell our house is to be nice to the upcoming buyers. Our negotiation of price was fairly stress-free. We only came down off the price a little since they had just dropped the price days before. All in all, they got what they said they "had" to have, and, yet, they've been acting as if we are foreclosing and evicting them!

The following are things I encourage myself (in the very far off future) and other buyers to do: Simple things like sweeping and wiping down everything before the new buyers move in is always a welcomed and nice touch. Perhaps, consider cleaning up after your last project and emptying the trash. Maybe mow the lawn right before closing, so the new buyers don't have to traipse through a jungle to move in. Leaving behind at least one can of paint for touch-ups would be awesome, especially since the ENTIRE HOUSE is painted that one color. Maybe also leave behind the can of stain used on the kitchen cabinets, since, you know, you failed to stain one tiny but completely noticeable part of the trim. If you want to get really crazy, maybe even leave a nice note welcoming the buyers to their first and/or new home.

Despite all my disgust for the sellers, I have to remember that I am buying the house, not them. Its very easy to get caught up in a hate-fest about the way they have behaved, but I don't want us to associate our house with the negativity its previous owners fueled. After we close tomorrow, I'm only going to look ahead, embrace our exciting new future, and move into our first home.

Wishing you warm apple pie and home sweet homey kisses,
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We did it!

Fello law clerk, blogger, and seamstress extraordinaire Jess(ica) and I have applied to have an apron booth at the Cooper Young Festival! Go here for more info.

Now we just have to wait for our application to be approved and our booth location to be assigned. I am so excited, and nervous at the same time. I hope people will like our products...sewing is such an extension of both of our personalities, if people don't like what we sew, it will feel like they don't like us!

Sewing all the aprons, children's aprons, hand towels, potholders, oven mitts, etc. is going to be difficult, considering that we both have full-time jobs, plus I'm getting ready to move (hello! Closing this Thursday!) and will undoubtedly be "forced" to decorate the house.

Despite all the upcoming summer craziness, I think, scratch that, KNOW we can handle it. First of all, Jess(ica) has been very smart, and has already sewn several aprons...currently they are for sale in her etsy shop. As for me, well, it might take long hours and weekends full of sewing, but soon I'll have my very own room for sewing (see you later TV tray and folding chair), and I think my productivity will increase dramatically.

I'll keep you updated on our progress. But in return, if you are in Memphis on September 13, you better drop by and say hi!

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P.S. Since we really, really want everyone to come visit, in case you don't know what we look like - this is us on the day we both got sworn in as lawyers. Obvy, we'll be a little more dressed down on the day of Festival! :)


Friday Four

Two Fridays ago, I posted this "Currently Coveting" post sharing with you some internet eye candy that I was drooling over. This is helpful to me, because I can go back a few weeks or months, and see if I still really like whatever I was "currently coveting" at that moment. That's usually how I gauge if I'm going to buy it or not. Do I still like it one month later (for small purchases) or 3-6 months later (like the Anthro chair I discussed in the previous post). You might find this hard to believe, but I'm really not much of an impulsive shopper. The Knight and I have been penny-pinchers for so long - either b/c we were incredibly poor or because we were saving for something or other. Amazingly, the penny-pinching has started to rub off of me, and has actually, gasp, become a habit. I know...cuh-razy, huh?

I really liked the idea of doing this at least bi-weekly, and Fridays seem to be a good day to present my latest finds. For most people, Friday is payday, its the start of a wonderful weekend, and for many, it is also the day before most people head to the farmer's market, the mall or Best Buy. So, to get the weekend spending fever started, I present you with this Friday's list of things I'm wistfully dreaming of:

Orb Birdhouse ($19, plus shipping): Saw this on Making It Lovely's "wist" list in red, and had to have it. Both of our sets of parents have great birdwatching settings, and I can't wait to have a place of our own to drink coffee on a lazy Saturday morning, and watch the birds and the squirrels fight over the birdfeeder.

Goa Rug ($450 for a 5'x8'): If I remember correctly, this rug used to be carried by Storehouse Furniture before it went out of business. I think then it was called Professor O'Leary's Rug, and though I have searched for it many times since Storehouse went out of biz, I turned up empty. Until, like, two days ago! I don't even remember how I found it...I think I was searching for modern furniture, and it just popped up. I think this is such a cool, fun rug and would go great in a guest bedroom, a child's bedroom, and if I dare, my craft room. It brings in all the colors I love and am repeatedly drawn to. Plus, I have loved this rug for at least two years, so I think its safe to say that I'll enjoy it for quite a while.

Spring Green Outdoor Tablecloth ($27.76 - Scandinaviadesigncenter.com): I love, love, LOVE this tablecloth. Of course, I could also see this repurposed as upholstery for an outdoor settee, as curtains (or even a shower curtain?) in a crisp room with white, chocolate, and lime decor, and even stretched onto canvas (or just hung, for that matter) for an awesome wall covering...especially if you have 2 story ceilings. It just says "Welcome, Summer!" and makes me wish I worked at a garden center, botanical garden, or some other outdoor place.

Finally, you know me and my Etsy prints. They are like candy, and I just can't get enough of them. I haven't bought many...yet, but as soon as we are all moved in that house, I'm so going on an Etsy Print purchasing frenzy. For some reason, I've been on an urban kick lately, and these two prints fit right in.
LabPartner's San Francisco Print ($35; signed)

Matte Art's large NYC Print ($60; signed)

If the above two prints set the stage for an urban, cityscape fashion show, then the following two can be the supermodels. I adore fashion prints, and these two would look so cute in a bathroom or dressing room...or laundry room, office, craft room...basically any place in the house.
Laura Su Girl II Print ($20)
Belle and Boo Joy White Postcard ($3.50) (she does some of the sweetest, most innocent children's prints. If a little Artsy Fartsy ever does come along, I will definitely turn to this shop for some oh-so-presh art for the nursery).

Okay, well that's my list for this week. I hope you enjoyed my splurges, and find some treasures this weekend of your own - whether they are from a yard sale, flea market, or an old, but newly discovered summery shirt just waiting to be shown off!

Have a great weekend,
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Plans for the den

Although the Knight and I have an exhorbitant list of things we MUST purchase soon after moving into the house, in the near (far?) future, we want to redecorate the den/family room.

This is the furniture we have now:

This is our new den:

The Knight is going to take down the wimpy bookshelves (hello, craft room!) that are currently on each side of the fireplace, and build floor-to-ceiling ones with lots of pretty trim (he is quite handy with the wood and saw). I have been playing around with the BHG's "Color a Room" and have decided that we'll keep the taupe color on all of the walls except for the focal wall. That wall, my dear friends, is going to be painted a beautiful, mature, zesty orange. You are probably thinking that we are crazy, but I'm thinking it will be fun, warm, with a hip twist on the ever popular red family room.

Go here to see a mockup of orange walls behind crisp white bookshelves. I so wish I knew how to copy and paste these pictures onto the actual post, but I have no clue how to copy "active" pictures. Here is another color scheme I created for the room with orange as an accent, rather than a major theme, but I just think it reminds me too much of my parents' house. I want something young and fun for this room.

While I really like our current furniture, it just is too formal for the space. Plus, the couch isn't quite as comfy as we had hoped. It's pretty soft, and Betty's paws have really, um, "broken in" the chenille cushions. So, we are thinking that our current furniture can either go in the office, or in a sitting room at the front of house.

In their stead, I present this beautiful sectional from Room & Board. I believe it just has my name on it. I love the upholstered buttons and the clean, low profile. I realize that it looks eerily similar to the couch we have now, but it is different, I promise.

I would get it covered in the Dorien Mocha (the darkest brown color) or a nice deep chocolate leather. For the requisite "occasional chair", I pick this chair from Anthropologie. Its pretty expensive, but it is so beautiful and funky, I just won't even look at the price tag.

Pardon my rudimentary toying with Microsoft Paint, but I imagine the room would look something like this:

So, any ideas or other furniture we should be looking at? Please, comment away!

Paint covered kisses,
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P.S. I also played with the kitchen/breakfast room color scheme. Go here for the kitchen and here for the breakfast room. What do you think?


Is it sad?

That I kind of covet Miley Cyrus' bedroom and dressing room (minus the slightly Amazonic, sneaker and party dress clad Miley)?

I mean, it is so obviously "over-decorated," but I still love the whimsy paired with dark. Especially for a teenage girl. Which apparently is my decorating style - High School Musical all steroided out on Elle Decor. :)

Its very Arden B meets Brocade Home with a splash of Pure Love 21. Also, I dearly need that black chandelier. It just speaks to me.

You can see more pictures here.

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Oh well...

So, I went to see the dining room set I was telling you about. I was very excited b/c a) the set was from PB, and I always like their stuff, b) the set was dark wood and had cushions - so lots of room for decorating flexibility and upholstery recovering, and c) the set was CHEAP - $500, to be exact.

Plus, the lady was so cute on the phone, I just knew it was going to the "the one" for us. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The wood was banged up pretty badly on one side of the table, and the color of the wood was lighter and redder than the pictures indicated. So sad. And I felt bad, because she, her husband, and 4 young'uns were so cute - they were selling their house and furniture to go be missionaries. BTW, because I am a nosy stalker, I looked up their house's listing price (since it is for sale, and all). $364,900! Either they are making a huge lifestyle change, or being a missionary is way more lucrative that I ever dreamed. Sheesh!

Anywho, the hunt for a breakfast room table and chairs is still on. I am very torn about the path to take on this matter. Do I want something classic, fun, or vintage. Or can I find all those characteristics in one set?

Although our breakfast room is pretty large, we have to remember that there are three pass-throughs in that room - B'fast room to Den, B'fast room to Kitchen, and Kitchen to Den.

Accordingly, a simple square or round table that seats 4 is what we need. It would be nice if the table expanded to seat 6, if necessary, but we don't the table to seat 6 all the time.

We are going to paint the kitchen and breakfast room a kind of pear/granny smith green. Something like this, but maybe a tad less bright.

The kitchen has dark cabinets with reddish undertones, and right now the rooms are painted taupe (like every other room in the house) :(. I think the green will really cheer things up in there!

I really like the giraffe print scoopback chair from West Elm ($349 for 4, no add'l shipping) paired with West Elm's Butterfly Square table ($449 + 65 extra shipping).

I also love these retro metal chairs from Pottery Barn ($749 for four, plus $40 add'l shipping). Unfortunately, they are sold out of the gunmetal, which is what I would have chosen. :( I like the other colors, but I think the gunmetal would really mesh well with the West elm table and stainless steel appliances. Plus, it would add a little industrial edge to the room.

Then, I was looking at American Signature, and found this nice little set...for only $699.99, mind you. What a deal! Speaking of sets, World Market has one that just might be the ticket for us: Modern square dark wood table with butterfly leaf ($249.99 plus $55 shipping) and loft chairs ($138 for two, plus $ add'l shipping. Does anyone know about the quality of Rooms To Go? Their prices are cheap, but not dirt cheap. The reason I'm wondering is that the Knight really likes the "pub height" table and chairs, and although I generally don't care for them, this one is pretty cute - plus, at $1,059.99 for the table and 6 stools, it seems pretty reasonable.

Of course, I also have always adored the "retro vinyl" look, and these chairs would be so cute, too! At $200 a pop, they are as expensive as the PB metal chairs, but they have so much character!
So, tell me...what do you think? Which style and set (or mix and match) do you like best? Decisions, decisions!

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