Good Vibrations

That song has been in my head all day long. But its okay, I like the song, today is pretty, and I am in a happy, delish mood. This day is full of good vibes.

I'm flying to Tulsa tomorrow to watch my mom graduate. From nursing school.

(Isn't she pretty?)

Just typing those words causes me to swell up with pride for my unbelievably warm, talented, and smart momma. For most of my life, Mom has been a SAHM, and I know it took a lot of guts to re-enter the academic world. But she did...and now, she's graduating cum laude and was awarded one of only 3 nursing awards given this year. Her award is the "Spirit of Nursing" award, awarded to the student who truly embodies what it means to be a nurse.

Here is Mom - captured by the Spirit. :)

(Did I mention she's also quite funny? Heee!)

I have lots of memories of us commiserating together on the phone - me whining about law school drama and Con Law, and her stressing about pharmacology and anatomy (her classes were WAY harder). Both of us wondering if we'll ever really make it. Wondering what could possibly be there for us on the other side. Even though I just saw my family 2 weeks ago, I am giddy with excitement. There will be lots of happy tears, hugs, and kisses, and THEN...I get to keep the queen all for myself! She's driving me back to Memphis and staying with me for a WHOLE WEEK! I am so excited. Mom and I always have so much fun on her visits, and I hope our apartment can be the quiet place she needs to study for her state boards during the day.

It is also amazing to think that just a year ago, I was graduating from law school myself (Love you, Daisy and Sully!)

I was so excited about being done with law school, but also so nervous about the bar, so sad to leave such wonderful friends, plus I didn't have a job, and the Knight and I had no clue what we would face when we moved to Oklahoma City and then Memphis. We have had one exciting year, and I would be lying if I didn't tell you that this might have been our best year yet.

(Us, one year ago, almost to the day)

I'm also in a particularly good mood because it is beautiful outside and I'm having a skinny day. Don't laugh, those days do lift my spirits so. I have been running regularly again, and today, I am wearing pants that a couple of months ago were just a little to snug on my bum.

Tonight, Betty and I are going over to Jess(ica)'s house for Reagan's birthday. Jess is making pasta and strawberry shortcake, and I'm bringing bread and a bacon and pea salad. Now that I look at the menu, it doesn't seem to be super healthy, but birthdays demand deliciousness, and that is what we're bringing. Deliciousness.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is flying tomorrow. Now, considering all the problems people have been having with airlines lately, this may seem strange, but I have a little horde of books I have been meaning to get to, and the flight (and the waiting) seems to be the perfect time to start. The books on my list include:
The Nine
Then We Came To The End
The Devil Wears Prada (I know, old, but I started it, and for some reason, never finished)
Memoirs of a Geisha
Poisonwood Bible
The Sparrow
The new Sophie Kinsella book, Remember Me?
All books written by Jane Austen - I haven't read these in so long, and watching the Jane Austen Book Club movie made me want to rush out and read them all again!

Most of these were recommended by the lovely Jess(ica) and Daisy told me about the new Kinsella book. I used to love to read, and lately have become embarrassed by my lack of reading. I think law school burned me out, but I feel that lately my reading fire has been rekindled, and it is starting to really blaze. Sure, I read magazines and blogs all the time, but there are few things more satisfying than snuggling up with a good book and some mint tea. Sometimes I avoid reading because when I read a book, I am a commitment reader. I can't stop until I'm done, and have a sick ability to block everything out until I'm done. I can't tell you how many times the Knight has tried to tell me something, and I am so into the book I don't even realize he's speaking to me. It is maddening, I'm sure.

Speaking of my baby boy, I have excellent news about the Knight. He passed two very hard and important "checkrides" yesterday (what that means, I have no idea, otherwise I would do my best to explain them to you). What this means for us is that we are one step closer to a raise for him (always a happy thing), and we can resume the house-hunting. I am SO over being in an apartment. Although I have grown to like our little space, I am dying to have a place where I can stretch out and just do all my crafty things. Currently, our kitchen looks like Hancocks Fabrics relocated there, and it starting to spill into the dining area. I'm all for not buying things just to have things, and I truly respect people who can live simply. I think we have lived somewhat simply (especially in the 400 sq foot apt in Knoxville), and I can tolerate making do with basic living necessities. But when it comes to painting, and sewing, and being oh-so-artsy-fartsy, well, my dear, I need lots of room. And THAT is exactly the first priority for me when we buy a house (well that, and not grody bathrooms. Oh, and a good sized kitchen. Okay, well, there are three number ones on the priority list, but oh well).

Today, I am giddy with excitement about all the wonderful upcoming events (including, ahem, my birthday). I am so happy for my talented loved ones and all their accomplishments. And so glad that they want me to celebrate with them! With that, I'm off. I'll try to post pics of the new graduate in all her nursey glory!

Artsy Fartsy is happy to be alive today!


Life was a three ring circus...

I actually heard about this obit from a lady standing behind me in the line at Judge's visitation. For all you non-Memphians out there, I just had to share. I have cut and pasted the obit in this blog, but for a follow-up article, go HERE.

From the Commercial Appeal. Click on the blog title to go to the direct article link.
Sunday, April 13, 2008

IDA MAE RUSSELL SILLS began this world as Betty Jean Cherry, the daughter of Howard Cherry and Betty Thompson of Middle Tennessee. In the 1930s it was unthinkable for a child to be born to a single mother. The Thompsons contracted Georgia Tann at the Tennessee Children's Home. Georgia, now famous for selling babies, found a couple who was willing to purchase the child. Everett and Elsie Russell were chosen, who had already adopted one high profile Memphis baby. The Russells renamed their new baby Ida Mae.

Ida Mae had a rich but strict childhood. Ida graduated from Messick High School in 1950 and attended Memphis State University. Ida married High School friend, Karl Hadaway. On January 31, 1953, a child was born named Mary Denise. The marriage decayed and the couple divorced in 1954. Ida's marriage to Karl was a three ring circus, engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering.

Ida met and married Albert Sills in 1960. Ida said "I never knew what real happiness was until I got remarried, then it was too late." Ida Mae and Albert settled down in Fox Meadows area of Memphis. Albert wanted a son, Ida wanted a dog. Ida quoted "with my way we just ruin the carpet." But on March 6, 1966, a son was happily born named Lee.

Albert and Ida owned several dry cleaners and restaurants. Owning your own business with your spouse in the best of times is challenging. Ida worked all day as a Supervisor at the phone company, she would come home and prepare a home cooked meal for the entire family. She managed to pay all the bills, balance the books of the family business and at the end of a long day still be a supporting mother and loving wife. Ida said "Children grow up so fast they're like sand held in your hand. Held loosely, with an open hand, the sand remains where it is. The minute you close your hand and squeeze tightly to hold on, the sand trickles through your fingers."

Ida grimaced daily with anticipation of what her gifted children would bring home and ask "Mom can I keep it" For Lee it was stray animals but Ida's daughter Denise, well she brought home a steady stream of poor hungry musician friends (are there any other kind). No one was ever turned away or left hungry. It is still a mystery how Ida fed, supported and influenced so many individuals on her budget. At Ida's house gravy was a beverage.

Albert retired in 1985, Ida said "great I now get twice the husband and only half the income." Lee went off to college and Denise got married and had a son named Josh. Ida retired from Ma Bell in 1989. After a long illness, Albert passed away from Lung cancer.

In Ida's spare time she became an assistant coach to the University of Memphis Tigers, The Memphis Grizzlies, The LA Lakers and The Miami Heat, if not in reality in her mind. As a professional armchair consultant to the NBA, Ida was nick named Hoop Mama Two. Ball handling and dribbling was Ida Mae's biggest weakness.

If Albert was the frog prince, Ida was certainly the frog queen. Ida loved and collected frogs from all over the world. Ida moved to Waverly Gardens with her dog Raven where she made a lot of new friends.

Ida developed a cold that progressed into pneumonia. Now Ida was a smoker. She said "to quit smoking well that's easy. I ought to know. I have done it a thousand times" but the years of smoking left Ida's lungs damaged and beyond repair. On this Good Friday March 21, 2008, Ida Mae Russell Sills slipped away and joined her beloved daughter in Heaven. Fortunately her husband Albert preceded her and joined his mother in a much warmer climate.

Ida leaves behind a best friend Betty Brown of Memphis. Few people in this world are privileged to have such a beloved sister. They had many adventures, loves and tragedies over their 70 years of friendship and sisterhood. Ida also leaves one of her greatest joys, her grandson Josh. Josh has been the light of her life since his birth. Ida regrets not being here to influence his future children, but she will be watching.

Ida lost her daughter Denise Sills Barnes 2 years ago. Denise was a successful local Memphis singer and musician and was a manager with Nike for 15 years. Ida also leaves her son in law Roland Barnes, an engineer with Federal Express. Roland has been devoted when many would have moved on after their wife's death. And finally she leaves her son, her baby Lee. Lee lives in Orange County California and is President of Kredit Banque.

Ida influenced so many people, too many to list. Ida is now a falling star who has finally found her place next to her daughter in a lovely constellation, where she will sparkle in the heavens forever. In Lieu of flowers please give the gift of life to Saint Jude Children's Hospital in Ida's name. There will be a celebration of life, Saturday April, 19 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Waverly Gardens on Knight Arnold Road.

Artsy Fartsy hopes she never has to meet Albert in that "much warmer climate."


TMI and other verbal vomiting.

So, I have already taken down the previous post, but if you saw it, you probably concluded that my judge has passed away. Your conclusion would be correct. He passed away last Thursday, visitation was on Sunday, and his memorial service was this past Monday.

Since the funeral, I have been experiencing several unexpected emotions. Most of all, I have been yo-yoing back and forth between sadness and a profound sense of numb. I am really surprised at myself for being so sad...during my clerkship, the judge had mostly worked at home, and I spent very little time with him. Despite the limited interactions we had, there was just something about him that made you feel close to him. He had a presence about him that almost instantly garnered respect and admiration, yet, he was also so likeable.

My sadness is also probably based on secondhand experiences, as all of his former clerks, past associates at the firm he founded, and many other legal colleagues adored and loved him. Being around all those people this past year, hearing their stories about their times with the Judge - I've soaked it in like a sponge, and now, I think part of my sadness is based on the realization that no one else, myself included, will have any new chapters to add to his legacy. Additionally, my fellow law clerk and his administrative assistant, two people who have become true friends in my life, really did have a familial relationship with the Judge. He served as a mentor/grandfather figure to my fellow clerk, and for 32 years, he has been a surrogate father to his secretary. They really are grieving his passage as if he was a member of their family, and both are really struggling with getting back into the office and facing his empty desk.

Yesterday, I came home from work, curled up in a ball, and just kind of existed. I didn't want to talk to anyone, I didn't want to listen to music, watch TV, or surf the Web. After sitting/lying on the couch for an hour, I finally put on my tennies and took Betty for a long, cathartic walk. When I got home, I felt better and realized that Judge wouldn't want our lives to come to a stand still because we are sad. He certainly wouldn't want the office to falter because of his absence, and so now, that's what I'm trying to keep in mind...what would Judge want? Or for that matter, what would Judge do?

Today is a much brighter, happier day, and I've been very productive at work. Perhaps, Judge is smiling down on me.

Last week, before things got all crazy crazy 'round here, Diabolina tagged me to confess 6 embarrassing/TMI things about myself. Considering that I seem to do this on a daily basis anyway, I figured I should play along and give you even more fodder to later use against me! :)

It's no secret that I am a verbal vomitter. I've talked about it here (third post down) and here. Oh, and here. See what I mean? Anywho, I've always been a fan of too much information, mine, yours, and any poor celebrity that can't keep it in their pants.

After giving it a long, hard thought, I've come up with the following embarrassing facts about myself.

1. You all know that I am a piggy piggy. I love (and live) to eat. That explains why I have never been described as lithe or slender. Because if someone did say that, they would have to be either a) blind or b) lying or c) from this country. Of course, despite my love for food, I do try to have a healthy lifestyle. I limit my sugar and caffeine intake, I work out, and I make sure the Knight and I eat our veggies and fruits. BUT, I have a major weakness for one vice...put a bag of salty kettle chips and french onion dip in front of me, and I really can't stop. Something about the creamy, the oniony and the salty just really do me in. This is my snack of choice if I'm feeling particularly naughty, or if I'm a complete stress ball. Let's just say that the clerks at the local grocery store started asking me if I would be buying "the regular" while I was studying for the bar! So, all you Delilahs out there, trying to figure out my weakness...you can cut my hair all you want, and I won't waver. But put a back of chippies and french onion dip in front of me, and I am forever yours.

2. When I was in high school, I worked at a Christian bookstore outlet (I also worked at McDonald's, as a Kroger sample girl, and at Steinmart, but I digress...). As a preacher's kid, this was a perfect place for me to work - it paid well, its patrons were mostly polite, plus Dad could get a discount on books if he needed them. It was an individually owned store, and had the best little reading nook tucked in the back with a big, comfy couch hidden by piles of Christian books. I'm telling you this because yours truly would close the store all by her lonesome, and, then, out of the blue, her boyfriend would happen to "stop by." Rest assured, I was always a lady, but let's just say that reading wasn't the only recreation that that couch endured!

3. I am kind of a grandma when it comes to my unconscious mannerisms. I usually sit in the car on on a plane with my purse in my lap, holding onto the straps for dear life. I drive with the seat pushed way up and my hands 10 & 2 on the steering wheel. And, when I'm at home, or anyone's home for that matter, I always end up with a quilt or an afghan wrapped around my legs. I promise, I'm only 26.

4. Lately, I have become a snort laugher. Laugh snorter? Just snorter? It is very embarrassing, and I entirely blame my allergies. Memphis has not been kind to me. But, I can't help it, and sometimes, when I do it, it makes me laugh harder, which typically involves more Snorty McSnortersons. By the time I settle down, I just want to die of mortification for the all snorting that had just taken place.

5. I have a lazy eye. Basically, one of my eye's muscles is underdeveloped, and so when I am not intentionally focusing on something, my right eye lazes over to the right side of my face. Wearing contacts and glasses tames the laziness, but when I have my contacts out or I am just unusually tired, the lazy beast rears its ugly head. My parents discovered that I had a lazy eye when I got in trouble with my babysitter (a matronly woman who kept me and several of my friends after school). She was admonishing me for something or other, and kept telling me to "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" I kept telling her "I am looking at you, I promise!" and I guess after a few frustrating rounds of this dialogue, she put 2 and 2 together, and told my parents I needed to see an eye doctor. Turns out, not only did I have a lazy eye, but I also had disproportionately worse vision in that eye. I think my current prescription is -7.50 in the right (which is real bad, in case you didn't know) and -4.0 in my left (still bad, but not quite as bad).

6. Whew! This is hard. And most likely, dreadfully boring to you. And you. Oh, okay, here's one last thing...I have a tendency to name my plants, and over time, I typically become quite partial to them. Case in point, I had a little tropical fern/plant thing that I got during first few months of law school. I placed him in my favorite tiny green pot (which has its own sentimental value), and dubbed him Arthur. Arthur lived, thrived actually, until we moved to Memphis this past August. Our basement apartment gets NO direct sunlight, and before I knew what was happening, little Arthur had died. I didn't cry or anything, but I really was quite sad. Since then, I have tried to replace Arthur with Fonz the Bonz, Arthur II, and Francis, but none of them have had the same closeness that Arthur and I shared. Speaking of Fonz the Bonz, I think I may have killed him. :(

Fonz wasn't looking so hot at the apartment (probably also suffering without much sunlight) and so I brought him to the office. He did fine for a while there, but then I think some kind of bug got to him, because he started having a sticky sort of film on his leaves. I discovered that THE BRUSSELS BONSAI is in Olive Branch, Mississippi, which is really close to Memphis, and they have Bonsai experts there who will help you figure out what is wrong with your tree, how to transplant it into a bigger pot, and what types of soil and fertilizer to use. Naturally, I was thrilled at the idea of taking Fonz to a professional bonsai doctor, so yesterday morning, I put Fonz in my car (aka "Audrey," maybe I just have a tendency to name inanimate objects in general?) and headed to the office. I left Fonz in the car all day, and Memphis experienced a day of record heat. I think yesterday it was 89 degrees outside. I'm sure you can guess where this is going, but when I got out to the car yesterday, Fonz had gone from looking something like this:

To something like this:

(The leaves in the 2nd picture are supposed to brown and droopy.)

So, now I am ashamed to take my sick plant to the doctor. I have repotted Fonz and he is sitting outside on our patio, soaking up as much sun as he possibly can. I hate to leave him out there, as there are tons of rugratty kids that feed the ducks near our apartment, and I always worry they are going to mess with our stuff (or worse, take it), but I guess a stolen tree would be just as bad as a dead tree, so I'm tempting fate and send Fonz to the bonsai spa. If I can nurse him back to semi-health, then I'll take him to Dr. Bonsai for a check-up.

Okay, enough about Fonz.

I have more to post later, but for now, those are 6 grimey, embarrassing, stupid things about me!

Artsy Fartsy thanks you for visiting her blog. Please come back again soon.


Fashion plateau.

Maybe that is being too optimistic. Fashion depths of despair is more like it.

Today, I look like I belong on a Glade or Swiffer commercial. I am wearing a white twinset, brown linen cuffed pants, and camel flats with cutouts around the toes. Also, I have on only a stitch of makeup (perhaps, even just half a stitch), horn-rimmed eyeglasses, and my hair is styled in the obligatory side part/flipped out/side bangs 'do' that requires only a quick blow dry and very little brushing.

After spending the most fabulous, wonderful weekend with Daisy and Sully,

I have decided to scrap my birthday money plans that I had previously blogged about. Although prints for the home and a dress form are dearly desired, I think it is time for a fashion spree. My closet is clearly depressed, and I'm starting to feel the same way.

Do you know that all three days I was in Nashville, I wore stretch cotton v-neck tees from J. Crew? One in white, one in navy, and one in a browny oatmeal color. I present to you 2 of the 3 fashion offenses this weekend.

v-neck #1: The Navy Yawn.

V-neck # 2: the White Who?

v-neck # 3: Oatmeal (no) surprise, looked exactly the same as Navy Yawn, but I have no pictures of it. Clearly, I am in a fashion rut.

I did manage to punch up the white v-neck with a roasted red pepper mini skirt (which you can't see in this picture) and adorable leather peep toes with platform heels, but really, when did I become such a dull dresser?

Believe me, the places we went on Friday and Saturday night were not v-neck t-shirt places.

Sure, what I brought to wear would have been fine for a quick trip to the Mexican restaurant or to the Wal-mart, but, no, we went to places with $15 cocktails, tiny yummy food, and beautifully coiffed, powdered, and styled people.So, J. Crew, Anthro, Forever 21, and all you little thrift stores out there, get ready, because come May 6th, I'm putting my shopping boots on and coming your way.

Also, I have to introduce you to my new boyfriend. His name is Murphy, he is one year old, and he is a gorgeous purebred golden retriever. He is Daisy's new puppy, and I luff him. He thinks he is Betty's size, and any time someone would sit down, he would immediately jump into her lap and curl up like a little lap dog...except that he weighs approximately 65 lbs, or so. Look at the little snuggle bear.

He and Betty had a great time playing...she would jump up on this love seat, get on her hind legs to get to his level, and then they would bat at each other. Of course, then Murphy would jump on the love seat and get up on his hind legs, and then Betty would come hide behind me. All in all, very entertaining.

So, I had a fab-bab-ulous weekend, and miss my Nashville friends and family oh so much.

Oh, and I'm still working on the design post, but there is a contract pending on the house that we loved. Sadly, it is NOT a contract involving us. We certainly have learned our lesson about "you snooze, you lose," but we are okay. Something else will come along, and until then, we'll just be happy paying our cheap rent and trying to save like mad men and women.

Artsy Fartsy made up that last part about her rent being cheap. Really, she pays more than she cares to, but is trying to make herself feel better about losing the house to some other buyer. Self-deception is truly an art, and, clearly, Artsy Fartsy has mastered it.


Here, with a little help for my friends.

Today has been an absolutely perfect day. It was raining this morning, but the sun was shining. I've always felt a little magical, a little inspired on days where the rain and sun meshed. The warmth from the sun mixed with the wet drops feels like sweet kisses from Mother Earth. It makes me happy to put on my turquoise blue rainboots and tie my waterproof trenchcoat.

Perhaps my joy today also comes from the fact that I am heading to Nashville tonight to have a law school girls' reunion of sorts. Daisy, Sully, and I are getting together since leaving Knoxville in May. We are staying in Daisy's adorable new house (aren't I the grown up one, with my friends having houses, and all?) and I hear that we may even get to meet her new puppy! I'm hoping to see some other law school friends while I'm there.

Also, my joy could be attributed to a recent financial windfall I like to call "selling my Barbri books on ebay." While I have purchased 30 or so things on there, I have never sold anything, until yesterday. This morning, the buyer paid me, and off I went, shipping her the books. After ebay fees and shipping, I am happy to say that I made around $265 for the books. That's $90 more than I would have received if I had just returned them to Barbri last August, plus I got to keep them (in case I had failed the bar!).

Now, I can eat, drink, primp and shop with the girls this weekend without worrying about spending our house fund!

Anywho, when I was collecting up all the books for the buyer, I ran across my notes and scribbles from my studying for the bar. This next part will not be of interest unless you are about to take the Tennesse bar, but a long time ago, I promised that I would post the mnemonic devices/word games that I had collected/created to help me remember stuff for the bar. I have to say that my personal favorite is the little story I made up about all the counties that are subject to TN's URLTA. When I told Daisy that one, she just looked at me like I was crazy, but I remembered it during the exam, so I guess it worked! I am not a great memorizer, and when I was very young, my father taught me that I could remember people's names, grocery lists, etc., by simply making up little stories or sentences about the person/list.

Some people might say it uses more brainpower to remember the little trick and then remember what the trick represents, but for me, it works. And so, I pass on to you:

(no assembly required; also no guarantee as to the correctness of the following)

Strict Scrutiny: VRANT
N-ational origin

Intermediate Scrutiny: GUI
U-ndocumented alien children
I-llegitimate children

Establishment Clause: SEX
S-ecular purpose
E-ffect must not advance nor inhibit religion
eX-essive entanglement with religion is not okay.

Statute of Frauds: MYLEGS
M-marriage contract
Y-performance contract for year or more
L-land interest
E-estate; personal promise to pay for estate
G-goods; sale of goods over $100
S- suretyship

Rights of 3rd party beneficiary; when do they vest? ASCP
CP-changes position

C/L specific intent crimes: REAL CABAS
A-ccomplice (liability)

C/L Malice: just remember MA
M-urder (depraved heart murder)

C/L General: MaRK FIBbed
M-manslaughter (involuntary)

FI-false imprisonment

Not trying to prove character, but rather MIMIC
M-istake, absence of
C-ommon plan or scheme

Not hearsay: In VA, Elizabeth brought SOMe PIS, PCS, & ID
VA-verbal act
E-out of court statement to shoe Effect
SOM-out of court statement to show State Of Mind
PIS-prior inconsistent statement
PCS-prior consistent statment

Hearsay Exceptions; Unavailibility: FT. SAIDD is unavailable
FT-Former Testimony
SAI-Statement Against Interest
DD-Dying Declaration

URLTA- a way to remember the counties affected by the law:
MAURY povich, george HAMILTON, johnny KNOXVILLE, and pamela ANDERSON smoked a BLOUNT together. They experienced SEVIER side effects. MONTGOMERY GENTRY wrote a song in DAVIDSON CO. about it. Their children, SHELBY, BRADLEY, MADISON, SUMNER, AND WILSON, love it.

Grantor Future Interests (not subject to RAP): PORR ROE can’t RAP
POR-Possibility Of Reverter (for so long as, while, during, until)
R-eversion (to A for life)
ROE-Right Of Entry (provided, however, but if, upon condition that)

Grantee Future Interests (subject to Rule Against Perpetuities (RAP)): REI can RAP
EI-Executory Interest

Joint Tenancies- a “TTIP” to remember them by:
T-time; same time
T-title; same title
I-interest; same interest in property
P-possession; same rights of possession


Adverse Possession: HELUVA
E-xclusive (excluding others)
L-asting (20 years)

Covenants Running With The Land: Law (PINT) & Equity (TIN)
Law - PINT
P-rivity-horizontal and vertical for burden; vertical for benefit

(no privity needed)

Slander per se: occurred on MT. BUD:
MT-moral turpitude
U-nchastity of a woman
D-isease; loathsome disease

Intentional Misrepresentation: Dr. SCIENTER RELIED on a MATERIAL FACT and DAMAGE was CAUSED.


Hope that helped. If I run across any more fun little things, I'll put them up here. Also, I'm still working on that design post, but the Knight and I have learned that our dream first home is probably going to sell to some other lucky b*tch, so I might need to find a new perfect home. Or maybe, I should just wait until we actually buy one, and then post what I dream of for our new home. But that's probably way too practical. So, we'll just have to see.

With that, I'm off!

Artsy Fartsy is fully unleaded, but potentially toxic.


Could he *BE* any cuter?

Like the Chandler Bing reference? I couldn't resist. I have to show you a picture of my darling little nephew. He has the sweetest disposition, very caring (which is unusual for his age) and always curious.

Here he is at his soccer game - just letting everyone know that it's all good.

Artsy Fartsy is convinced that some days are a total waste of makeup. On the other hand, some days are a total waste without it!


Simply irresistable.

People who aren't pet owners or animal lovers may not understand why I am so crazy about my little yorkie-poo, Betty Rascal. But the truth is, she is hilarious. She can't talk, and she can't express her feelings like we do, but sometimes? Sometimes, I really do think she is the most expressive little girl dog.

Case in point:

Sleepy Betty

Happy Betty

Suspicious Betty

Party Betty

Genuine Betty

Just ate a lemon Betty

I just love that little dog.


This is funny.

Random Brutal Love Master (RBLM)

The Sudden Departure

Sweet. Dear. Loving. At Gate 18. Final call.

You are The Sudden Departure.

You've been in a lot of serious relationships. More than a few have ended ugly. Uglily. Whatever. Our guess is that you're a really fantastic girl who doesn't really know what she wants, and you've broken a few hearts as a result. You fall for people easily, and you enjoy the feeling of falling in love, but once you're there, either boredom or the old "grass is greener" syndrome sets in. The mind wanders, and with it goes the flesh. And then the toiletries.
We know you're not the classic "love 'em and leave 'em" type, at least not in a purely sexual sense. You have too many serious bonding tendencies for that. But even though you're theoretically looking to settle down, you don't settle long on one person. "Serial monogamist" is probably something you hear a lot. "Emotionally loose" is another way to put it. To the poor guys eating your dust and sniffing your panties, it doesn't really make much difference. Of course, it's not really your fault that people get hurt. You have every right to move on when you choose.
Your exact female opposite:
The Intern
Deliberate Gentle Sex Dreamer
Always avoid: The Backrubber (DGSD), The Gentleman (DGLM)
Consider: The Vapor Trail (RBLM), someone just like you

Link: The Online Dating Persona Test OkCupid - singles Dating


Have. Want. Need.

My birthday is about a month away, and I am starting to get the shopping bug. The Knight and I have been saving like crazy, trying to get ready to buy a house, and I'm pretty sure its been at least 3 months (gasp! I know!) since I bought any clothes, shoes, or accessories. I'm really proud of our financial diligence, but sometimes I am so over it. On one hand, I am thrilled with the fact that we have proven to ourselves that we are not complete victims of consumerism...on the other hand, sometimes I just want to be All-American, ya know?

We came really close to making an offer on a house last week, but after careful number crunching and adding and re-adding, we decided that we needed to wait (at least until we get our tax return...it'll be the first one we've received since we have been married. Yippee!). It was a very hard decision, and I am still literally waking up every morning dreaming of how I will decorate it. (Well, except for last night, where I dreamed that Daisy and I rented a Zebra, and proceeded to lose it in the parking lot at Steinmart. Don't ask. I have no idea :P).

Of course, everyday, I still log on to the real estate listing, praying that the dreaded words "CONTRACT PENDING" aren't listed below it. So far, so good...but each weekend that we draw closer to spring, the more likely the home will sell...it is just that cool.

Anywho, I am working on a blog featuring products and designs for our dreamy first home. Of course, I will be picking things based on the home that we currently love, but I am hopeful that my choices will be fine anywhere we buy. That is a very big task (because I want it to be perfect and accurate), so, until then, here are some things that I have been drooling over. I imagine I will try to buy some of them with my birthday money, and others will just have to wait a smidgen longer.

Number One: As far as I am concerned, this one is a need. How can I ever adequately sell my Curtsies aprons without a pink, polka-dotted dress form? It would be impossible, I tell you. I wish it was adjustable, like a true dressmaker's form, but I have looked, and they are just ugly. I've seen three options...taupey-cream, gray, and burgundy. Yuck. So, I'll just stick with fab, and look for the practical later. I mean, this just oozes Artsy Fartsy.

Next, I have been desiring these two books for quite some time. I haven't had a lot of time to do any reading lately, but, I think these could be very inspirational and helpful as we decorate our new house.

Selina Lake's Bazaar Style - $19.77 at Amazon

Amy Butler's Midwest Modern - $10.78 at Amazon

Here is something I absolutely covet. I realize that it is priced quite reasonably, and that one or two aprons would easily cover the cost of this divine creation, but lately I have been putting my apron money right back into the business (and saving for my upcoming law school girl reunion with Daisy and Sully!).

Birdcage Necklace by LuxeDeluxe - $38.00

(Now, don't you rush off and buy it for yourself! I know it is magical, and you probably can't resist, but I NEED it!)

Lately, Etsy has been my addiction. I "window"shop there daily, and am really inspired by all the talent on that site. These are two prints that are completely unrelated, and I didn't even find them at the same time, but yet, their palettes go together. Can't you see them in my office/craft room side by side, set off with wide, white mats in white frames? I can.

Print by pleasebestill on etsy. $25.00

Print by rosiemusic on etsy. $18.00

I would really like both of them. The first print reminds me of myself (although she is much more slender than I). I love the color, the cherry blossoms, the birds, and the birdcage. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by this mid-century modern birdcage clock that my grandfather had. It was a small thing, about the height and width of an average man's hand. The cage had a little stand from which the cage hung; you could wind up the clock, and the birdie perched inside the cage would rotate, keeping time. Recently, he told me that he was giving the clock to me, and next month, I'm going to be bringing it back to Memphis! My grandfather and I have always had a special bond, and I fear that his life is nearing its end. I am so honored that he remembered how I adored that little trinket, and am thrilled to know that I will always have something so precious to him to remember him by.

I also really identify with the second print. (Maybe this is why I like them both so much?) Both of the people have dark hair, like me and the Knight, and both are doing things that reflect our personalities. I especially like that the girl's hair is short, like mine. I do wish the girl was sewing instead of knitting, and the little kitties were replaced with a naughty Betty Rascal, but I still absolutely love it!You may not know this, but the Knight can play the guitar and sing. That's how he wooed me, for sure(well, that, and his dimples ;0)).

I know, isn't he the dreamiest?

I also could really use:
(1) a new pair of running shoes. My current Asics are S-H-O-T. With Spring here, I intend are starting to run again, and I need something with new cushion. I have kind of been wanting to design my own on the Nike website, but I'm not so sure Nikes fit me feet. If I do decide to go that route, I think I would like these:

These are called Zoom Jasari + id. They are $110.00

I have narrow heels, and the only shoes that I know fit my feet are Asics and New Balances. (I know, why are my heels the only narrow part of my body, as opposed to someplace else - my neck, my waist, even my wrists!?!)
(2)a wall charger for my iPod - I loathe booting up the ole' laptop just so I can charge it.
(3)an "iTrip" thingie so that I can listen to my iPod in the car. I have an old one, for my old iPod, but Audrey's fancy schmancy radio apparently *sniffs* at my outdated equipment. I bought a newer (and bigger) Nano, but now no iTrip. :(

Okay, there's my list. Whew! That was long. I guess the lesson learned here is don't ask me what I want for my birthday, unless you really want an answer! I am sure you noticed that I didn't blog about any clothes that I want. To be honest, it has been so long since I went shopping, I have no clue what is out there. Diabolina has inspired me to give Forever 21 a second chance, and I think I owe J.Crew and Anthropologie a visit. I definitely need a new pair of "going out" jeans, and want to get a nice pair, but I get so discouraged when I have to try on stuff. Have you seen my bum? No? Well, let me remind you:

They don't make "skinny bitch" fashionista jeans for my wide apparatus! Maybe I really should look into those Apple Bottom jeans, they might be just what the jean doctor ordered (I mean, at least Flo Rida thinks so).

I guess that's it. I have been quite the little blogger, lately. Too bad, it been all fun fluff and nothing smarty, like Jess(ica) and Ana. While I wish I could write as well (and as intelligently) as they do, I just have to come to terms with the fact that they're better at it. I guess fluff just comes naturally to me! Fluff, fashion, and flowers. Those are a few of my favorite things!

Artsy Fartsy is 100% natural, hand-squeezed, with extra pulp.


Just kidding.

Okay, so obviously my lame April Fool's day trick didn't fool anybody. But I had to do something. Can't let April Fool's pass without some sort of little prank, right? I thought of rigging a pregnancy test and leaving on the counter with a note for the Knight that simply read "apparently, there is a bun in the oven." But, I decided not to tempt fate (plus, pregnancy tests are expensive!).

Okay, as promised, here are pictures from the party. They didn't turn out quite as nice as I wanted them to, but at least you can see what I had been planning for the past month.

Okay, here is the picture of the wine/cheese fondue table. This was before the party, and we hadn't put all the food and wine out, but at least you get an idea. Also, you can see some of the puffs I made to hang from the ceiling. They look hard, but were incredibly easy...they really added some color up high, since I have apartment white walls. All you need is 8 sheets of tissue paper and some wire, and you have instant cute.

Another shot of the table. This sweet Asian inspired tablecloth was two dollars at a yard sale. Jessica and I had originally planned to use it to make some vintage-inspired aprons, but after we couldn't get the stains out, its just hung out at my apartment. I was so glad we could put it to use!
Let's get this party started!
Here are the place settings. The table squares are really dinner napkins purchased on clearance at Steinmart. I got 6 total, but three of each pattern. I really like the color scheme, so I should be able to use them again! For the place settings, I used white porcelain plates topped with green and purple polka dot napkins. I tied a purple bow around each fondue stick, but wouldn't suggest this to anyone. The ribbon kept getting chocolate and cheese on it, and got everyone's hands messy. I would have like to top each plate with an orchid, but those were pretty pricey.

Here's a shot of the whole dining area. The flow worked really nice at the party. While Jessica and I were finishing up the chopping and mixing for the chocolate fondue and its dippers (which we put on the coffee table), people hung out at the wine table and ate the cheese fondue. We finished preparing the chocolate about the time everyone finished with the cheese, so people naturally started moving over to the couch and chairs to eat the chocolate. Not bad for a tiny apartment with no dining table, eh?

At this table, I put out two stacks of paper. One read "A piece of advice for (Bride's name) and (Groom's name), from _______________, and the other read "My favorite memory with (Bride) was when we..." Each slip was lined, so people could scribble their own answer in. If the Bride wants, you can have each person read their advice/memory. Some brides prefer to read them later, in private, but if they want to read them aloud, it is a good ice-breaker.

The other game/icebreaker that I like to play is by asking the bride several questions that the groom had previously answered. We have played this game at several showers/bach parties, and it always is successful in (1) making people laugh, and (2) getting the bride buzzed (especially necessary for the bachelorette party!). For each question she gets wrong she has to take a drink/shot. For each question she gets right, she gets a point and everyone else has to take a drink. Depending on how many points she accrues, have two-three prizes available (first and smallest prize - 5 pts, second and better prize - 10 points, and so on). I like to try to buy gifts that relate to the groom's answers. For example, at one party, one of the questions was "where is some place that you wanted to go on your honeymoon, but your bride wouldn't want to go." The groom said Hawaii (not real sure why the bride wouldn't want to do there, but anywho), so we got her a lei, a coconut bra, and a grass skirt...so she could bring Hawaii to him!

As to the type of questions, I think it really depends on your crowd. Does everyone intimately know one another and the groom (then you can ask naughtier, more personal questions), or is there a random group of friends of the bride who aren't friends themselves (probably want to keep it PG)? Also, it is recommended that the person who asks the groom these questions is fairly comfortable talking to him. Otherwise, you may learn more about the groom than you care to! Here are a sampling of the questions, some of which we used at this party.

How Well Do You Know Your Groom?

1. What does (bride's name) do that grosses you out the most?

2. Who will do more chores around the house?

3. Will your spending increase or decrease once you are wed?

4. If you could throw away one thing from (bride's name) wardrobe, what would it be?

5. Where is one place that you wanted to go on your honeymoon, but you didn’t think (bride's name) would want to?

6. What food does (bride's name) keep in the fridge that grosses you out?

7. What is the dirtiest thing you have ever said to (bride's name) in bed?

8. What is your favorite drink?

9. What is your pet name for (bride's name)?

10. What is one pet you would like but (bride's name) wouldn’t?

11. If you were forced to marry one of your old girlfriends, which one would you pick?

12. What movie star do you think (bride's name) most reminds you of?

13. How many times have you had sex in a vehicle with (bride's name)?

14. One thing you wish you didn’t have to share with (bride's name)?

15. One thing (bride's name) wishes she didn’t have to share?

16. When you get into bed, who has colder toes?

17. Who steals more of the covers?

18. How many times does you want to have sex on your wedding night?

19. What is the ugliest part of (bride's name) body?

20. What is the best part of (bride's name) body?

21. What is the perfect image of (bride's name) in your head?

22. What is your favorite personality trait of (bride's name) ?

See, wasn't that fun? Okay, back to the pictures!

Wine glasses, all in a row. Before the party, the Knight took thin wire and attached pallettes to each glass. (Like these, but much greener). Rather than having cheesy wine charms, each guest could write her initials on the pallette and could keep track of her wine that way.

Here's the lovely bride-to-be. She is more into photographing than being photographed, but we managed to sneak in a shot!

Closeup of the puffs. These were hanging in the living room over the coffee table.

It may be weird to take a picture of the bathroom, but I just loved the little guest towels I found. They are pink and green and have a giant peony on them. How could I resist?

Bathroom arrangement - made from shrubs and trees growing around our apartment. I think that's a cherry blossom branch, but I'm not sure. Horticulture really isn't my thang.

Jessica arranged these flowers? Didn't she do great? I just love flowers packed into mint julep cups. They keep a low profile, but hold their own...those little julep cups.

Here's a closeup.

Ahh, favors. I have never done favors before. Normally, I think they are a waste of money (how many tiny picture frames or bottles of bubbles do you actually need?). This time, I had extra food, and I anticipated that people would want the recipe for the fondue, so I just put together a little happy with two peeps (purple & green, of course), one each of a chocolate and a vanilla pirouette, a handful of pretzels, and the recipes for the cheese and chocolate fondue. Nothing fancy, but at least practical and edible!

Tasty snacks for the guests!

The recipe. Plus two naughty peeps.

Peeps peering over the ledge. Don't do it, Purple!

Okay, well, that was the party! Don't you feel like you were there with us? For some of you, that was probably way more detail than you would ever care to have, but for others (who are like me), the devil is in the details, and it is nice to read about every single one of them.

Artsy Fartsy is party-pooped out.

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