C'est la vie.

On this dreary, cold day in Memphis...of course I should live in Paris!

You Belong in Paris

Stylish and expressive, you were meant for Paris.
The art, the fashion, the wine!
Whether you're enjoying the cafe life or a beautiful park...
You'll love living in the most chic place on earth.

Update: Apparently, it is also fashion week in Paris. How apropos!

Artsy Fartsy is considering becoming a "bob"blehead again.
Long hair is too much work!


I feel bad, then I feel better.

Hey there, ho there, hi there. Things around here have been relatively uneventful and dreary in a ho hum sort of way. I've been really busy at work, the Knight has really been stressed at his job, and when we get home, we just sort of cocoon up on the couch, clinging to one another in hopes the other one has enough energy to get the both of us through the next day.

I really am sorry I haven't posted sooner, but lately I have been feeling pretty uninspired. Maybe I only have a certain amount of creativity lurking in my noggin, and once I started sewing, I had none left for le blog. But, I guess there are a couple of noteworthy bits of info that I could pass on...

First and foremost, I got my braces off! Here is a picture of the "new" me. Try not to focus on the large tundra also referred to as my forehead, its pretty bad, but well, this is what I look like after a long day at work.

See? How straight they are? I think having braces straightened out my actual smile, too!
In case you can't remember, this is what I looked like before.

Next, in the past month, I sewed three more aprons (actually, I sewed four, but I only remembered to take pictures of three).

Mommy and me aprons for a client.

Apron for a friend made with orange polka dot and vintage calico(?) fabric. I LOVE the brown rickrack.

The Knight and I decided that we are going to solely look in Harbortown/Mud Island while we shop for a house (this is very exciting for me, especially, because when I start working at my "firm" job, work will only be 5 minutes away!). It is very "yuppity," but I think we'll be able to enjoy our time there. While I really wanted to live in Midtown because of the quaint neighborhoods, Craftsman bungalows, and eclectic atmosphere, the Knight wanted to live in Collierville or DeSoto County, Mississippi so he could have about 5 or so acres with no contact from the outside world. It isn't hard to believe that we had some knock-down, drag out fights about where to buy a home, but we finally settled on an option that is strangely perfect for the both of us, at least for the next 3-5 years. We will have great access to all the fun stuff downtown, but we'll have our own space and even a tiny yard for little miss Betty. For the past several months, we been living on the "fringe" of Memphis in Cordova . . . I think it will be good for us to immerse ourselves in what downtown Memphis has to offer. And, surprisingly, downtown is quite safe.

I also wanted to share a couple blogs that I am in love with at the moment. The first, decor8, is pretty well-known, and most of you have probably already stumbled on it. I really like Holly's descriptive writing style and her ability to hunt down and feature some of the coolest design stuff out there. Also, unlike me, she posts, like, 4 times a day.

The other is a blog run by one of my favorite online shop owners...PinkLovesBrown. I have purchased some stationary from her before as a gift, and as soon as I run out of what I have now, I will be purchasing some just for me, as well. I am also seriously coveting these adorable little suitcases. Anywho, she has this wonderful little blog (called Making It Lovely) where she shares her and her husband's adventures in updating an old bungalow. Her style is funky and fun, and she is always kind enough to tell her faithful readers where she got her stuff. I wish I could implement some of her vibe into our next place, but I feel it is a little too feminine for the Knight.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Hope y'all have a lovely week and fun-filled weekend!

Artsy Fartsy is trying to treat stress and worry like a dog would. But sometimes, it is just so hard to piss on it and walk away. There, wasn't that lovely?


The Big Reveal...

Hi! I'm drinking wine, watching reruns (sad, sad writer's strike) and the Knight is preparing his specialty beef tortilla soup. I'm not a huge beef eater (Heee! BEEFEATER), but the smell of browning beef is right up there (for me) with the smell of brewing coffee and baking bread...YUM.

Anywhoodles, things have been pretty busy lately. Work's been crazy for both of us and the Knight and I have immersed ourselves in trying to find the perfect area to live. We have spends gobs of gas driving around all the different places in Memphis trying to figure out which places are safe and which places are affordable (unfortunately, those two things don't always go hand in hand). We aren't going to buy for some time, but since we are new to the area, we figured we might as well watch the markets we are interested in.

It is so exciting to think about owning our own home. For nearly 8 1/2 years, we (individually and then as an old fart married couple) have tolerated amorous neighbors, barking dogs, and dead cat smells (no really, our last apartment was next to this disgusting place which, when the mgmt finally got into, they discovered tons of pet poo in the closet which abutted our apartment). I am so ready to have walls that are not a dingy white and sinks that don't have years of other people's "goo" in it. We are thrilled at the prospect of having room for all of our furniture that is currently in the Knight's parents' attic and at the idea of having room when we need to "get away" from one another.

Okay, so enough dreaming. Remember when I alluded (far too long ago, by the way) that I had a secret? That I had been a busy little elf making something for my family girls? And enjoying myself immensely? Well, the secret is over.

I've been making aprons! And tea towels! And all kinds of crafty things!

Here are some pictures of the rest of the aprons and tea towels:

Tea towels for aunties.

Kitchen towel for the Knight's sister.

My sister's apron.

Hand towel for mom.

Mom's apron.

I have lined them for extra weight and durability!

Baby apron. Aww.

The Knight's sister's apron (the reverse of my sister's).

Tea towel for Granny.

Granny's apron.

The Knight's mom's apron.

Her tea towel.

Christmas apron for my judge's wife.

So, that's what I have been up to. Well, I took them to work to show my friends, and would you believe it...people wanted to pay me to sew aprons for them! So far, one dad had me make a baby one for his little girl, a grandmother ordered two that match (one for her daughter and one for her granddaughter) for Mother's Day, another friend of mine ordered a full-length one for herself, and yet another friend has tentatively ordered several for all of her administrative assistants! It has been so rewarding having something to do when I get home from work that is "non-law" and actually get paid for it.

Since then, I have set up a little store on Etsy called Curtsies. Here is the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5457786. Right now, I've been pretty occupied with sewing for my office orders, but as soon as I am done, I'll be putting some up on Curtsies. And...since I have been actually making $$$$, I have been purchasing some super cute fabric from jcarolinecreative.com to support my new apron habit! Grown-up aprons sell for $30 or $35 lined. Child aprons are $12 unlined or$18 lined.

Okay, so that is all for now...if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

Artsy Fartsy is sew hot right now.

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