Table for two, er, twelve!

Last week, the Knight and I had a bunch of new people from our church over for dinner. I decided to up the ante and decorate for fall. I bought two bags of mini pumpkins, one bag of multi-colored medium/small pumpkins, some Indian corn, and a crazy black cobweb runner from Big Lots. Add some candles and fresh flowers, and voila - a beautiful fall table that is dark enough for Halloween, but can easily be carried well into the end of November. I'm thinking of finding some crazy leopard print fabric and sewing that into a table runner for November. I have never really thought about it before, but so many animal prints coordinate perfectly with fall colors, and it is a tad unexpected!

Since we only had 6 chairs for our breakfast room table, I bought 6 extra wooden folding chairs from World Market (a steal at $16.99 a piece). We brought the breakfast room table into our (usually empty) dining room, put a folding banquet table next to it, and covered both with white tablecloths. I put the runner on both tables to try to create the vision of one long continuous table. I think for the most part my attempt worked...the only main issue was that the folding chairs were noticeably shorter than my West Elm chairs, so half of the guest were lower than the other half.

One of my favorite things for the table were the cylindrical vases filled with the mini pumpkins. I think the vases were from Wal-Mart (maybe 3 bucks?) and the pumpkins were $2.97 a bag. Considering they'll last a good two months, I think that is a pretty reasonable price for a focal point, don't you?

I also added some small votives, more pumpkins, corn, and mint julep flower arrangements to the mantel. You can't tell in this picture, but when the lights were low, the candles flickered just enough to give a hint of a spooky affect to the room.

Although I definitely wanted people to enjoy the table and home decorations, what mattered most is that they had a good time. I think I succeeded. What do you think?

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five dot design said...

that table looks great! now... you can come over and decorate MY table for thanksgiving :-)

p.s. where did you get that AMAZING painting on your mantle?! i'm in love!

The Lavender Lily said...

I love the mini pumpkins in the cylinder vases...I might steal that idea! I always want to decorate with pumpkins, squash, etc, but then I chicken out and my table looks the same as always...haha! Thanks for sharing, your decorations are great!

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