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One of the things I hear a lot about as a young lawyer in a mid-sized firm is "face time." For you non-lawyers out there, "face time" is basically the idea of making sure you are available in the office so that the partners (i.e., your employers) can see you and see that you are working. In this day and age, so much of what I do could be done completely at home in my comfy jammies, but it is this "face time" thing that keeps me coming to office.

Face time is also what has brought me into the office this Saturday afternoon. A lot of the most senior partners come in on Saturdays to "catch up" while watching their favorite teams play football. Its never a bad thing for them to walk by my office and see me fervently typing away on a Saturday afternoon (and I actually do have some work I need to catch up on), so here I am...making my "face" available.

I haven't done a Currently Coveting post in a while, and I thought one was long overdue. None of these things are related, but they are just things I've been oohing and aahing (and sometimes buying) over.

First on the list are these shoes.

I bought a pair, and if you buy anything in Lissa Ayers' store right now, everything is FIFTY percent off (just use the code ANNIVERSARY08). I know, you must be so impressed that I just stopped with one pair of shoes (on clearance already, no less)... but really, so much of her stuff is just gorgeous. I love red, and these are just "smart" enough to be office appropriate. I have a gorgeous Calvin Klein dove gray suit that I think will look perfect with the shoes. I mean, it is ALL about the shoes, right?

Second, check out this little beauty.
Really, it is quite hard to pick just one thing from this Etsy seller. Everything is just sophisticated and whimsical at the same time. And quite reasonable, if I do say so. I've been totally digging everything gold lately. Perhaps its because so many leaves turn that color this time of year, but gold screams FALL! to me.

The holidays are right around the corner, and I am always searching for that justright/hardtofind/butperfectforeveryone Dirty Santa party. This little calendar is just the right price ($20) and is super cute.

Plus your purchase will support an indie designer, and not one of the big box stores that start to get crazy this time of year. Ugh... I loathe Christmas traffic, which is probably why I buy everything I possibly can online.

Next up is this incredibly beautiful vintage plate.

I have been all about the plates lately. I have an iron plate rack that holds space for two plates, and have the perfect weird sized wall to hang the rack. I have been going insane trying to find the perfect two plates for this rack, and still haven't found just the right combo. I want the two plates to go with the color scheme/decor theme in my breakfast room, coordinate with one another but not be too matchy-matchy, and just be so incredibly cool that everyone notices them. Oh yeah, and I don't want to spend more than $50 for the both of them. See why I'm going insane?

Anywho, this plate is $45, so unless I find the other plate for $5 it is probably out of my price range. But man, is it marvelous. The color, the little birds, the raised detail. Who knows, I might just get it anyway.

Okay, last Etsy item for the day, but not the last thing on the list, so keep reading. I don't know about you, but as for me? Well, Artsy Fartsy can't get enough purses. I love little purses, big purses, and everything in between. I also like little bags to keep tucked inside big purses...keeps everything somewhat organized, you know? If you are in the mood for a new little bag, might I suggest one? Or twenty? This little bag is hysterically cute, and has surprisingly sophisticated lining.

At $30, it seems a little pricey, but you have to consider that it is completely hand sewn. That's gotta count for something, right? So, if you are tired of hunting for your lipstick, or looking for something to discreetly tuck those tampons in, this is the purse for you. Enjoy!

I have blogged about my fabric love for Anna Maria Horner. Well, now she has just put us all to shame with her talented sassiness by coming out with this lovely book, Seams To Me, 24 new reasons to love sewing.

Who doesn't more reasons to love to sew? It's fun, satisfying, and provides a creative outlet for even the most button-upped/type A people. It is complete with tons of easy peasy patterns (for you beginner sewers, too), and rich, luscious color photos. I preordered my copy, and you should do the same. Anna Maria would want you to.

Last but not least, I want to give you a bit of thrifty Halloween inspiration. I am a big fan of reusing bits and pieces of my own wardrobe to supplement my Halloween costume, and a couple of times I have used bits and pieces of my Halloween costume to supplement my own wardrobe. Now, take this cute dress from Forever 21.

Clean, practical, but very cute. I bought this a couple of weeks ago, and although it is a tad short, the fabric has enough weight to carry me through the fall (can we see tights and boots in my future?). Upon first glance, this dress might seem a little bland, but it has incredible details. Cuffed and buttoned up sleeves, fabric covered buttons, and just a cute little shape.

Can't you see this being the foundation of a naughty stewardess or policewoman costume? A hat, a badge, and a gun, and you are ready to enforce the law in style. Or maybe a little wings pin and white go go boots (hello Southwest!). Or go to the other end of the spectrum - throw on an vintage half apron, put on an oven mitt, wear some high heels, false eyelashes, and bouffant your hair...this dress has got June Cleaver written all over it. And when Halloween's done, you've still got a nice, normal dress that could work for summer and fall for years.

Okay, that's all for now. I still haven't found my camera, but my cousin was nice enough to let me borrow hers so that I could snap a few of my newly painted bathroom. I'll try to share those in the next couple of days! Hope you all have a lovely Saturday and get lots of rest this weekend.

Crunchy leaves and candy corn kisses,

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Becky said...

OOOH!! Love that necklace!!! I am also into everything gold lately.... I love it! And good girl for making your "face time"! I'm sure they LOVE you! :)

Joseph said...

And this is why I'm glad I work for the gov't. No working on Saturday.

srm said...

Hi, Erika!
It's Stephanie Michon! Why am I on your blog? Well, I was updating my homepage with friends' blogs so I could find them easily. One of them was Ashley and Joel Essner's blog...I saw your name on their page and clicked on it. Let me just say that your blog is so much fun to read! I'm cracking up right now reading about the plain dress from Forever 21 and all of the variations you can make of it...particularly for Halloween...which, I know, is already past. Oh well. Hope you and Andy are well. Love your blog...will visit it often! Steph

Juliet said...

LOVE those red shoes. They are *fantastic*!


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