Do you know what I've kind of forgotten? That real brick and mortar stores exist. With real people that you can face to face; with real paper coupons that you actually have to print; with real products that you can actually touch.With Etsy, Amazon, Forever 21, and Jeffers Pet (just to name a few of my serial haunts) available online, I rarely go into "real stores" anymore. There are just so many annoyances involved in shopping "in the flesh." You have to drive there, find a parking space, walk all over the store to find the one thing you are looking for, occasionally deal with an unpleasant or incompetent cashier, and then fight that overwhelming desire to immediately rush home and pull out the hand sanitizer (what? the real world is dirty!).

Although I have mostly stopped shopping in stores, I still crave that personal interaction and tactile shopping experience. Perhaps that's why I like thrift stores and yard sales so much - not only do you see time-loved things in person, but you can usually get an interesting story regarding the item as well.

Although it seems I've kind of banned big stores (and malls) from my life, I may have to rethink that decision. Enter Macy's Department Store. I know I haven't talked about it, ahem, much, but the Knight and I have been working on our house nonstop.

Right now, he is building me the master closet of my dreams (well, okay, it doesn't have a computerized, rotating outfit picker outer, but that's about the only thing its missing). There is sawdust everywhere...and tools, and wood, and all the junk that goes with building wood-type things. Then, we have hired one of our awesome and talented friends to paint the interior of our house. So, there's paint, and brushes, and drop cloths, and all the accouterments that go with that project. Then, there's me - I've been a furniture refinishing fool - this past weekend, I painted one bookshelf, one little bathroom cabinet type-thingie, a filing cabinet, and the $2 desk (it looks ah-mazing, btw...can't wait to show it to you!). Also, I have been a framing maniac, and our office currently looks like some sort of avant-garde art installation with all of our pictures lining the floors. Plus, there are still a good ten boxes of books and paper mess strewn about the house.

Basically our house is chaos.

So, what does this have to do with Macy's? Well, I'm going to go ahead and diagnose myself as a compulsive collector and shopper. I don't shop all the time, but I have noticed that when my house is chaos, rather than rationally and logically dealing with the mess...I just go and escape into retail land. And acquire more stuff. Which, I then bring home and add to the existing mess. I told you that it isn't logical.

(I recognize that the above paragraph appears to be in direct contradiction to the first two paragraphs where I discussed my ban on brick and mortar stores. What can I say? I am a complicated woman...I have many layers.)

Okay, Macy's...focus. Basically, I have been on Macy's website lately like white on rice. I completely forgot that they carry furniture, and have fallen in love with two different dining sets...both are to die for, but very different.

Then, I found these dishes that are just so completely "me" on a plate...why were these not around when I was registering for our wedding?

And, don't even get me started on all the Martha Stewart beauties.

Sigh...why am I not a very, very rich woman? My house would be so so pretty.

Do you want to know the best part of department stores? Deals. All kinds of deals. They usually have incredible clearance sections. And good sales. Especially if you get their coupons out of the newspaper.

I can't stand it anymore...I'm think I'm going tonight.

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five dot design said...

if i'm allowed to vote- i opt for dining set #1... it has a classic look with a little kick-in-the-pants flair in regards to the chair arms.

and when it doubt, buy it all and return it later (my mom refers to this as "borrowing"... can't get in trouble for "borrowing"!)

good luck on renovations! we've just begun in our loft

Janet Middlekauff said...

I really like the 2nd dining set...it's the one I would choose.

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