Hello there, Stranger!

That must be what you are thinking. Where have I been? Why have I not called? Or written? Did I meet someone new? Am I dead on the side of the road? Did the coyote resurrect himself and come to get his vengeance?

I have been hiding in a hole named "New Job." This hole is very fun, and full of friendly, warm people, but also incredibly hard to leave at the end of the day. And also incredibly draining.

When I haven't been in my "New Job" hole, I was flitting from "The Knight's Surprise 30th Birthday" hole and "Cooper Young Festival Apron Sewing Extravaganza" hole (the latter, I might add, exhausts me just saying the title...you can imagine how tiring it must have been to actually be there). Occasionally, I would have tea with my little white fluffy rabbit, er, dog, and play chess with the queen, I mean, the Knight. And then I would run around nibbling strange cookies and ranting how I'm late, I'm late! For a very important date!

Artsy Fartsy has been in Wonderland, and she has been very busy, indeed.

Here is the link to pictures for the Knight's fabulous 30th party. I have to say, it went off with pretty much ZERO fiascoes. I managed to secretly sneak 8 weekend guests into our home, and another 40 into our backyard without him suspecting a thing. The key is that I made him think his surprise was the people coming into town. When they all arrived on Friday, he thought the surprise was over and had NO CLUE that Saturday would bring even more surprises! As for the party, I had tons of help from friends, got most of it catered, bought my very first keg, and remembered to have fun myself. I can't wait to celebrate his next 30 years :)

As for the CY Fest, go here for pictures (stole them all from Jess!) and to Jess's blog for a more thorough post. Suffice it to say, we had fun, learned a lot, I sold a little, and Jess sold a lot (go her!). We did have a great time spending the day together, and I have to say, we had the cutest booth there!
Hopefully, the dust has settled for a while, and I can start getting back into my "groove." The Knight and I are hoping that fall will be a calmer time for us - with less going out of town, and more working on the house. We have either been out of town or had company nearly every weekend since we lived in our new house, and that has made it very hard to get anything done.

We finally "bit the bullet" and hired a friend from church to do the interior painting. Neither one of us like doing it, and quite honestly, I get frustrated with my end result if I do it myself. We had to go out of town the last couple of days for a family emergency (more on that in the next post) and it was such a joy to come home to two gorgeous new rooms (kitchen and breakfast room).
So, what do you think of the color choices? The yellow is actually a light green, but I took these pictures at night, and they came out yellow. We went round and round, trying to decide what to do. Two different shade of yellow? Orange in the breakfast room, and cream in the kitchen? Two shades of green? I finally settled on the two shades of green, and when I put them on the walls, the green in the breakfast room looked like someone had painted highlighter on the walls. It was awful. At that point, I still liked the green in the kitchen, so, we went with the purple in the breakfast room. I haven't totally decided if the green in the kitchen is staying. I ADORE the purple, but I fear that the green with the purple scream "Joker's nursery." If the green does stay, then the cabinets must be painted white. I would love to paint them chocolate, to mimic the brown furniture in our breakfast room, but then I am afraid the white appliances will stand out more than they already do. Also, painting cabinets is apparently a TON of work. So, perhaps, a new paint color will be the solution...maybe a creamy yellowish neutral, perhaps?

Next, he is going to paint the living room, one of our guest bedrooms, and the weird 2 potty/ one shower guest bathroom. He is quite a meticulous painter, and also very affordable. It is such a relief to have someone else doing these tasks, so that I can focus on other more fun things!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages! And even sorrier I haven't had a "currently coveting" post in weeks. I just haven't had time to shop online, and share it with you! I will try to do better, but it is hard now, especially since my working hours went from 9 - 4:30 to 7:30 - 6!

Still trying to catch my breath,
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