Working for the weekend...

First, Betty Rascal says hi.


She just got a haircut, and they left her ears looking a bit like Dumbo, but I think its cute. Plus, I think it hurts her feelings when we call her that, so now we just whisper "the Bo formerly known as Dum" and she is completely clueless. I slay myself with my humor. It just kills me.

Random question...What do you think about partially nude pictures? Always bad, always good, or it depends? The reason I'm asking is that when I was in Captiva, I bought this gorgeous mermaid watercolor. I just loved the colors and interplay of the soft feminine curves of the maid contrasted to the shart contours of the fish. I was thinking of framing it in a thick silver leaf frame and hanging it in the bathroom. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Tomorrow is my last day as a law clerk. Sigh. It has been a pretty good, and very interesting year. If any of you get the opportunity to clerk for a judge after law school, I highly recommend it. It usually has great hours, is fairly low stress (unless, you know, your beloved boss dies or something), and gives you wonderful insight into the mind of judges. Or if not that, at least it helps nervous people (like me) realize that judges are normal people, too, and I think that knowledge alone will help me as I take the next step in my legal profession.

Seriously, I mean what I said about great hours. For one of the few times this year (like 7, maybe??), I am working into the night.

But, it is okay...it is mostly by choice. See, the Knight and I are going to a family reunion this weekend (joy), which means I am going to lose some serious apron sewing time.

pick me! pick me!

Sooo, my goal is to finish the draft I'm working on tonight, so that I can use all day tomorrow to sew. That way, I won't feel so guilty when I'm meeting Aunt Hester and Cousin Eddie for the first time.

Anywho, I wanted to share with you my new hair. If you've been reading this blog for more than a year or so, I think it is pretty evident that when I get my hair cut, I try to get my money's worth. Meaning - I usually do something different every time, not just a little trim trimmeroo. Maybe, when we are completely unpacked, and my office isn't a hodge podge of card tables and hand me downs, I'll get inspired enough to scan some old pictures and give you my "hair history."

I have to say, it has been a wild ride. I've gone super short, long, platinum chunks, Nancy Drew titian orange, and even cranberry red. Four the past four years, I've had my natural color, but my hair has been varying lengths. In the past year, I grew my hair out super long, then chopped it off, grew it out again, and chopped it off AGAIN. If my profession didn't look down on such things, I would totally try either pink and purple streaks or the new "Rhianna" cut.

So, today was time for my 8 week haircut, and I decided that it was time to take the plunge. This time, I didn't chop it off...instead, I exposed my virgin hair to some beautiful caramel and blonde highlights. I love it. My stylist is a genius...I just told her I wanted "sexy lawyer hair" and wanted highlights, and she did the rest. So, what do you think?

Unsuccessfully trying to be fierce lawyer girl.

Happy, friendly Artsy Fartsy!

Just in case you wanted to actually see the highlights, or something.

I like to think I would fit rit in on Boston Legal.

Okay, back to work...got to practice putting in those long hours!
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Update/P.S. I was just doing a search on my blog (yes, I know that doesn't count as working, but it DOES count as procrastinating, which is usually step one of working) and found that my blog is listed as one of the top blogs discussing ways to breakup. http://www.wakeuptoabreakup.tv/Top10-Blogs.html I am very befuddled. How am I on this list? I don't think I've ever talked about breaking up. Perhaps I should...at least then, my inclusion on such list would be a tad more justified. Okay, back to work!


Melissa said...

Holy moly, girl!!! You look FABULOUS! That haircut is perfect for you! So fashionable!

April said...

So cute!

Becky said...

You look H-O-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Artsy Fartsy said...

Hee hee! Thanks, girls!

The Lavender Lily said...

i love the mermaid picture, i don't know if i would even consider that nudity; it's very tasteful :) and i love your new hair, very pretty and professional!

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