On the road again...

Sorry for the recent lack of posting, everyone!

I haven't been working this week, and have been using this time to visit family and friends in McMinnville and Tulsa. I've also been sewing up a storm, trying to get ready for the Cooper Young festival.

The Knight's family reunion was great. Tons of his cousins came, and I got to visit a cemetery where 9 generations of his family have been buried. It sounds morbid, but it was really cool to have a little history lesson on the Knight's heritage.

On Sunday night, I drove to Tulsa to visit my family. I left our house in Memphis pretty late, and was still on the road at 12:45 the next morning. It was very dark, and I was the only one on the turnpike in Oklahoma. For several hours I had been having this weird feeling that something catastrophic was going to happen to me while I was on the road. All of a sudden, I see this light tan dog crossing the road in front of me. The speed limit on the turnpike was 75, and I was probably going about 80. I barely had time to swerve and THUMP! blood splattered all of my windshield.

Oh my.

I have never been so shaken up.

I'm pretty sure I killed an Oklahoman coyote. I didn't go back to confirm, but that's my guess.

Thankfully, I am okay, but Audrey the BMW didn't fare so well. I have no idea how much it is going to cost, but basically a big piece of plastic is missing from the front of my car, and a part of the grill is broken. I am bummed that we have to spend money to fix my cute little car, but at least the damage is relatively small.

Whew! I'm glad to be alive.

I promise to blog more soon...I guess I'm just feeling a little uninspired. I have more news to share, but I can't tell you yet!

Ta ta for now,
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Anonymous said...


My name is Beth Spencer, and I am writing a story about the Cooper Young Festival for the Daily Helmsman. Are you setting up a booth this year? Could you please email me and let me know about it, and please include your full name. My email address is abspencr@memphis.edu


Ellen Hart said...

Sorry to hear about the unlucky coyote! Glad you're safe.

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