In lieu of actually writing anything,

I'll just post picture after gorgeous picture of our vacation! We had so much fun, and it was nice to have a break from our jobs, and yes, even blogging. We did miss Betty Rascal very much, and I am so glad to be back at home so we can have our BR snuggle time (which is pretty much all the time now that I am working at home).

Okay, well maybe just a few words first.

Reasons why I like working at home:
Morning commute from kitchen to office - 1 minute.
Makeup is prohibited at the home office of Artsy Fartsy and Associates.
Can go for a run during lunch and not worry about reapplying makeup for the rest of the day.
Betty Rascal can be my assistant/ foot-warmer/ plate-cleaner.

Reasons why working at home is dangerous for my health:
I sustained a paper cut on my chin today. I was sitting on the couch, and I was trying to balance a brief under my chin while typing. Betty jumped off the couch, almost knocked the laptop off my knees, and then the brief turned on me. I don't know how I ever will survive in an office!

Okay, onto the pictures. I'll try to only put the best ones on here, but if you want to see more, feel free to click here to see all of them on flickr.

Here we go!

Our little road, Laika Lane, leading us to the beach.

Feisty little flamingo!

Beach bums by day 1!

Such a beach babe.

But I like this one even better. :)

The Knight loves taking pictures...can't you tell?

At the Mucky Duck - good food, music, and company.

He asked me to take this picture - so cute!


Captiva at sunset - isn't it just gorgeous?

This is my war wound from the Attack of the Fish. Don't worry - I got a Purple Heart for this one. :)

Another shot - I am such a baby, but it hurt!

Every year I take a picture in the giant chair...it never gets old!

Decadence from the Bubble Room. OMG.

The Knight and his girlie drink (except the thing tasted like it has rocket fuel - wahoo!)

Pontooning it to Cabbage Key - you can only get there by boat, and it is the cutest little island!

They get their water from this water tower.

Cabbage Key restaurant - there are over $70,000 dollar bills taped up in this place. Every year they clean off a couple of the walls and donate the money to charity.

I guess I'll never grow up. Hee hee.

Maggie and me at Cabbage Key.
Cabbage Key from afar.

Magical little greenhouse on the tip of the island - I want to live there.

Safety first!

Walking to dinner (the Knight is on the right, Mr. Biz is on the left)

Mr. Biz, Maggie, and the sweetest niece and nephew I could ever ask for!

The Knight's mommy and daddy...aren't they cute?

Wishing we didn't have to leave...

Captiva - we'll miss you, but hope to see you next year!

Still finding sand in the strangest of places,
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Hodge Podge said...

Your wonderful trip would make me jealous if it wasn't that we are getting ready to leave for the beach, too! Instead you're just making me extra excited!

Jess(ica) said...

I wanna go!!

And your wound looks horrible!! What a crazy fish!

Melissa said...

Oh boy, look at how tan and lovely you look! I haven't been to a beachy area in years. It looks so relaxing! You know, other than fish attacks, of course. :-)

Artsy Fartsy said...

It was so relaxing! I wanna go back right now.

Janet Middlekauff said...

Your trip looked amazing!

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