Anna Maria Horner

is my design idol. For those of you who aren't familiar with her name, she is a designer from Nashville, TN. I find that I am often drawn to southern designers (whether I know if they are Southern or not) because they seem to "get" colors and themes that southern women crave and relate to. Although the South is often stereotyped as backward and ignorant...its nice to have the South represented by designers who are as capable as Anna Maria.

Anywho, Anna Maria is best known for her gaw-gee-ous fabrics, but she does a lot of other stuff to. She has a great blog, and is very generous with the details of her craft and her day-to-day life.

I subscribe to her blog on my Google reader, and today I was captivated by a painting which I'm guessing is in her kitchen.

A few more clicks, and I stumbled upon her flickr page and this magical set entitled "Happy Home." I am in love. I love her decorating style - eclectic, rustic, but still very very hip.

Please go look at this set immediately. You will not be disappointed...I'm warning you, though - after you see these pictures, you will probably want to completely redecorate. Don't surprised if pictures of my home start looking suspiciously like hers. :)

Lusting over those Grecian blue painted french doors,
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Kelli said...

Thanks for saying I'm hip. I try :) But you have AMAZING interior decorator skills. I envy it. Maybe you picked the wrong career?

Kelli said...

Oh, I just updated the music on my page... And those beach pictures do look relaxing!

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