Should these be saved?

The curb "finds" that I have found so far have created a burning addiction for me...an addiction to finding free stuff. I now daily check the free section of Craigslist and get all the Memphis Freecycle emails. Most of the stuff is junk or just stuff I don't need, but occasionally, something will come along that piques my interest.

For example, last week, a lady posted an offer on Freecycle for two matching brass table lamps. "Lamps! Matching! Table! What a rarity to find matching lamps!" I thought to myself.

I confirmed with the lady that I would be right over to pick them up, and she warned me that they were quite ugly. "Ahh" I though to myself "A little spray paint, and I'm sure these ugly lamps will be most beautimus."

Well, I picked them up, and I have to say...I kind of agree with the lady. I can't decide if they are truly ugly or just unique - oh, and please pardon the dust...haven't had a chance to clean them off yet!

We need lamps in our office (they are so expensive, and we have so few), and I kind of like the "urn" look.

Plus, the fact that they look like little kegs is quite intriguing. If only they were functional, working in my office would be a lot more fun. :)

What do you think? Keep or toss? And if I keep, what do I do to improve their look? Please weigh in - I could really use some help.

Here's to well-lit kegstands!

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five dot design said...

i think they would be awesome painted a high high gloss bold accent color- or even white or black. just coat the spit out of them in high gloss! they were free- what's the worst that could happen? they look uglier? don't know that's possible. ;-)

The Lavender Lily said...

I don't have a new suggestion, but I think you should definitely paint it a fun bright color...especially if it is for your office (since I think the walls in your office don't have much color?). I agree with the comment above...what's the worst that could happen, esp since they were free? Do you have lampshades? That could be a fun project, too! Good luck, I hope you post pictures of it all!

The Penny Lane Blog said...

haha- what the heck is with the tap on the lamp?? i have never seen such a thing. i say keep 'em. maybe try a coat of paint. paint fixes everything. :)

LyndsAU said...

Paint these babies and put some cute shades on them and you will have unique FREE lamps :) Good luck-I wanna see the finished project :)

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