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Okay, so I don't know if it is my recent obsession with the AMC "Mad Men" Series (saw the first season marathon last Sunday, and am hooked) or my recent vintage finds, but I am ALL about the fifties and sixties swank, lately.

You know what I mean... The Jetsons meets Leave It To Beaver meets Hollywood Regency.

I have always been drawn to the fashion from those eras, as well as the decor. Thankfully, objects from those eras are pretty easy to find, and the clean lines of most pieces make it simple to incorporate in today's design.

I don't typically do "theme" posts for my Currently Coveting posts, but this week I couldn't resist. AND might I say that most of the finds came from my favorite...etsy. I'm telling you, Etsy has even replaced eBay for me (for most things).

Here we gooooo!

Okay, this is the first thing I stumbled across, and it really started the whole hunt. I don't exactly know what this was used for (I'm thinking coffee?), but it is all kinds of awesome.

12 clams for this beaut - I think it would make the perfect housewarming gift for that debonair bachelor who just got a new apartment/house, no?

In keeping with the "things the pour stuff" category, this adorable argyle pitcher ($27) screams swank. If I already didn't have like 6 pitchers, it would so be on my way to my house right now. But I do have 6 pitchers, so it is yours for the taking!

Basically, I throwing you a swanky 60's swinging cocktail party. You've got the coffee for the DDs, the pitcher of margaritas/mint juleps, and now all you need is the appropriate bar ware. Don't worry, my dashing friend! I won't leave you hangin'. All you need is this fabulous, and I do mean fabulous, set of Eames wineglasses and matching carafe. $40 bucks will bring you the 6 wineglasses, the carafe, and the stand. Not a bad price, especially when you consider how cool that smoky glass is.

So, you've got the drinks covered, but what about snacks? This darling little bowl ($4!) goes perfectly with the coffee thing mentioned first, and would be perfect for nuts, pretzels, or even hummus!

Wanna serve more than nuts? How about these two cool Mosaic platters ($15 for the pair)? They are prolly a little more 70s than 60s, but I think the orange, gold, and blues in the tiles would tie in perfectly with the rest of the pieces, and they are both just really cool platters. So there. Please buy it before I do.

Now, everyone knows you can't have a proper party without excellent lighting. I SWEAR I saw these exact lamps on Don Draper's desk in one of those Mad Men episodes, so I know that I am right on with this one. $50 for this double-headed, oh-so-sexy lamp.

Need a little more "mood" lighting? I think these Danish modern candlesticks would be perfect ($34.50).

So, your guests are drinking, and eating, and are perfectly lit (someone's getting lucky tonight!), but where will they sit? How will your single cousin and your hubby's work colleague ever hit it off if they don't have a place to sit and chat about your cousin's recent trip to Prague? Well, don't worry, I have it all figured out.

First, these chairs are incredible. And only $75 for the pair. Can't you just picture them recovered in some stylish modern fabric?

If your little get-together has more than, say, two people, you might want to have more seating. If so, this dandy sectional would be swell.

So, maybe you aren't into partying, but you are into decorating. Two more finds for you, my friend. First, this darling little kitty is purr-fect for any mod fashionistas home...even if you do have allergies.

Second, these magenta barkcloth panels are just lovely. Can't you picture them in a room of charcoal, light gray, and touches of magenta and silver? At $28.50 a panel, they are way cheaper than most curtains, and so much cooler.

Well, that's all for this week. If you were disappointed with my finds, don't worry, I'll be back to my normal hodgepodge of fun finds. But let me know if you did like the theme idea, because I have to admit...it was fun for me!

Oh, and thanks to everyone for their happy comments about our anniversary. We had a wonderful day, and I'm already looking forward to the next one. In true form, the Knight and I celebrated our anniversary by eating breakfast at IHOP, and then that night, watching John Adams (another fabulous miniseries) on DVD. I know, I know...aren't we glam? But, in our defense, we just bought a house AND we are going on vaca in one week, so we were trying to save our pennies. Besides, its not what you do, but who you are with, right? Right.

Okay, well, I'm off to do some more work and get ready for yet another set of company this weekend. Sheesh. I love our friends, but I have to admit...I am looking forward to a weekend alone. Of course, then I'll be lonely and start whining about how I miss our friends!

Fresh towels and chocolates on your pillows kisses,

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Anastasia said...

If I ever get a real job and can afford a house, you might have to make a trip a few states over and be my decorator.

lara said...

I'm sure it will look great all together :)!

Marissa said...

Hi! I so don't know you, but I do know Jess(ica) through my sister, so I'm not a completely random blog-stalker! I am SO glad to hear someone else loves Mad Men as much as I do. It is just too cool not to watch. Your blog is super-fun and inspires me to make my house look much cuter than it currently does. :)

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