1/2 way there.

Hope you guys are all having a happy Tuesday. I'm feeling a little discombobulated and crazy-crazy pants, but for me that's normal, so I'm good, too.

So so glad everyone liked the announcements. I'm loving them, and loving my family calling and saying "did you notice that the dog on your announcements looks like Betty Rascal?" Really? I had NO idea. Does my own family even know me?

In other news, it is so good to see that Operation Nice is going swimmingly well in bloggyland. I've already seen two friends (one from the blogosphere and one from college) featured on there with their NICE stories. Applauding your efforts, Mel! Still trying to incorporate niceness into my life everyday. I mean, I already hope I come across as nice, but I'm always wanting to be better. Plus, I've been in a bit of a grumble-funk lately, and snarkiness doesn't suit chubby people (i.e., ME). Better to be fat and happy, I always say.

Maybe my apparent bad mood is coming from my work environment? As of last week, I started working from home. After my previous boss passed away, the new boss got appointed to the job. He's great, but he also lives 75 miles away. With these gas prices, a daily commute like that was a big, over the top, obvious "Uh, NO", so after stomping my foot and snarling like a banshee (or more likely, smiling sweetly and patiently waiting), I have my own state-issued laptop and I am sitting in my office. At my house. The office can barely be called that right now - it the last room to ever be furnished and the only room that is still crammed full with boxes.

Clearly, I have designed this room with great care and precision - make it as ugly as I possibly can, if only to motivate me to work harder and faster, thus getting me out of the office more quickly.
So far, its not really working.

I dunno - offices stump me. Give me a dining room, a bedroom, even a craft room, and I'm at your service - using my design superpowers, pointing my superpower forefinger - Zap! A button tufted ottoman! Pow! A mid-century modern buffet! Bing! The perfect rug - soft, colorful, and luxurious. Then, I come into our office, and I crumble to the floor. Apparently, the office is my kryptonite.

(I must digress momentarily. Please do not think that I fancy myself an interior designer. I just mean to say that the other rooms in our house do not intimidate me like the office.)

Maybe its the size of our office? I think its like 15 x 20. Or maybe it is the fact that we have absolutely NO furniture in here...so there's really nothing to start from. Or maybe its the fact that the Knight has "claimed" this room as his, which means that there is a distinct possibility of some sort of dead animal will be on the wall at some point. Ugh. I'm voting for a pink sequined unicorn, but something tells me that will never happen.

Yeah, so the office. It is where I work, and it is ugly. Moving on.

One place that does conjure up all kinds of sparkly joy and butterfly kisses is my craft room. It is all girl, all the time. Minus the boobies. For a while, it has been somewhat set up, but like every other room in the house, it has remained boring beige. Really - who decided beige is the color most pleasing to potential buyers? Why not lemon chiffon? Or lavender? It boggles the mind.

Anywho, for my craft room, I wanted the room to be swathed in the perfect color. Something refreshing. Inspiring. Rejuvenating. Something that summons up memories of places I love (the beach) and places I dream of visiting (Greece). After staring at one particular paint chip for 4 weeks, I decided I was ready. It was time.

Finally, I gathered up the courage to dive in to the land of paint, and marched to our local Hope Depot. I carefully selected dropcloths, painter's tape, rollers, and edgers, and then headed to ZION, er, I mean that paint mixing station. I handed the lady my swatch with such pride, you would have thought I was showing her my Nobel Peace Prize. Or an Emmy. Or maybe an Emmy for my dramatic TV performance of a person who wins a Nobel Peace Prize. There I go again with the crazy crazy. After a little (okay, fine, there was NONE) fanfare, she handed me my two gallons of paint. Two gallons of destiny.

The color? Blue Heaven. Doesn't that just sound...heavenly?

I painted and painted and painted some more. At first I was afraid it was going to scream baby boy nursery, but after the paint dried and the tape came off the walls, I was in love. Before, the Craft Haven of Artsy Fartsy looked like this:

But now? Now, it shouts HAPPY! INTERESTING! BOLD! It shouts these things quite loudly, considering that the rest of the house is still entirely boring beige. You nonconformist, you. Tsk, tsk.

(Craft Haven to Craft HEAVEN)

(this area still needs work. I'm taking out the filing cabinet (yes, the one I found on the street) and moving it to the office. In its stead, the Knight is going to build me a counter height cutting table with storage below and shelving above. Can't wait for that beauty. That crazy bar thing is leftover from my Wal-Mart sample girl days. It's a little weird, but perfect height for storing paints and brushes when painting on my easel (not pictured here).)

(Shoe organizers are great for all that crumbly craft stuff!)

A few of my favorite things:

(Remember that pink thing I got from the thrift store? I think it will live on this chair. And what do you think of this fabric draped on the pillow? It was the inspiration for the room.)

(gonna paint that lamp high gloss white. yet another project on the list. See that clock? It was a wedding present we finally can use!)

(Finally, the blue linen scalloped thingie has a home. Under a mountain of wonderful, inspirational books - doesn't this just make you smile?)

(Ribbons...SALUTE! Found this crazy thing in our attic. Apparently the people who lived here before us were patriots. I'm thinking of painting it high gloss pink. What do you think?)

Okay, so I know this is the post that never ends. It just keeps on and on my friends. Some crazy lady starting writing it not knowing what it was, and she'll continue writing it forever just because it is the blog that never ends....

Seriously, I have just 2 more things to show you. One: I hit the thrift stores one more time. I cannot get enough of Leo's. Real quicklikethis are some more *finds*

Neat botanical print pillow - in perfect condition and no grandma smell. $1

The back is covered in mint condition green velvet.

Doesn't it look perfect on my antique "lady" chair?

Seafoam blue shell lamp. Maybe from the '50s? I love this lamp so much, I almost get teary. $7

Daisy yellow tray. Don't know where this will go, but it just makes me smile. Tea biscuits, anyone? $1

I also got an awesome wooden salad bowl for $4, but forgot to take pictures. Total spent? $13.

Also, because burial without recognition isn't proper in our society, I have to give the eulogy for my coffeepot. I bought her 6 years ago at another thrift store for 5 bucks. Her name, Coffeepot. Coffeepot gave me life in the morning, and hot water for mint tea at night. She was faithful despite several moves and even more dishwashing cycles. Last Thursday I awoke to find that Coffeepot was with us no more. Sure, her body was still there, but her soul had gone on to coffeepot heaven. Her clock was still working, but she had no more percolating to give.

And so, I say - Farewell to you, sweet Coffeepot. You have been with me through the end of college. My first big girl job. My planning a wedding. Getting married. Moving to Knoxville. We spent A LOT of time together in law school. In the last year, I have neglected you, and I regret that. But it wasn't you, it was me. My laziness caused me to forget about you when I was dazzled by the free coffee made by someone else at work. I'm sorry that our last few days together weren't more momentous. You have been there for me, and you will certainly be missed.

Please don't be jealous that you were so quickly replaced by the shiny, stainless steel, fancy functions new coffeepot, Java. Since I've been working at home, no one was there to make coffee for me, and I needed her. But she will never be you.

She might be hipper and sleeker. And she might match the new microwave,

but do not fret. You will always be my first.

Goodbye, dear Coffeepot. Goodbye.

Skinny vanilla hazelnut latte kisses,

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Joseph said...

i may have a spare deer mount i can lend to the Knight.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Oh, deer...

Anastasia said...

The blue is gorgeous! And totally makes me feel whiny about the beige in my rent house. I wonder if after the bar, my landlord might let me do a little painting of my own. I mean, I wasn't supposed to have a dog and she let me do that. Maybe?

Melissa said...

Thanks for sending all your blog friends to my new blog, haha!

Oh my gosh, that blue is amazing! It's so happy and vibrant and I just want to sit in that room and let it surround me! And it looks wonderful with your floors. I'm so jealous of your floors!

The Penny Lane Blog said...

haha- your blog posts always make me laugh. i love how you named your coffeepot...coffeepot. so very creative. i LOVE your craft room- it is... so...BLUEtiful. ;)

Artsy Fartsy said...

Thanks girls! I'm so glad you all like it. Please feel free to drop by anytime! I think the blue isn't quite as intense in person as it is in the photos, but it really is a wonderful color to be wrapped up in.

And, Mel...I finally am dropping your little surprise in the mail TODAY! I'm hoping you love it!

The Lavender Lily said...

I love that you can get inspiration from a piece of fabric. I am not so lucky. But I love the blue for your crafts room...it makes me want to be craftsy! And I agree with you about decorating offices...blah. My sister painted her office a nice gray color, and it is actually really pretty and soothing. She has a great eye for design and color, too. Good luck!

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