Plans for the den

Although the Knight and I have an exhorbitant list of things we MUST purchase soon after moving into the house, in the near (far?) future, we want to redecorate the den/family room.

This is the furniture we have now:

This is our new den:

The Knight is going to take down the wimpy bookshelves (hello, craft room!) that are currently on each side of the fireplace, and build floor-to-ceiling ones with lots of pretty trim (he is quite handy with the wood and saw). I have been playing around with the BHG's "Color a Room" and have decided that we'll keep the taupe color on all of the walls except for the focal wall. That wall, my dear friends, is going to be painted a beautiful, mature, zesty orange. You are probably thinking that we are crazy, but I'm thinking it will be fun, warm, with a hip twist on the ever popular red family room.

Go here to see a mockup of orange walls behind crisp white bookshelves. I so wish I knew how to copy and paste these pictures onto the actual post, but I have no clue how to copy "active" pictures. Here is another color scheme I created for the room with orange as an accent, rather than a major theme, but I just think it reminds me too much of my parents' house. I want something young and fun for this room.

While I really like our current furniture, it just is too formal for the space. Plus, the couch isn't quite as comfy as we had hoped. It's pretty soft, and Betty's paws have really, um, "broken in" the chenille cushions. So, we are thinking that our current furniture can either go in the office, or in a sitting room at the front of house.

In their stead, I present this beautiful sectional from Room & Board. I believe it just has my name on it. I love the upholstered buttons and the clean, low profile. I realize that it looks eerily similar to the couch we have now, but it is different, I promise.

I would get it covered in the Dorien Mocha (the darkest brown color) or a nice deep chocolate leather. For the requisite "occasional chair", I pick this chair from Anthropologie. Its pretty expensive, but it is so beautiful and funky, I just won't even look at the price tag.

Pardon my rudimentary toying with Microsoft Paint, but I imagine the room would look something like this:

So, any ideas or other furniture we should be looking at? Please, comment away!

Paint covered kisses,
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P.S. I also played with the kitchen/breakfast room color scheme. Go here for the kitchen and here for the breakfast room. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Love the orange wall with the white shelves, and specially love the orange chair. One thing I wonder about is will you get tired of the orange chair? Is it better to buy neutral furniture and pop it with wild accessories-pillows, art, etc? That way you can change things out when you get tired of them. That being said, I have some patterns/colors I have used for a while, and I still love them. Just wanted to offer something for thought.
Love your blog-you are so funny.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Anonymous, you make a good point about the print of the chair. I really like having a print going with a solid (like the dark brown/leather of the sofa), but I guess I could do 1 of two things. First, I can wait (okay, I HAVE to wait) to buy the chair. If I still love it in, say, 6 months, after shopping around, then I think its fair to say that I love it and won't grow tired of it quickly.

Second, I can always buy a 2ndhand armchair that has similar funky lines of that Anthro chair, and get it recovered. Although I might not be able to find the exact fabric, I know I've seen some that are pretty similar at my local Hancocks. Every now and then they have big sales on their decorator upholstery fabrics, and I have a good (and reasonable) upholsterer that I could use.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I really like green kitchens! Will you please come to Franklin and help me with our new house too?


Artsy Fartsy said...

Jenn, of course I'll be happy to help! When do you two close?

Anonymous said...

7/31/08...I need to send you pictures so you can do mock-ups for us!


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