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So, I went to see the dining room set I was telling you about. I was very excited b/c a) the set was from PB, and I always like their stuff, b) the set was dark wood and had cushions - so lots of room for decorating flexibility and upholstery recovering, and c) the set was CHEAP - $500, to be exact.

Plus, the lady was so cute on the phone, I just knew it was going to the "the one" for us. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The wood was banged up pretty badly on one side of the table, and the color of the wood was lighter and redder than the pictures indicated. So sad. And I felt bad, because she, her husband, and 4 young'uns were so cute - they were selling their house and furniture to go be missionaries. BTW, because I am a nosy stalker, I looked up their house's listing price (since it is for sale, and all). $364,900! Either they are making a huge lifestyle change, or being a missionary is way more lucrative that I ever dreamed. Sheesh!

Anywho, the hunt for a breakfast room table and chairs is still on. I am very torn about the path to take on this matter. Do I want something classic, fun, or vintage. Or can I find all those characteristics in one set?

Although our breakfast room is pretty large, we have to remember that there are three pass-throughs in that room - B'fast room to Den, B'fast room to Kitchen, and Kitchen to Den.

Accordingly, a simple square or round table that seats 4 is what we need. It would be nice if the table expanded to seat 6, if necessary, but we don't the table to seat 6 all the time.

We are going to paint the kitchen and breakfast room a kind of pear/granny smith green. Something like this, but maybe a tad less bright.

The kitchen has dark cabinets with reddish undertones, and right now the rooms are painted taupe (like every other room in the house) :(. I think the green will really cheer things up in there!

I really like the giraffe print scoopback chair from West Elm ($349 for 4, no add'l shipping) paired with West Elm's Butterfly Square table ($449 + 65 extra shipping).

I also love these retro metal chairs from Pottery Barn ($749 for four, plus $40 add'l shipping). Unfortunately, they are sold out of the gunmetal, which is what I would have chosen. :( I like the other colors, but I think the gunmetal would really mesh well with the West elm table and stainless steel appliances. Plus, it would add a little industrial edge to the room.

Then, I was looking at American Signature, and found this nice little set...for only $699.99, mind you. What a deal! Speaking of sets, World Market has one that just might be the ticket for us: Modern square dark wood table with butterfly leaf ($249.99 plus $55 shipping) and loft chairs ($138 for two, plus $ add'l shipping. Does anyone know about the quality of Rooms To Go? Their prices are cheap, but not dirt cheap. The reason I'm wondering is that the Knight really likes the "pub height" table and chairs, and although I generally don't care for them, this one is pretty cute - plus, at $1,059.99 for the table and 6 stools, it seems pretty reasonable.

Of course, I also have always adored the "retro vinyl" look, and these chairs would be so cute, too! At $200 a pop, they are as expensive as the PB metal chairs, but they have so much character!
So, tell me...what do you think? Which style and set (or mix and match) do you like best? Decisions, decisions!

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The Penny Lane Blog said...

A friend of mine has that exact set from Rooms to go and it is actually really pretty! And it looks expensive. :) My vote- stay as classic as you can on furniture. That way it never goes out of style! ;)

Anastasia said...

If you decide you really like the chrome sets, look around as there is a wide range of prices. Where I live, you can buy them on the side of the road sometimes for a few hundred bucks. With a quick search for chrome dinettes, I found this one for $350 total. It's basic, but the idea is you can probably find something decent in whatever price range you're looking.


Artsy Fartsy said...

Good suggestions, Ana and Lily. I am still very torn. I'm thinking I'm also going to hit some antique stores and see what's out there. My problem is that I just like so much stuff. I swear I could decorate my entire home in only dining room furniture. At least then I would an excuse to have about 15 different sets of dishes!

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