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So, closing went fairly well. I can only say fairly well, because we still don't officially own the house yet. The sellers bought the house for cheap, but borrowed a lot more on the house than the contract price. I think I told you that they bought it to flip it and stopped midway. They actually borrowed more money on the house than we are paying. I don't think they spent all the money they borrowed on the house, but they also had to pay our closing costs and both realtor fees (which totals about $20,000).

They were scheduled to close at 10 a.m. and then wire the amount to our closing attorney, but they closed later than they were scheduled, didn't get the $$ wired in time, so today they are supposed to bring a cashier's check for their amount. Although the closing attorney said that this stuff is normal and happens all the time, I am justifiably stressed and mad. Way to F one more thing up for us, right? Anywho, after our closing attorney (who, by the way, was the cutest old man I have ever seen. Think the cute dad on Frasier) gets their check, we officially OWN it!

Despite our lack of complete ownership, the Knight, his sweet cousin, JB, and I went ahead and cleaned the house and mowed last night. I just wanted to get as much done so that when the fam (we have a ton of people coming from Nashville to help move tomorrow) gets here, it is all pretty and clean! I'm so excited!

One thing though - this house is big. It took FOR-EVAH to vacuum the house. I am so going to have to hire a cleaning lady.

In other news, Sweet Melissa over at Melissa's Yabberings tagged me for this meme that has been going 'round the blogosphere. I was so tickled to be asked, I started answering the questions right away. Thanks, Mel!

Okay, here goes:

1) What was I doing 10 years ago? June 19, 1998? I was 17. 10 years ago was the summer before my senior year of high school - I was probably either hanging out with friends, working out like a banshee (I was a little obsessed back then), sneaking out of my house to go see my (then) boyfriend, or working at Stein-Mart in the boutique department. Wow, it is amazing how much has changed in the last 10 years. Since then, I've graduated high school, college, and law school. Got married. Got a dog. Passed the bar. Almost bought a house. Made countless mistakes and several dear friends. Life has been good, and I am blessed.

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today? Finish the opinion draft I'm working on. Make arrangements for the delivery of the washer and dryer we bought off of Craigslist. Finish packing. Pick up the Knight's parents at the airport. Make sure that the hotel room we booked for Maggie and Mr. Biz and kids (the Knight's sister and her husband) is acceptable.

3) Snacks I enjoy: Cheetos. Fruit salad. And wine. I don't know if that last one counts as a true "snack" but it should. I mean, isn't that what those little 4 pack bottles are for?

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Of course, I would pay off our and all of our immediate families' debt. (snore - such an obvious and boring one). Go on a wild, ridiculous shopping spree with my girlfriends. Thinking champagne, diamonds, and designer duds. Buy us a little airplane. Travel the world. Do research on charities, and make hefty donations to ones that are working to find cures for COPD (what my grandpa has), all kinds of cancer, and charities that are helping persecuted Christians in other countries. I also think that we would keep our house, but make all kinds of fabulous renovations. The Knight has always said that he would keep his job. I'm not so sure about mine. I don't think I would stop working, but maybe I would open a cute florist/garden center/gift shop in Arlington or Lakeland and call it Curtsies. Okay, I could go on and on. But those are the first things I would do!

5) Places I have lived:
Jackson, Mississippi
Columbus, Ohio
Goodlettsville, Tennessee
White House, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Knoxville, Tennessee
McMinnville, Tennessee
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Memphis, Tennessee

Whew! That is a lot of moving! Also, please note that all the places from White House to Memphis are moves I made in the last 9 years. I am a PRO at packing.

6) Jobs I have had:
Cashier - McDonald's
Boutique - Steinmart
Cashier - two different Christian bookstores
Receptionist - Psychiatrist's office, law firm
Nanny - for a single mom, and at a big daycare
Waitress - for one month at a country club...I was the worst waitress EVER.
Product Consultant - Franklin Covey (planner or Palm Pilot, anyone?)
Sample girl - Kroger and Wal-mart
Secretary - for a solo practitioner - entertainment law (my favorite job so far)
Research assistant - for two law school professors, one was a former TN Supreme Court judge and one is a huge law blogger.
Law clerk - at 3 law firms
Appellate Court law clerk/staff attorney - currently

I have had a job almost always since I was 15. I need a vaca.

7) Bloggers I am tagging who you will enjoy getting to know better:
Hmm, I tag Jess(ica), Becky, Marina, and Lily, but if you have already been tagged for this one before, please don't feel like you have to post again!

Cardboard boxes and sweaty moving kisses!
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Melissa said...

Oh goodness! I can't believe that there was an issue!! Well, yes I can, but I was really wishing that you would have no snags. Hopefully everything will be taken care of asap.

I would like to go to Curtsies one day. I hope you hit the big jackpot!

Becky said...

Loved your mememememe list! I will get on mine right away! Congrats on the house, and coming from a previous real estate agent, the $$ thing does happen too often, but it usually all gets worked out and you will be closed soon!!!! :)

ashleystravel said...

Ugh! Must be frustrating, but you are at the finish line. Have a great weekend.

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