So, after all my worrying, stressing, and cuticle picking, the sellers finally came through with the money around 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

From that point on, it was a whirlwind. The Knight picked his parents up at the airport, and as soon as I got home from work, we zoomed over to the new house so they could have a tour. We broke out the champagne, and the Knight's dad said a prayer for us, our future, and the house. His prayer was so sweet that, by the time he was finished, all four of us had tears in our eyes.

Later that night, the Knight's sister (Maggie) and her family arrived, and the 8 of us, plus two more cousins and a spouse all had a wonderful feast at Central BBQ. It was a wonderful evening...the Knight and I were still on a high from finally knowing that the house was ours, and it was so great to have all the family in our neck of the woods for a change. Perfect BBQ afterglow.

Saturday morning, and the Knight and I sleep through the alarm (perhaps too much champagne?), and run around completely disoriented for a few minutes. He was supposed to go pick up the truck and the fridge, and I was supposed to take Betty to Midtown so Jess(ica) could watch her. Everyone was set to arrive soon, and parts of the apartment still were a little unpacked. Finally, we got our bearings and headed off in separate directions. All of the people who had offered to help started showing up and things just started falling into place. The rest of the day is a hazy whirlwind, but suffice it to say, we got everything moved from our apartment to the house in two trips, the apartment is now completely empty (and clean - thanks to the Knight's mom and Maggie), and all of the appliances we bought from people on Craigslist arrived as promised and in working order.

Ended the day with a family meal at a local Mexican restaurant. We were all pretty grubby, but no one seemed to mind. I guess we were all so tickled that we were done moving, and could enjoy the rest of the day just being together. Fell asleep that night in our new, spacious bedroom. I was completely exhausted and thrilled with the day. So much love and fun in one day...and to think, some people hate moving. :)

Sunday morning, everyone congregated at our house (isn't that fun to say?), and we headed to church. The Knight and I think that we may have finally found a church we are interested in committing to...it took us too long, but so glad we may have finally found a place. This church is a former Church of Christ church that is now truly nondenominational. The preacher is a guy who is just a few years older than me and actually went to my college. At first, I had a hard time listening to someone preach on a regular basis who is just a smidge older than me, but once I got past his age, I felt that his message each week was so relevant and inspiring. Plus, this church has an incredible "young marrieds/singles" group, and they have just included us in such a kind, easy, no weirdness way. Finding a church and making good friends at that church is something that I have been praying for for a while, and this place just kind of fell into our lap.

Anywho, we ate out for lunch (hello! need to unpack the kitchen) and then the Knight's mom suggested that she and I go look at breakfast room furniture. Needless to say, I was easily persuaded, and found even more tantalizing options for our breakfast room. How will I ever make a decision?

At the end of the day, everyone left, and for the first time the Knight and I were all alone in our new home. We tidied up the yard, unpacked the kitchen, and soaked in what we hope to be the first of many lazy Sunday evenings at our new house.

It is amazing how fast we went from here (making the offer), to here (closing),

to here (home ownership)! We did it!

In other news, I have finally made a decision on the breakfast room furniture. The total package is pricier than what I was initially considering, but after seeing some of the options I blogged about in person, I decided they weren't for me. Some were too small. Others were cheap looking. My final decision? The west elm expandable table with 6 circle cutout chairs - 2 in the armchair style and 4 in the side chair style. I also ordered the cushions in the flax/linen color.

I think the set will fit nicely in the breakfast room, and still allow "flow" to the other rooms in the house. Delivery is supposed to be in 5 business days....it can't come fast enough!

Well, back to unpacking!

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The Penny Lane Blog said...

That is so exciting!! Congrats. And...shame on you for picking your cuticles. Haven't you read my blog post on that? ;) haha. I can't wait to see some pics of the house all decorated!

Jess(ica) said...

Yay!! Cute breakfast table! I didn't realize which one you were talking about. I like it! Can't wait to see it in the house!

Daisy said...

Just want you to know that I couldn't sign on to pandora.com today for whatever reason and I decided just to turn on your blog for some music... that's how cool you are :)

Melissa said...

First of all, congratulations!!! That is so exciting! I'm one of those folks who HATES moving, but maybe that's because our family and friends avoided us for the weeks around our move, fully knowing that we needed the help. How selfish, right? Next time, we're getting movers!

Secondly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the table! I am so West Elm obsessed right now. And those chairs are super cute! Can't wait to see it all set up!

Artsy Fartsy said...

I'm so glad everyone likes the table! I'll post pics as soon as it is set up!

Anonymous said...

yay! so happy for you guys! love the pics. and i know i've said this before, but it's pretty cool that you know exactly what the knight is going to look like in 25-30 years!


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