Friday Four

Two Fridays ago, I posted this "Currently Coveting" post sharing with you some internet eye candy that I was drooling over. This is helpful to me, because I can go back a few weeks or months, and see if I still really like whatever I was "currently coveting" at that moment. That's usually how I gauge if I'm going to buy it or not. Do I still like it one month later (for small purchases) or 3-6 months later (like the Anthro chair I discussed in the previous post). You might find this hard to believe, but I'm really not much of an impulsive shopper. The Knight and I have been penny-pinchers for so long - either b/c we were incredibly poor or because we were saving for something or other. Amazingly, the penny-pinching has started to rub off of me, and has actually, gasp, become a habit. I know...cuh-razy, huh?

I really liked the idea of doing this at least bi-weekly, and Fridays seem to be a good day to present my latest finds. For most people, Friday is payday, its the start of a wonderful weekend, and for many, it is also the day before most people head to the farmer's market, the mall or Best Buy. So, to get the weekend spending fever started, I present you with this Friday's list of things I'm wistfully dreaming of:

Orb Birdhouse ($19, plus shipping): Saw this on Making It Lovely's "wist" list in red, and had to have it. Both of our sets of parents have great birdwatching settings, and I can't wait to have a place of our own to drink coffee on a lazy Saturday morning, and watch the birds and the squirrels fight over the birdfeeder.

Goa Rug ($450 for a 5'x8'): If I remember correctly, this rug used to be carried by Storehouse Furniture before it went out of business. I think then it was called Professor O'Leary's Rug, and though I have searched for it many times since Storehouse went out of biz, I turned up empty. Until, like, two days ago! I don't even remember how I found it...I think I was searching for modern furniture, and it just popped up. I think this is such a cool, fun rug and would go great in a guest bedroom, a child's bedroom, and if I dare, my craft room. It brings in all the colors I love and am repeatedly drawn to. Plus, I have loved this rug for at least two years, so I think its safe to say that I'll enjoy it for quite a while.

Spring Green Outdoor Tablecloth ($27.76 - Scandinaviadesigncenter.com): I love, love, LOVE this tablecloth. Of course, I could also see this repurposed as upholstery for an outdoor settee, as curtains (or even a shower curtain?) in a crisp room with white, chocolate, and lime decor, and even stretched onto canvas (or just hung, for that matter) for an awesome wall covering...especially if you have 2 story ceilings. It just says "Welcome, Summer!" and makes me wish I worked at a garden center, botanical garden, or some other outdoor place.

Finally, you know me and my Etsy prints. They are like candy, and I just can't get enough of them. I haven't bought many...yet, but as soon as we are all moved in that house, I'm so going on an Etsy Print purchasing frenzy. For some reason, I've been on an urban kick lately, and these two prints fit right in.
LabPartner's San Francisco Print ($35; signed)

Matte Art's large NYC Print ($60; signed)

If the above two prints set the stage for an urban, cityscape fashion show, then the following two can be the supermodels. I adore fashion prints, and these two would look so cute in a bathroom or dressing room...or laundry room, office, craft room...basically any place in the house.
Laura Su Girl II Print ($20)
Belle and Boo Joy White Postcard ($3.50) (she does some of the sweetest, most innocent children's prints. If a little Artsy Fartsy ever does come along, I will definitely turn to this shop for some oh-so-presh art for the nursery).

Okay, well that's my list for this week. I hope you enjoyed my splurges, and find some treasures this weekend of your own - whether they are from a yard sale, flea market, or an old, but newly discovered summery shirt just waiting to be shown off!

Have a great weekend,
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Anonymous said...

Love all of this! E, you are much too creative and cool to be a lawyer...


Becky said...

Just had to tell you that I LOVE reading your blog... you crack me up and are so creative!!! I love your style, and am totally on board with you with Miley Cyrus' room by the way... L-O-V-E it!!!! :) Happy Shopping!

Jess(ica) said...

I LOVE that table cloth. There is some crazy table cloth love going on over here. And its so cheap! Comparatively speaking.

Artsy Fartsy said...

Becky! I'm so glad you like my blog! Your baby is the cutest thing I have ever seen...is she really that smiling ALL the time? If she's anything like you, she is going to grow up to the sweetest, warmest person in all of St. Louis!

JGR, you send me stuff right away, and I will totally help you.

Jess, that table cloth is incredible, but I am sad to say that it isn't quite as cheap as I originally thought. Apparently, it is 27.76 per meter. But it is truly beautiful...I guess I'm going to have to master the metric system if I'm going to start coveting European designs!

Melissa said...

Aww man, I want that birdhouse so badly. But I don't have a yard or trees or anything! I'd have to get a pole and stick it next to my patio or something. That's not nearly as fun.

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