Just kidding.

Okay, so obviously my lame April Fool's day trick didn't fool anybody. But I had to do something. Can't let April Fool's pass without some sort of little prank, right? I thought of rigging a pregnancy test and leaving on the counter with a note for the Knight that simply read "apparently, there is a bun in the oven." But, I decided not to tempt fate (plus, pregnancy tests are expensive!).

Okay, as promised, here are pictures from the party. They didn't turn out quite as nice as I wanted them to, but at least you can see what I had been planning for the past month.

Okay, here is the picture of the wine/cheese fondue table. This was before the party, and we hadn't put all the food and wine out, but at least you get an idea. Also, you can see some of the puffs I made to hang from the ceiling. They look hard, but were incredibly easy...they really added some color up high, since I have apartment white walls. All you need is 8 sheets of tissue paper and some wire, and you have instant cute.

Another shot of the table. This sweet Asian inspired tablecloth was two dollars at a yard sale. Jessica and I had originally planned to use it to make some vintage-inspired aprons, but after we couldn't get the stains out, its just hung out at my apartment. I was so glad we could put it to use!
Let's get this party started!
Here are the place settings. The table squares are really dinner napkins purchased on clearance at Steinmart. I got 6 total, but three of each pattern. I really like the color scheme, so I should be able to use them again! For the place settings, I used white porcelain plates topped with green and purple polka dot napkins. I tied a purple bow around each fondue stick, but wouldn't suggest this to anyone. The ribbon kept getting chocolate and cheese on it, and got everyone's hands messy. I would have like to top each plate with an orchid, but those were pretty pricey.

Here's a shot of the whole dining area. The flow worked really nice at the party. While Jessica and I were finishing up the chopping and mixing for the chocolate fondue and its dippers (which we put on the coffee table), people hung out at the wine table and ate the cheese fondue. We finished preparing the chocolate about the time everyone finished with the cheese, so people naturally started moving over to the couch and chairs to eat the chocolate. Not bad for a tiny apartment with no dining table, eh?

At this table, I put out two stacks of paper. One read "A piece of advice for (Bride's name) and (Groom's name), from _______________, and the other read "My favorite memory with (Bride) was when we..." Each slip was lined, so people could scribble their own answer in. If the Bride wants, you can have each person read their advice/memory. Some brides prefer to read them later, in private, but if they want to read them aloud, it is a good ice-breaker.

The other game/icebreaker that I like to play is by asking the bride several questions that the groom had previously answered. We have played this game at several showers/bach parties, and it always is successful in (1) making people laugh, and (2) getting the bride buzzed (especially necessary for the bachelorette party!). For each question she gets wrong she has to take a drink/shot. For each question she gets right, she gets a point and everyone else has to take a drink. Depending on how many points she accrues, have two-three prizes available (first and smallest prize - 5 pts, second and better prize - 10 points, and so on). I like to try to buy gifts that relate to the groom's answers. For example, at one party, one of the questions was "where is some place that you wanted to go on your honeymoon, but your bride wouldn't want to go." The groom said Hawaii (not real sure why the bride wouldn't want to do there, but anywho), so we got her a lei, a coconut bra, and a grass skirt...so she could bring Hawaii to him!

As to the type of questions, I think it really depends on your crowd. Does everyone intimately know one another and the groom (then you can ask naughtier, more personal questions), or is there a random group of friends of the bride who aren't friends themselves (probably want to keep it PG)? Also, it is recommended that the person who asks the groom these questions is fairly comfortable talking to him. Otherwise, you may learn more about the groom than you care to! Here are a sampling of the questions, some of which we used at this party.

How Well Do You Know Your Groom?

1. What does (bride's name) do that grosses you out the most?

2. Who will do more chores around the house?

3. Will your spending increase or decrease once you are wed?

4. If you could throw away one thing from (bride's name) wardrobe, what would it be?

5. Where is one place that you wanted to go on your honeymoon, but you didn’t think (bride's name) would want to?

6. What food does (bride's name) keep in the fridge that grosses you out?

7. What is the dirtiest thing you have ever said to (bride's name) in bed?

8. What is your favorite drink?

9. What is your pet name for (bride's name)?

10. What is one pet you would like but (bride's name) wouldn’t?

11. If you were forced to marry one of your old girlfriends, which one would you pick?

12. What movie star do you think (bride's name) most reminds you of?

13. How many times have you had sex in a vehicle with (bride's name)?

14. One thing you wish you didn’t have to share with (bride's name)?

15. One thing (bride's name) wishes she didn’t have to share?

16. When you get into bed, who has colder toes?

17. Who steals more of the covers?

18. How many times does you want to have sex on your wedding night?

19. What is the ugliest part of (bride's name) body?

20. What is the best part of (bride's name) body?

21. What is the perfect image of (bride's name) in your head?

22. What is your favorite personality trait of (bride's name) ?

See, wasn't that fun? Okay, back to the pictures!

Wine glasses, all in a row. Before the party, the Knight took thin wire and attached pallettes to each glass. (Like these, but much greener). Rather than having cheesy wine charms, each guest could write her initials on the pallette and could keep track of her wine that way.

Here's the lovely bride-to-be. She is more into photographing than being photographed, but we managed to sneak in a shot!

Closeup of the puffs. These were hanging in the living room over the coffee table.

It may be weird to take a picture of the bathroom, but I just loved the little guest towels I found. They are pink and green and have a giant peony on them. How could I resist?

Bathroom arrangement - made from shrubs and trees growing around our apartment. I think that's a cherry blossom branch, but I'm not sure. Horticulture really isn't my thang.

Jessica arranged these flowers? Didn't she do great? I just love flowers packed into mint julep cups. They keep a low profile, but hold their own...those little julep cups.

Here's a closeup.

Ahh, favors. I have never done favors before. Normally, I think they are a waste of money (how many tiny picture frames or bottles of bubbles do you actually need?). This time, I had extra food, and I anticipated that people would want the recipe for the fondue, so I just put together a little happy with two peeps (purple & green, of course), one each of a chocolate and a vanilla pirouette, a handful of pretzels, and the recipes for the cheese and chocolate fondue. Nothing fancy, but at least practical and edible!

Tasty snacks for the guests!

The recipe. Plus two naughty peeps.

Peeps peering over the ledge. Don't do it, Purple!

Okay, well, that was the party! Don't you feel like you were there with us? For some of you, that was probably way more detail than you would ever care to have, but for others (who are like me), the devil is in the details, and it is nice to read about every single one of them.

Artsy Fartsy is party-pooped out.


Meg said...

This is exactly why I adore your blog, darlin! :)

ashleystravel said...

It looks beautiful. Such a great domestic Diva!

Glad it was just a joke.

Jess(ica) said...

Hha! I knew it!!

'Twas a great party indeed. I don't even think the pictures do it justice.

D said...

Looks absolutely fabulous!!!!

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