Have. Want. Need.

My birthday is about a month away, and I am starting to get the shopping bug. The Knight and I have been saving like crazy, trying to get ready to buy a house, and I'm pretty sure its been at least 3 months (gasp! I know!) since I bought any clothes, shoes, or accessories. I'm really proud of our financial diligence, but sometimes I am so over it. On one hand, I am thrilled with the fact that we have proven to ourselves that we are not complete victims of consumerism...on the other hand, sometimes I just want to be All-American, ya know?

We came really close to making an offer on a house last week, but after careful number crunching and adding and re-adding, we decided that we needed to wait (at least until we get our tax return...it'll be the first one we've received since we have been married. Yippee!). It was a very hard decision, and I am still literally waking up every morning dreaming of how I will decorate it. (Well, except for last night, where I dreamed that Daisy and I rented a Zebra, and proceeded to lose it in the parking lot at Steinmart. Don't ask. I have no idea :P).

Of course, everyday, I still log on to the real estate listing, praying that the dreaded words "CONTRACT PENDING" aren't listed below it. So far, so good...but each weekend that we draw closer to spring, the more likely the home will sell...it is just that cool.

Anywho, I am working on a blog featuring products and designs for our dreamy first home. Of course, I will be picking things based on the home that we currently love, but I am hopeful that my choices will be fine anywhere we buy. That is a very big task (because I want it to be perfect and accurate), so, until then, here are some things that I have been drooling over. I imagine I will try to buy some of them with my birthday money, and others will just have to wait a smidgen longer.

Number One: As far as I am concerned, this one is a need. How can I ever adequately sell my Curtsies aprons without a pink, polka-dotted dress form? It would be impossible, I tell you. I wish it was adjustable, like a true dressmaker's form, but I have looked, and they are just ugly. I've seen three options...taupey-cream, gray, and burgundy. Yuck. So, I'll just stick with fab, and look for the practical later. I mean, this just oozes Artsy Fartsy.

Next, I have been desiring these two books for quite some time. I haven't had a lot of time to do any reading lately, but, I think these could be very inspirational and helpful as we decorate our new house.

Selina Lake's Bazaar Style - $19.77 at Amazon

Amy Butler's Midwest Modern - $10.78 at Amazon

Here is something I absolutely covet. I realize that it is priced quite reasonably, and that one or two aprons would easily cover the cost of this divine creation, but lately I have been putting my apron money right back into the business (and saving for my upcoming law school girl reunion with Daisy and Sully!).

Birdcage Necklace by LuxeDeluxe - $38.00

(Now, don't you rush off and buy it for yourself! I know it is magical, and you probably can't resist, but I NEED it!)

Lately, Etsy has been my addiction. I "window"shop there daily, and am really inspired by all the talent on that site. These are two prints that are completely unrelated, and I didn't even find them at the same time, but yet, their palettes go together. Can't you see them in my office/craft room side by side, set off with wide, white mats in white frames? I can.

Print by pleasebestill on etsy. $25.00

Print by rosiemusic on etsy. $18.00

I would really like both of them. The first print reminds me of myself (although she is much more slender than I). I love the color, the cherry blossoms, the birds, and the birdcage. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by this mid-century modern birdcage clock that my grandfather had. It was a small thing, about the height and width of an average man's hand. The cage had a little stand from which the cage hung; you could wind up the clock, and the birdie perched inside the cage would rotate, keeping time. Recently, he told me that he was giving the clock to me, and next month, I'm going to be bringing it back to Memphis! My grandfather and I have always had a special bond, and I fear that his life is nearing its end. I am so honored that he remembered how I adored that little trinket, and am thrilled to know that I will always have something so precious to him to remember him by.

I also really identify with the second print. (Maybe this is why I like them both so much?) Both of the people have dark hair, like me and the Knight, and both are doing things that reflect our personalities. I especially like that the girl's hair is short, like mine. I do wish the girl was sewing instead of knitting, and the little kitties were replaced with a naughty Betty Rascal, but I still absolutely love it!You may not know this, but the Knight can play the guitar and sing. That's how he wooed me, for sure(well, that, and his dimples ;0)).

I know, isn't he the dreamiest?

I also could really use:
(1) a new pair of running shoes. My current Asics are S-H-O-T. With Spring here, I intend are starting to run again, and I need something with new cushion. I have kind of been wanting to design my own on the Nike website, but I'm not so sure Nikes fit me feet. If I do decide to go that route, I think I would like these:

These are called Zoom Jasari + id. They are $110.00

I have narrow heels, and the only shoes that I know fit my feet are Asics and New Balances. (I know, why are my heels the only narrow part of my body, as opposed to someplace else - my neck, my waist, even my wrists!?!)
(2)a wall charger for my iPod - I loathe booting up the ole' laptop just so I can charge it.
(3)an "iTrip" thingie so that I can listen to my iPod in the car. I have an old one, for my old iPod, but Audrey's fancy schmancy radio apparently *sniffs* at my outdated equipment. I bought a newer (and bigger) Nano, but now no iTrip. :(

Okay, there's my list. Whew! That was long. I guess the lesson learned here is don't ask me what I want for my birthday, unless you really want an answer! I am sure you noticed that I didn't blog about any clothes that I want. To be honest, it has been so long since I went shopping, I have no clue what is out there. Diabolina has inspired me to give Forever 21 a second chance, and I think I owe J.Crew and Anthropologie a visit. I definitely need a new pair of "going out" jeans, and want to get a nice pair, but I get so discouraged when I have to try on stuff. Have you seen my bum? No? Well, let me remind you:

They don't make "skinny bitch" fashionista jeans for my wide apparatus! Maybe I really should look into those Apple Bottom jeans, they might be just what the jean doctor ordered (I mean, at least Flo Rida thinks so).

I guess that's it. I have been quite the little blogger, lately. Too bad, it been all fun fluff and nothing smarty, like Jess(ica) and Ana. While I wish I could write as well (and as intelligently) as they do, I just have to come to terms with the fact that they're better at it. I guess fluff just comes naturally to me! Fluff, fashion, and flowers. Those are a few of my favorite things!

Artsy Fartsy is 100% natural, hand-squeezed, with extra pulp.


ashleystravel said...

I am so with you on the narrow heels thing. I also have a wide toe base. Really New Balances are the only ones that fit my crazy foot. I think it is the SL-2 shoe last?

Let me know if you get the Nikes and they work. I I always wanted a pair so I could use the iPod with them.

Jess(ica) said...

Loved the post - loved all your present ideas. I gotta say (1) when did Midwest Modern get so cheap? I paid like twice as much, and (2) iTrips suck ass - mine is dying, in case you couldn't tell... but they do charge your iPod in the car so I don't have to plug it into the computer later. I hope you get all your presents!

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