Fashion plateau.

Maybe that is being too optimistic. Fashion depths of despair is more like it.

Today, I look like I belong on a Glade or Swiffer commercial. I am wearing a white twinset, brown linen cuffed pants, and camel flats with cutouts around the toes. Also, I have on only a stitch of makeup (perhaps, even just half a stitch), horn-rimmed eyeglasses, and my hair is styled in the obligatory side part/flipped out/side bangs 'do' that requires only a quick blow dry and very little brushing.

After spending the most fabulous, wonderful weekend with Daisy and Sully,

I have decided to scrap my birthday money plans that I had previously blogged about. Although prints for the home and a dress form are dearly desired, I think it is time for a fashion spree. My closet is clearly depressed, and I'm starting to feel the same way.

Do you know that all three days I was in Nashville, I wore stretch cotton v-neck tees from J. Crew? One in white, one in navy, and one in a browny oatmeal color. I present to you 2 of the 3 fashion offenses this weekend.

v-neck #1: The Navy Yawn.

V-neck # 2: the White Who?

v-neck # 3: Oatmeal (no) surprise, looked exactly the same as Navy Yawn, but I have no pictures of it. Clearly, I am in a fashion rut.

I did manage to punch up the white v-neck with a roasted red pepper mini skirt (which you can't see in this picture) and adorable leather peep toes with platform heels, but really, when did I become such a dull dresser?

Believe me, the places we went on Friday and Saturday night were not v-neck t-shirt places.

Sure, what I brought to wear would have been fine for a quick trip to the Mexican restaurant or to the Wal-mart, but, no, we went to places with $15 cocktails, tiny yummy food, and beautifully coiffed, powdered, and styled people.So, J. Crew, Anthro, Forever 21, and all you little thrift stores out there, get ready, because come May 6th, I'm putting my shopping boots on and coming your way.

Also, I have to introduce you to my new boyfriend. His name is Murphy, he is one year old, and he is a gorgeous purebred golden retriever. He is Daisy's new puppy, and I luff him. He thinks he is Betty's size, and any time someone would sit down, he would immediately jump into her lap and curl up like a little lap dog...except that he weighs approximately 65 lbs, or so. Look at the little snuggle bear.

He and Betty had a great time playing...she would jump up on this love seat, get on her hind legs to get to his level, and then they would bat at each other. Of course, then Murphy would jump on the love seat and get up on his hind legs, and then Betty would come hide behind me. All in all, very entertaining.

So, I had a fab-bab-ulous weekend, and miss my Nashville friends and family oh so much.

Oh, and I'm still working on the design post, but there is a contract pending on the house that we loved. Sadly, it is NOT a contract involving us. We certainly have learned our lesson about "you snooze, you lose," but we are okay. Something else will come along, and until then, we'll just be happy paying our cheap rent and trying to save like mad men and women.

Artsy Fartsy made up that last part about her rent being cheap. Really, she pays more than she cares to, but is trying to make herself feel better about losing the house to some other buyer. Self-deception is truly an art, and, clearly, Artsy Fartsy has mastered it.


Diabolina said...

you are cute stuff. let me know if i can help with the spree. i loves a spree ;)

that puppy is delicious. me wants!

p.s. i tag you. read my blog for more!

Ashley & Joel said...

Yes, I did get married. I just updated today finally!! I hope everything is going well for you.

laura said...

Oh, I miss you like crazy! Sorry, I haven't emailed - I had to detox myself from you :) I hope I can get in on that shopping spree with you somehow! And trust me, if anyone can make v-necks sexy, it's you!!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I am so in need for a little fashion makeover, too, like you wouldn't believe. I keep hoping that one of those makeover shows will find me but so far, no dice:(

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