A little Spring in my step...

I am so glad it is springtime! Every one tells me that Memphis in spring and summer is beautiful, and I cannot wait to witness it for myself. In Nashville, azaleas and crape myrtles are decorative little shrubbery. Here - they are beautiful, lush, overwhelming bushes and trees!

Hope you all had a happy Easter. The Knight and I ate dinner at his aunt and uncle's house. Their children, spouse, and child came as well as one of his aunts and uncles with their three high school aged boys. There were 13 people just for lunch! And to think, I was worried about not knowing anyone when we moved to Memphis!

The Knight and I are still looking at houses, and let me tell you, it is EXHAUSTING. Last weekend, we spent e-l-e-v-e-n hours with our realtor looking at houses. Now, before you start thinking about how we must be atrociously demanding buyers, we aren't. We have a good price range, want 3 bed/2 bath, a decent sized yard, and a safe friendly neighborhood. The problem with Memphis is that one street can be super nice, and the next one can be real sketch. Also, "Memphis" is a huge area to cover, and there are tons of houses on the market. We have fallen in love with one in particular, but aren't quite ready to act on it. Plus, we keep telling ourselves...there is not just "one" house for us, and in this market, we can afford to be picky. If that house sells, I am confident we can find another one just as perfect.

I finally have a picture of my hair that I like. This is my dear friend Kelly in the picture with me. She and I have been friends since college, and she was one of my beautiful bridesmaids. Also, she and I, when together, have been behind some of the most hilarious prank calls ever! I love you, Kelly!
Also, I am getting closer and closer to officially launching the Curtsies shop. I mean, I know you have known about it for ages, but the rest of the world is not quite as in the know as you happen to be.

For the last week, I have been working with a very sweet graphic designer for my banner and avatar. I told her I wanted something vintage-y and Southern, with bright colors and touches of chocolate. The woman READ my mind. Here is the final result! Isn't it fabulous?



Next, she is going to work on a sticker, business card, and a hang tag for me. So excited! I am furiously trying to get through my custom orders so I can start sewing for Etsy. Of course, on this last custom order, I managed to break not one, not two, but three(!) needles while trying to create a canvas BBQ apron for a woman's husband's birthday. Poor little machine. Now, I guess I have needle shopping to look forward to this weekend.

Tonight, I am throwing a little fondue and wine party for a friend of mine who is getting married this weekend. It is her bachelorette party, but it will be very lowkey. I am very excited about all the details, and, honey, I have shopped like a mad woman for this party. Her wedding colors are purple and green, so the party theme for tonight is "mint and lavender garden." Doesn't that sound lovely?

(photo from www.hostessblog.com)

I made the martha stewart "puffs" in white and two shades of green and they are hanging from the ceiling the apartment. I have cute coordinating purple and green polka dotted napkins and guest towels, a beautiful vintage green and purple tablecloth, and found awesome coordinating cloth dinner napkins from Steinmart that coordinate perfectly (plus, they were on clearance!). Today, I'm going to run by the store and buy white tea roses, green hydrangea (if I can find it), and some kind of purple flower (tulips, larkspur, hyacinth?). I'm going to arrange them in two pewter mint julep cups for the main table, a tall green pitcher for the wine table, and I have a darling little sterling bud vase for the guest bath. I have fresh candles for my silver candelabra, and I'm even going to bust out the go-gee-ous heavy, cut crystal candlesticks for the wine table. I have washed and polished all the serving pieces I'll need, but really we won't need that much. We are having two fondue pots - one for cheese and one for chocolate. Fortunately, both pots came with their own forks, a lazy Susan, and serving ramekins. With the chocolate fondue, we are having strawberries, bananas, pirouettes, pretzels, and purple and green Peeps (I couldn't resist...the shower is during Easter season, and they match the theme!). With the cheese, we'll serve summer sausage, toasted French bread bites, and granny smith apples. I'm keeping the wine list pretty simple - a faithful, standard chardonnay, my favorite Riesling, and a couple variations of red - maybe even a blend like Menage-a-tois (sp?)? For the favors, I am putting the recipes for the two types of fondue in little goodie bags with two pirouette cookies, a green and purple peep, and a handful of pretzels. I know it isn't much of a favor, but it's a useful and edible favor...my favorite kind.

I promise to take LOTS of pictures and post them. In case you didn't know (or can't tell), I adore throwing parties. When the Knight and I got married, we were fortunate enough to receive pretty much everything we could need to throw an amazing party. I haven't used it yet, but we even have a sterling chaffing dish (you know, those big footed dishes which caterers use to keep food warm?). The only thing I find myself wishing I had was a devilled egg server, a couple smaller serving bowls, and more of my crystal wine glasses and water goblets. But those are things I can build up over the years, plus they are just sitting in the attic right now, so why am I even talking about this?

Oh, the party, right. What I was going to say before I got on my dishes tangent (it is a running joke in our house that if the Knight wants to get me in the mood, all we have to do is talk about dishes), is that I found the coolest website for party inspiration. This is the link. Some of the budgets for these parties are outrageous, but they are great for getting an idea. Plus, the blog has a feature for real life parties, which I truly appreciate.

Okay, that's all for now. Hope you are all doing well, and enjoying the changing season. Kisses!

Artsy Fartsy is flushed with excitement for the beautiful weather, lovely blooms, and fresh air. Is this what it means to have Spring Fever?

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Sounds like it will be wonderful! Great ideas!

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