Update on the storm

The Knight's cousin (let's call him the Brave One) and his family spent all day yesterday sorting through the wreckage, trying to salvage what they could. The Brave One's sister (Brave Sister) was living with him and his wife (Mrs. Brave One) while doing her rotations in Jackson for physical therapy school. I hadn't thought of this when I posted yesterday, but Brave One's and Brave Sister's mom was especially b/c BOTH of her babies were in that house while the storm was raging. I know she is very relieved, as we all are.

Yesterday, Brave One and family were interviewed and this morning they appeared on Good Morning America. They are also mentioned in an article posted on ABCNews (referred to as the Memphis Miracle, even though they actually were in Jackson).

Anywho, Brave Sister posted some pictures of the wreckage on Facebook, and I thought I would share a few of them with you. After seeing these pictures, I am even more in awe of how they managed to live through this.

The front of their home.

Door broken to bits.

Kitchen cabinets crumpled under the weight of the second floor.

The Brave Baby's nursery. This makes me so sad. I'm just glad he is safe!

The garage. The cars inside are totaled, and the red car wasn't there when the storm was over. Obviously, they found it.

The back of the home.

The wreckage is unbelievable.

To me, this picture says the most about the randomness of the storm. The roof is gone, the windows are blown to bits, but the lightfixture remains, and, across the street, the neighbor's home is virtually untouched.


Anastasia said...

That is frightening. And awful. I'm glad for both their and your own sakes that they're safe.

Diabolina said...

god lord, glad everyone was safe. ugh makes you appreciate every moment...

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